FAQ > What is expected of faculty mentors?

  • Dr Travis ReynoldsOur goal is to provide a stimulating, challenging and rewarding interdisciplinary research and educational experience to students who are eager to learn. We expect the research team to create a positive learning environment in which students will feel supported as they gain skills and knowledge in both social and natural sciences.
  • Mentors will assist students in designing and executing research projects, providing conceptual and technical expertise as needed, with the goal of increasing student independence as the summer progresses.
  • The research team will provide students with background reading material prior to the summer program, meet regularly with the students as they pursue independent research during the summer, and mentor students as they prepare to disseminate results at conferences after the end of the summer program.
  • Mentors will provide students with clear guidelines, and arrange all housing and transportation logistics. Cultural training will help prepare students for working in an international collaborative environment.

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