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Amhara Skyline

Sunset in South Gondar.

Below is an approximate schedule for the 2017 Summer REU Site program at Colby College:

  • April 27: Attend the Colby Liberal Arts Symposium (CLAS) and meet former REU Site participants
  • June 12: Welcome and Orientation to the Summer 2017 program at Colby College
  • June 13-June 30: Research and Cultural Training at Colby College
  • July 1-5: Mid-summer break
  • July 6-August 1: Research program
  • July 27-29: Present research at the Colby Undergraduate Summer Research Retreat
  • August 1-2: Travel to California Academy of Sciences
  • August 2-9: Research and results sharing at the California Academy of Sciences

A detailed itinerary will be provided in advance of travel.

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