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Stacks Maintenance Clerk
Department:   Libraries Collection Management Level:   I

Primary responsibilities include maintaining appearance and tidiness of library materials. This includes regular upkeep of shelved materials, regular pick up of materials left by visitors, retrieving requested materials from various locations in the library. Depending on the timing of the shift, the SMC, may be asked to process new materials for shelving, including unpacking and sorting boxes as they are delivered; they may also on occasion be asked to assist with unpacking Inter-Library Loan materials that have been delivered to Colby, or even labeling new materials including CD’s and DVD’s. We work closely in a team-based environment, and so must be willing to be flexible and enjoy working on new projects as they arise.

We are looking for people with exceptional organizational abilities, who enjoy paying close attention to detail, and are meticulous in their work. Because we interact so much with the larger Colby community, our team must be friendly, have a welcoming attitude to the public, but also have an ease with learning and adhering to strict, systematic procedures. Must also have the ability to follow through with assigned tasks, and maintain a record of prompt and consistent attendance.
Contact:   Joanne Curtis-Allen Extension:   859-5145

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