Student Charges 2017-18


Semester Annual
Comprehensive Fee* $33,390 $66,780
Off Campus Rebate (approval required to live off campus) $4,400 $8,800
Senior Dorm Rebate (Alfond Residents) $1,825 $3,650
COOT (orientation fee for first-year students only) $275
Student Health Insurance Premium     $1,669


* The comprehensive fee includes tuition, room, and board. It also includes an allocation for the Student Government Association and funding for use of college health services (not including student health insurance).

For information regarding refunds for in-semester withdrawals, please click here.

Payment Schedule 2017-18

August 1, 2017   –   Fall Semester Charges Due

January 1, 2018   –  Spring Semester Charges Due

Students arriving at Colby for their first semester on campus will also be charged for the Colby Outdoor Orientation Trip (COOT).  The fee of $275 is due the same date as basic charges for the appropriate semester.

Late Payments – A late payment fee of 1% will be assessed for unpaid balances of $1000 or more.  This fee is assessed on the first day of classes each semester, and the first business day of the month thereafter (Click here for 2017-18 Academic Calendar).

Tuition Payment Plan – In addition to the standard payment schedule by semester, monthly payment options are available through a tuition payment plan administered by Higher One.  Click here for more information.

Payment Instructions

Please click here for payment methods and mailing instructions.