Co-President: Raizel McNally 

Portland, ME


Hello! My Name is Raizel McNally and I am from Portland, Maine. I am super excited to serve as co-presidents with Tiger! So far at Colby I am involved with Woodsmen, Enviro-Co, Hillel, and CCAK and I work at the post office. I am planning on majoring in Environmental Policy and Education. I am passionate about restorative justice, climate justice, and reproductive justice. I spend too much of my time in Foss, so if you ever want to chat or grab a meal come find me there or email me!

Co-President: Tiger Nguyen 

Houston, TX

Hey, y’all! I’m Tiger Nguyen and I’m one of the Co-Presidents for the Class of 2023! I’m from Houston, Texas and made my way up to Maine through the QuestBridge scholarship program. I am a proud F.L.I. student, the son of two Vietnamese refugees, and the eldest brother to a fourteen-year-old sister and four-year-old brother. I am currently planning a Pre-Health and Music Performance (Saxophone) double major and in addition to being a member of SGA I am also in the Colby Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, Chorale, the Colby Woodsmen, Colby Taiko, The Bridge, and a few other organizations and performing groups. Throughout the year you’ll likely find me practicing, jamming out, and working to improve issues that affect every single first-year, student, and staff member on campus including laundry, infrastructure, and food waste.
Feel free to come up to me throughout the year and introduce yourself or give me your two cents on what’s going on around campus or just talk about your day. I can usually be found cuttin’ a rug at Bixler, getting some vittles at Dana, or throwing a shindig with my friends in “Chilliams.” If you’re in my neck of the woods, say hi and I’ll be sure to send you off with a: “y’all come back now, ya’ hear?”

Senator: Isabella Feng 

Jinzhou City, China 

Howdy Mules! My name is Yitong Feng and I prefer to be called Isabella. I’m so happy to be serving as one of your Class of 2023 Senators! Before coming to Colby, I spent my entire life in Jinzhou City in Liaoning Province, which is a small city in the northeast of China. Here at Colby, I’m planning on majoring in Economics: Financial Markets and Art History. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy appreciating modern artworks, listening to classical music and watching musicals, as well as reading fiction and poetry. I’m passionate about promoting community diversity and inclusion, especially for international students, women, and the LGBTQ+ community. You can always find me studying at Bixler library, chilling at the Museum, having lunch at Bobs or staying at The Bridge club room at Pugh Center. Please feel free to contact me at , or come talk to me at my dorm East 123! Looking forward to meeting you!

Senator: Jackson Rockett 

Marblehead, MA

Hey everyone! My name is Jackson Rockett and I am one of the four Senators for the Class of 2023. I am from Marblehead, MA, I live in Dana, and I am a member of the swimming and diving team. As of now, I intend on double-majoring in Government and Spanish. Beyond my work in SGA, I am also a copy editor for Outside Colby. In my free time, you will probably find me procrastinating in Miller or eating. Although I may be a relatively new face around campus, I intend on working to ensure that Colby is as exciting, transparent, innovative, proactive, and inclusive as it possibly can be. I am excited for what is to come and cannot wait to work alongside my fellow council members!

Senator: Josh Brause 

New Haven, CT

Hello everyone! My name’s Josh Brause and I’m from New Haven, Connecticut. I’m proud to be one of your Class of 2023 Senators. I plan on pursuing a Government major at Colby. Besides SGA, I’m also a member of the Rowing team and hope to explore the possibility of a Model United Nations team at Colby. I’m excited to fight for ‘23 on everything from safe and smart alcohol policy to making distribution requirements that everyone can be excited about. Looking forward to getting acclimated to the Colby community with the rest of the class!