Be weary of e-mail messages or mailings promising scholarship money in exchange for a fee. While there are legitimate college consultants assisting families through the admissions and aid process, there are unfortunately many fraudulent services as well. If at all possible, seek personal references (from family and friends) before paying anything.

Some scams invite students to supply personal data needed to complete a loan application or conduct a scholarship search. Know what loans you have initiated and be sure the site is legitimate. If you have doubts, call the lender directly and verify that the e-mail/mail is from your chosen lender.

Feel free to e-mail or to call Student Financial Services at 1-800-723-4033 if you would like to confirm that the notice is affiliated with Colby’s Student Financial Services Offices in anyway.

Remember that the FAFSA is a FREE Application for Federal Student Aid. We feel strongly that no one need pay for a consultant to complete this on their behalf.

If you would like to report a suspected scam, you can do so at: