FAQ > What is expected of students?

  • Abrahams Social ScienceOur goal is to provide a challenging and rewarding interdisciplinary research and educational experience to students who are eager to learn. We expect that students will take full advantage of this opportunity, and take ownership over their learning.
  • Daily and weekly project goals will be provided by the research team; students are expected to adhere to deadlines and work diligently to achieve¬†individual and group research goals.
  • Living, traveling, and working together requires that students be considerate of each other and their mentors so that we can build and maintain a positive learning community.
  • Working in a close-knit team of U.S. and international partners requires flexibility, open-mindedness, cultural sensitivity, a sense of humor, and respectful communication. We expect students to be respectful of our Ethiopian collaborators, and to follow all directions provided by the research team.
  • To ensure their own safety and health, students are expected to communicate with the research mentors–in a timely manner–regarding any problems they may experience.
  • Students are expected to present their research findings in a public forum – either during our time at the California Academy of Sciences or at an academic conference of professional meeting at a later date (or both!).

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