Some Words From ED197 Alumni:

“Multicultural literacy gave me the opportunity to gain perspective on issues I didn’t even know existed.  What you learn in that class never leaves you and constantly affects your thoughts in such a profound way. When I will look back at my education at Colby years from now, I’ll know that multicultural literacy was a crucial part of it.”

“Every one of my classmates taught me something.  I learned about why some were hesitant to start a conversation on certain topics of multiculturalism.  I learned about religion, which was something I had never really been exposed to.  Everyone has something they can contribute, and everyone has something they can learn.
Most of all, ML gave me tools.  It gave me knowledge on all types of diversity.  It gave me the language to articulate my observations and thoughts.  It gave me ideas on how I can help to change Colby for the better.”

“Multicultural literacy was by far the best class I have ever taken at Colby. The entire course was based on breaking down stereotypes, hearing different perspectives, and widening your mind and your world. Our section focused on personal stories to discuss some tough subjects that are never talked about in everyday Colby life, like race, privilege, sexual orientation, education, class, and more. The JanPlan course gave me three hours a day to sit down with my fellow mules to open our minds and hearts to hear what it is like for people who struggle with issues that we never think about. One day I would learn that the friend sitting beside me had struggled through high school because of their race and the next day that my own professor was homeless for much of his childhood. The class changed my entire Colby experience; it pushed me to be more active, to have more conversations, and to try to remember and acknowledge my own privilege. Taking ML for JanPlan my freshman year was the best decision I could have made.”

Former ED197 Student Olivia Biagetti and Professor Adam Howard