Colby College Campus Parking Information 2018-2019


New Parking Designations: 

  1. Bixler Drive is designated for museum parking during regular museum hours and during museum events. Hours and event times are posted on the museum website. Additionally, the eight parking spots at the head of Bixler Drive by Grossman are now designated for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) parking, low-emission vehicles, service vehicles, DavisConnects visitors, and a faculty resident. Roberts lot provides the closest parking to the museum and Grossman for faculty, staff, and students.
  2. In the Mary Low lot, signage delineates the faculty/staff and student parking areas, some of which has changed.
  3. A section of the lot along Mayflower Hill Drive has been designated specifically for visitor parking.
  4. Behind Miller Library, we have designated spaces for ADA parking and faculty resident parking.
  5. ADA parking has also been added or replaced at Lorimer Chapel and Dana and Foss Dining Halls.
  6. Lorimer Chapel and the Roberts lot now include service vehicle spaces.
  7. Behind Dana and Runnals, we have added faculty/staff parking signs, primarily away from the buildings along the embankment. To allow room for delivery vehicles, we have added several “no parking” signs. Please do not park in these spaces.
  8. Students who park their vehicles long term or do not move their vehicles during the week should park in the upper Hillside lot to make parking spaces available for those who commute daily.

Parking Regulations

  1. All vehicles parked on the Colby College campus must display a valid parking decal or temporary permit.
  2. The registered owner of a vehicle is responsible for all parking violations.
  3. All campus roadways are considered fire lanes and must be kept clear at all times.
  4. Anyone parking a vehicle on campus shall cooperate by moving his or her vehicle when requested to do so by Security.
  5. Driving off roadways on walkways, bicycle paths, lawns, or grounds is prohibited.
  6. Parking on campus in a manner that would hamper or impede emergency vehicles or restrict the normal flow of traffic is prohibited.
  7. Compliance with all parking and traffic signs is mandatory.
  8. Tickets accumulate over the academic year.

Cotter Drive and Runnals Drive Closures – Any Vehicle Violating the No Parking/Traffic Policy may be ticketed and/or towed. Cotter Drive is only open to Emergency, Service, Faculty in Residence, and Handicap Permitted Vehicles.

Mandatory Vehicle Registration

All vehicles that park on Colby property must have a parking permit issued by the Department of Security. Effective academic year 2018-19, a $100 annual parking permit fee will be assessed to the 2022 entering class. The fee will be phased in; the Class of 2022 and each subsequent class will be charged the fee.

The class of 2022 can obtain a parking permit by clicking on this link,, and following the instructions. When you arrive at Colby you can obtain your parking permit sticker at the Security Office located at 128 Roberts, (207)-859-5530.

Faculty, staff and students, other than the class of 2022, can obtain a parking permit at the Security Office.

Any vehicle parked on campus without a permit is subject to a ticket and/or being towed. Students are responsible for complying with Security’s Parking Regulations. There is a limit of one sticker per student (unless an Alfond Resident has both an Apartment and Student sticker on their vehicle). If you buy a new vehicle or have your sticker removed, be sure to contact Security for a new one. Stickers issued after August 1, 2018 must be placed on the left side, drivers side, of the rear bumper in a manner that the sticker is clearly visible from the rear.

Commuter students may park in any student area of the student lots or in the athletic parking lots not designated for Faculty/Staff. Students are limited to parking only in student areas of the below lots, not in Faculty/Staff spaces.

Student Parking

Students must park their vehicles in one of four designated parking lots on campus.

1. Mary Low Lot*

– Adjacent to Mayflower Hill Drive and across from Woodman and Coburn Halls.

1. Hillside Lot

– Four-tiered lot adjacent to Washington Street and West of Hillside Complex.

1. Roberts Lot*

– East side of Roberts Union and the North end of the lot.

1. Alfond Apartments

– West of the apartments. Reserved for Alfond Residents only.

*Both Roberts Lot and Mary Low Lot contain parking areas designated for faculty, staff, and students.

Parking Permit/No Parking Permit

All faculty, staff, and students are required to have a parking permit. If a vehicle accrues three tickets, without a permit, the vehicle is subject to towing at the time of the fourth ticket.

Parking During Breaks

Students who wish to leave their vehicles on campus during breaks must contact Security prior to leaving campus. Security will inform students where to park during the break. Vehicles left on campus without permission will be towed at the owner’s expense. Only students living on the far side of the Mississippi River are allowed to leave their vehicle on campus while abroad or over the summer.

Winter Parking Rules

Loading and Unloading Vehicles

Students who need to temporarily park their vehicle near their residence hall to load or unload their vehicle may do so with advanced permission from Security. The student should call prior to going to the residence hall and upon departure. Students may park close to their residence hall for up to 15 minutes, provided that the emergency flashers are on and the driver is available to move the vehicle in the event of an emergency.
Visitor Parking and Temporary Parking Permits
Visitors are required to park in Visitor Parking and comply with all Colby parking regulations. Hosts are responsible for informing their guests of the parking regulations. Temporary Permits are available to Temporary Employees, High School Students, and those Auditing Classes who will have a vehicle on campus for a short period of time. Museum Guests are to park on Bixler Drive or on Mayflower Hill Drive.

Loss of Parking Privileges

Students are allowed to accumulate a total of five tickets per academic year. The sixth ticket will result in loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year. Revocation can be appealed in person to the Ticket Appeals Committee, but the loss of privilege is in effect until the committee renders its decision. After parking privileges are lost a meeting with the Appeals Committee is required. If privileges are reinstated and another ticket is issued parking privileges are revoked.


Any vehicle parked on campus without a permit and all illegally parked vehicles are subject to being ticketed and/or being towed at the owners expense.

$100 Fine

Lack of Parking Permit

Parking in a Fire Lane

Parking in a Handicapped Zone

Disregarding the Cotter Road Closure

Reckless Driving

All remaining violations – $25 Fine

For Additional Information call Security 207-859-5530

Colby assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of or from any vehicle parked on College property. Anyone who parks a vehicle on College property does so at his/her own risk.

Bill and Joan Alfond Main Street Commons



Parking Information

There is limited parking for residence of the Alfond Commons located at 13 – 15 Appleton Street. It is on the other side of Main Street from the Alfond Commons.

Because of its size, each apartment is only issued one parking space. To help manage the parking lot, each apartment will be issued a Colby parking hanger that must be hung from the rearview mirror of the vehicle at all times it is in the parking lot.

Vehicles that do not display a Colby parking hanger will be subject to a Colby parking ticket and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

While Waterville is a safe community, there is no reason to take chances. By following these simple rules you can ensure your safety.

The parking lot is small, backing into the space is always safer.

Drive slowly and cautiously.

Be aware of your surroundings – look for people and if you are uncomfortable, drive away.

Always lock your vehicle – thieves look for easy opportunities.

Do not hide a key on your vehicle.

Do not leave anything of value in your vehicle. If you must, secure it in the trunk before you get to the lot. Even the presence of a charging cord can be an invitation to a thief.

Do not put anything that identifies you or your vehicle on your key ring. If you lose your keys it will help a thief find your vehicle or your residence.

Have your keys in your hand as you approach your vehicle for fast entry if needed.

Call Security, 859-5530, for an escort anytime you have concerns

If you are going to park your vehicle on campus, you must have a parking permit issued by Security. The Colby parking hanger only grants authority to park in the Appleton Street parking lot.

The City of Waterville has ordinances related to parking. Please be a good representative of Colby and adhere to the ordinances.

Colby assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of or from any vehicle parked in the Appleton Street parking lot or on Colby property. Anyone who parks a vehicle on College property does so at his/her own risk.