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Getting Funding for your Club

Getting funding for your club is a process that has changed from years past. Rather than receiving a base level budget to last the school year, individual proposals must be made to the SGA Treasurer. Here is some advice to help your club acquire and get the most out of the school’s resources.

  • Get to know the SGA Treasurer: Arrange a meeting during his or her office hours to discuss your plans. You may not always get everything you ask for but each of you will have a better idea of what needs to be done.
  • Be Specific: The best way to get turned down is to be vague and open-ended in your request. SGA will not just give you a check for $300. Be sure to outline purpose, exact items, etc.
  • Do your research: You don’t want be standing at the checkout line with a purchase order that only covers a third of the total cost. Know how much the items, services, or other costs will amount to. Also SGA Treasurers appreciate you taking the time to find the best deals possible.
  • Co-sponsor your event: A great way to cut costs and boost attendance is to find other clubs who may have overlapping interests with your own.