FAQ > What are the major health risks?

  • Like any travel, travel in Ethiopia entails some risk, however these risks can be mitigated with adequate preparation and prudent behavior. The research team takes the health and safety of its team members very seriously.
  • In preparation for travel, participants will obtain supplemental travel insurance and all necessary vaccinations before departure. Information on required and recommended vaccinations and health recommendations by the CDC can be found here.
  • As a part of the REU Site training all students will receive a comprehensive orientation on health, food safety, and general safety.
  • A number of additional precautions will be taken with regards to water and food safety, including providing bottled water and purchasing all meals from vetted sources. All ground travel will be in 4×4 LandCruisers driven by a trained driver through a local travel agency. Other College policies to ensure safety for overseas travel will be strictly followed.

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