Four Special Olympic participants from Boothbay, Maine came to Colby College on April 25th for a fun evening of volleyball. Members of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) ran drills for the players, who do not have volleyball anymore as a Special Olympics sport option in Maine. Either way, the Special Olympic players were naturals…giving some of the SAAC members a run for their money!

The Student Athletic Advisory Committee hosted a surprise breakfast for Colby College Junior Dom Kone. Kone won the national NCAA Division III Championship in the 60-meter dash on March 10th with a time of 6.75 seconds. What an accomplishment for a fellow Mule! We are so proud of you Dom!


The Colby College softball team held a clinic on March 10 in the fieldhouse and had about 50 participants from the local community. The players ranged in age from 6 to 17 and worked on hitting, pitching, infield and outfield play, base running, and bunting. Softball head coach Kristina Katori and her staff ran the clinic with her team.

Each season the NESCAC releases a list of honorees that is determined by both players and coaches to student-athletes who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to sportsmanship. SAAC would like to take a moment to recognize these athletes for their contributions to their teams and the athletic community.

Here are the Mules that received this honor:

Kyle Donovan ’12, Men’s Basketball

Aarika Richie ’12, Women’s Basketball

Dan Nelson ’12, Men’s Ice Hockey

Hannah O’Brien ’12, Women’s Ice Hockey

Harry Smith ’12, Men’s Squash

Kate Pistel ’13, Women’s Squash

Adam Spierer ’13, Men’s Swimming

Charlotte Veazie ’12, Women;s Swimming

After our most recent snow storm the Colby Cares About Kids (CCAK) program decided to make good use of the hills on campus for a day of sledding! It was certainly a fun day for all. The “Mentees” got to spend more time with their mentors and their mentors got to take a break from college life and enjoy a childhood pastime of all New Englanders. Thankfully this day was captured on camera, and we have some great pictures of Student Athletes who are active in CCAK and participated in this sledding extravaganza.


CCAK takes to Chapel hill, one of the best sledding venues on campus (in my expert opinion).

CCAK mentor, SAAC representative and member of Colby Men’s Basketball Ben Brassord ’14 poses with his mentee.

One of SAAC’s presidents Laura Burns ’12 and her mentee try to warm their bones in Pulver Pavillion.

Women’s Soccer member Eliza Larson ’13 (left) takes a break from sledding for a quick photo op.

Grey Benjamin ’14, member of Colby’s Men’s Soccer team, posing with his mentee.

Christian Romano ’14 of the Football team, sizing up the slope for his next run…

looks like someone stole Christian’s idea.

Jonathan Sommer ’14 of the Men’s soccer team posing with his mentee and their sled after a day on the hill.

Sharing tips on sledding technique?

Lily Kramlich-Taylor ’14 (middle right) may be from California, but she has become a fan of sledding thanks to her mentee and some friends.

All good things must come to an end…

          Colby College junior baseball player and SAAC member Mark Nelson (Walpole, Mass.) worked as an intern teacher in Malawi, Africa during Colby’s JanPlan semester. While there, he also got the opportunity to teach baseball to the locals.
          Nelson, who is back for the baseball season, is a math major at Colby and made use of that knowledge in Africa as a math instructor. He and the other interns spent one week teaching in a rural village with no electricity of modern conveniences.
          In the afternoons after teaching, the interns could do something of their own planning with the children. Nelson took it upon himself to teach baseball and work with the kids and the locals on basics of the game. Nelson had his own baseball clinic as well.
          Nelson was third on the Mules last year in earned run average.

Members of Colby’s alpine ski team have turned their agility on skis into an opportunity to help others.

Fifteen Colby skiers spent Sunday, Jan. 8 at Sugarloaf working with trainers for Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation (formerly Maine Handicapped Skiing), learning how to guide skiers who are amputees, are in wheelchairs, or have extreme stability issues. And the ability of Colby’s skiers, said Sugarloaf Program Coordinator Toby Burdet, made them fast learners.

“They were able to do things right off the bat that a lot of recreational level skiers would not be able to do—just having that extreme level of comfort on skis is huge,” he said. “That’s very rare to see the first day out, and certainly I’ve never seen it consistently across a group of people like that.”

Colby’s skiers spent some of their time in the role of the adaptive skier, learning what it feels like to ski with handheld outriggers or sitting down. They also took the role of guide, including being tethered behind sit-skiers to provide speed control and stability.

Head coach Danny Noyes ’02 called it “an incredible experience for our students, as well as an opportunity to lend perspective to challenges disabled athletes face in the winter in Maine.” He looks forward to team members putting these new skills to use. “It’s a really nice way for us to give back and to become involved,” he said.

Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation, which serves 400 participants with 400 volunteers, is the largest year-round adaptive recreation program in Maine for adults and children with physical disabilities.  (Article by Ruth Jacobs Colby College News)

SAAC members Spike Smigelski, Colby Men’s Hockey, and Chris Barrand, Colby Men’s Lacrosse, came up with the brilliant idea of creating a breast cancer fundraiser that would be centered around the most attended game of the year–the Colby vs Bowdoin hockey game. On December 2, 2011, these two teams met in a “Face Off Against Breast Cancer” event. With the help of the Smigelski, Barrand, Men’s Hockey Team, the Men’s Lacrosse Team, the Student Government Association, the Colby 8 and many SAAC members, the event was able to raise nearly $4,000 for the breast cancer research foundation “Save the Ta-Tas”.

Smigelski and Barrand united the efforts of the Men’s Hockey and Lacrosse team for the fundraiser. SAAC sold long sleeve t-shirts, which were designed by Smigelski, and SGA purchased the shirts. SAAC members sold the t-shirts all week long before the event and helped put together the event. The shirts were worn to the event and approximately 60% of the proceeds from shirt sales were donated to the cause. At the game, Barrand organized and ran a 50/50 raffle, Spike’s idea helped raise at least $3,000 for the Save the Ta-tas Foundation…hense the “Toe Drags for Ta-Tas” slogan on the back of the shirt. In addition, Barrand set-up on an online website for donations and contacted the greater Colby athletic community to request donations for the fundraiser.

The event was an absolute success! Colby students wore the t-shirts to the game,and the all-male Colby a cappella group sang the National Anthem. Colby Professor and Breast Cancer Survivor, Phyllis Mannochi, dropped the first puck and the Colby Mule even made a surprise appearance on ice!

WATCH Mule on Ice Video!

The Colby Swim team joined 151 other collegiate and high swim teams to participate in the “Ted Mullin Hour of Power” this past November. Over 7,200 athletes participated in the hour long relay style event to fundraise and generate awareness about sarcoma cancer.

The event honors Ted Mullin, a Carleton College swimmer who passed away from sarcoma cancer in 2006. This year marked the 5th annual Hour of Power. All money raised goes to the University of Chicago’s Sarcoma cancer research program.

CWV raised over $1000 for breast cancer research this past season with the help of the Colby College community. For the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), CWV asked members of the Colby community to pledge a penny or two for each dig they would get over the month long period. CWV racked up 852 digs!!! All of the money collected will be going to the Waterville oncology unit.