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Starting a Club

The first step to creating your club involves submitting an application proposal. These forms are available in the Campus Life offices (2nd floor of Page Commons) or online for print out [insert link].

The Application form itself will ask for the following things:
  • Name & Purpose of the organization.
  • Two copies of your club’s constitution.
  • A club data sheet listing student contact information. In addition the name and signature of a faculty/staff advisor must be affixed as well.
  • A roster form to include at least 10 members.

The Constitution’s purpose is to outline the needs and purpose of your club, and how it will meet the goals outlined.
  • BE SPECIFIC: Any process, need, or aspect of your club listed in the constitution must be detailed in its bylaws. While a constitution may set officer positions, the bylaws outline how elections are to be conducted, the duties of the officers, etc.
  • Remember to have realistic goals set for your club. Organizing trips, bringing lecturers, or providing services are fine things to do once in a while but they are also expensive. Most individual organizations will not have the resources to do everything on a regular basis
  • There are several segments of a Constitution the administration requires in order for it to be considered. They are as follows: Club Principles / Name / Purpose / Membership (limitations) / Faculty Advisor. A sample constitution is available at the Campus Life office or online [insert link].
The next step is to submit the completed application to the Campus Life office thus starting the review process. The Director of Campus Life, SGA, and an Administrative Committee will recommend approving or denying the proposal. Comments will accompany any denial in the approval process informing you of what needs work.

The Director of Campus Life will look to see that your proposal is not encompassed by some other preexisting organization. Campus Life can deny an application for clubs that pose a safety or liability risk to students and/or the college. Students looking to start clubs of a more physical nature, I.E. martial arts classes, will be referred to the Athletic department.

Proposals forwarded to SGA will be reviewed by the Presidents’ Council. A representative may be sent to the Presidents’ Council meeting to address possible questions.

Once the Administrative Committee approves your club the organization becomes legitimate.