The shuttle service operates throughout the year. Check the shuttle app or ColbyNow online for the most current schedule. Both can be found here.


Loop Shuttle Stops
Monday – Friday Alfond Commons – Outback
6:30a – 6:00p 21 Gilman Street
Diamond Building (entrance by Ostrove)
SSWAC (Alumni Center)


Commons Shuttle Stops
Monday – Wednesday Alfond Commons (Outback)
7:00a – 1:00a Pugh Center
Thursday – Friday
7:00a – 2:00a
8:00a – 2:00a
8:00a – 1:00a



The below services usually operate only when classes are in session.  Watch for announcements on the start date

Runs approximately every 45 minutes

SGA Shuttle Stops
Friday and Saturday Pugh Center
2:00p – 11:00p Walmart
Sunday Concourse
11:00p – 9:00p Gilman Street


Jitney **RESUMES  September 30, 2018

Jitney Stops
Monday – Wednesday Anywhere in Waterville, except downtown
2:00p – 12:00a
Thursday and Friday
2:00p – 2:00a
2:00p – 2:00a
2:00p – 12:00a