Co-President: Ben Freeland

Boston, MA

Hi everyone, my name is Ben Freeland, and I’m one of the Junior Co-Presidents this fall.

A little background about me: I was raised by wolves I was born and raised in The South End of Boston (not “20 minutes outside”), I went to the Rivers School in Weston, MA, and – fun fact – I’m a dual-citizen of Australia & will GLADLY give my best rendition of a thicc ‘strayan accent for you, your friends, your family, your family’s friends, and pets *except fish!… I’m starting to think they can’t hear the subtleties of my accent* : (

“But, how did this wolf boy you get involved in SGA?” you might ask.

As I walked through the Spa during my first week at Colby, I peered into the windows of the SGA office and saw two seniors manning the center table. I walked in, introduced myself to Matt Hawkins ‘17 and Jenner Foster ‘17, and proposed starting a Colby Spikeball Club. The conversation left me with such a positive impression that I began to ponder how I could become part of this organization.

My involvement and activity in SGA has been a keystone in my Colby experience and a privilege. In addition to having served as an elected Class Senator both freshman and sophomore years, I am a tour guide for admissions, a student drone pilot for ITS, a member of the club alpine ski team, a recent addition to the rugby team, a returning COOT leader, and President of the Colby Spikeball Club.

I look forward to running by you at light-speed en route to my 8am, though, in all seriousness, I could not be more excited to make & develop friendships, accomplish my ambitions, and diligently serve the Colby community this semester.

Co-President: Sam Kane

Monterrey, Mexico

Senator: Sarah Bibeau

Hanover, NH

Senator: Julia Gonzalez

Senator: Will Phillips

Senator: Shivani Trivedi

Houston, TX