Questions concerning specific committees can be directed to representatives listed below. Note: Please wait until after the first few weeks of school to direct questions to the representatives. In the meantime, while placements and organization is getting figured out, contact Chris Scammell <> 

In order to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability of committees, the SGA Administrative Assistant publishes monthly Committee Reports. Please contact Chris Scammell <> for more information.

All information below was organized at the beginning of the 2017/2018 academic year.


College Committees

Academic Affairs Committee

  • Contact: Russ Johnson <>
  • Needs 4 students, including executive board president/vice president
  • Meets 4-5pm every Tuesday, beginning Sept 12th, 2017.
  • The Academic Affairs Committee will oversee the curriculum and all educational policy.

Academic Honesty Committee

  • Contact: Scott Taylor <>
  • Needs 5 students
  • About infractions of academic integrity; students provide input on cases of dishonesty regarding the following:
  • Academic integrity is the practice of being honest in all your academic endeavors. It includes:
    • Giving credit to everyone whose work you rely on.
    • Clearly distinguishing between your work and others’ work.
    • Following course rules designed to help you and others learn and be accurately assessed on your learning.
    • Being careful and thorough in your research and in communicating the results of your research.

Budget Committee

  • Contact: Doug Terp <>
  • Needs 2 students, included treasurer of executive board
  • About the school budget.

College Affairs Committee

  • Contact: Karlene Burrell-McRae <>
  • Needs 5 students, including executive board president/vice president
  • Meets Mondays, at 4pm.
  • The College Affairs Committee will oversee the co-curricular program, and will formulate and recommend policies concerning student life to appropriate bodies (e.g., to the Faculty and to the Student Government Association) except for the curriculum and academic requirements.

Mission and Priorities Committee

  • Contact: Gayle Maroon <>
  • Needs 2 students
  • The Committee on Mission and Priorities (CMP) was proposed by President Greene and established by vote of the faculty in the fall of 2014 to ensure that Colby’s planning and priority setting benefits from broad input and consultation and furthers the College’s mission. The Committee is advisory to the president, who serves as CMP’s chair. The Committee’s work will inform and be informed by the work of the College committees. It differs from most committees in taking a long-term view of priority and planning, in looking across the College to consider areas of need as well as opportunities for excellence, and in ensuring that programmatic priorities and the College’s financial strategy are aligned.  The Committee’s recommendations will in many cases inform deliberations of the Colby College Board of Trustees.

Student Conduct Board

  • Contact: Melvin Adams <>
  • Needs 8 students including at least 2 seniors, 2 juniors, and 2 sophomores. Recommendations submitted by the Student Government Association based on application process.
  • Presides over cases involving nonacademic wrongdoing and recommends specific action to the Dean of Students. The Student Conduct Board schedule is determined as cases are brought before the board.


Administrator and Faculty Committees

Admissions and Financial Aid Committee

  • Contact: Jenny Wood <>
  • Needs 4 students
  • About Colby admissions policy and direction; advises Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Athletics Advisory Committee

  • Contact: Jessica Cherry <>
  • Needs 3 students
  • About state and direction of athletics at Colby

Campus Life Residential Program Committee

  • Contact: Margaret McFadden <>
  • Needs 2 students
  • Advise the Dean of the College about the role of faculty members in Student Affairs. More specifically, advise the Dean of the College about the role of faculty in residential life, including the Faculty in Residence Program and the Faculty Associate Program. Participate in the selection of faculty residents each year.

Cultural Events Committee

  • Contact: Betty Sasaki <>
  • Needs 2 students
  • This committee is responsible for inviting speakers to campus. Students who want to invite a speaker can reach out to this group. Subcommittee is the Lipman Lecture Subcommittee, specifically for Jewish Studies. Contact for that is Rabbi Rachel Isaacs:  <>

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • Contact: Betty Sasaki <>
  • Needs 4 students including the Student Government Multicultural Affairs Chair (2017/2018 chair is Sam Robles <>)
  • About Colby policy on and direction with diversity.

Information Technology Committee

  • Contact: Cindy Mitchell <>
  • Needs 4 students
  • Student opinion required to answer questions of “what do we need regarding ITS”

Library Committee

  • Contact: Darylyne Provost <>
  • Needs 3 students
  • About library policies and future directions.This committee has been part of decisions on library renovation, special collections, new titles, processing results of surveys put out annually by the library, and more.

Off-Campus Study Advisory Committee

  • Contact: Nancy Downey <>
  • Needs 3 students
  • The Advisory Committee on Off-Campus Study:
    1. helps develop and recommend policy regarding foreign and domestic off-campus study to the appropriate college bodies;
    2. reviews periodic reports from the director of off-campus study regarding:
      a. evaluations of programs;
      b. the status of Colby programs abroad and any changes made in these programs;
      c. OCS advising and the integration of off-campus study with department and interdisciplinary program curricula;
    3. makes recommendations for action on student applications for off-campus study referred to it by the director of off-campus study;
    4. hears and acts on appeals from students who wish to contest the disposition of their application for off-campus study;
    5. meets once a year with OCS faculty and student liaisons to discuss general issues relating to off-campus study.

Parking Ticket Appeals Committee

  • Contact: Jen Sanderson <>
  • Needs 2 students
  • Deals with student parking ticket appeals.

Security Committee

  • Contact: Jen Sanderson <>
  • Needs 2+ students
  • Created to improve transparency between Security and the student body. Students on this committee will represent the student opinion in conversations with Security and Campus Life.



SGA Student-Lead Committees

Bias Incident Prevention and Response (BIPR)

  • Contact: Sam Robles <>
  • Needs 2+ students
  • Oversees response to BIPR reports

Colby Affirmation Committee

  • Contact: To be determined
  • Requires separate student application early in the year.
  • This committee promotes the message of the Colby Affirmation and raises awareness about it throughout the year.

Dining Services Advisory Committee

  • Contact: Marietta Lamarre <>
  • Needs 2+ students
  • About state of dining services / dining hall requests

Health Care Advisory Committee

  • Contact: Paul Berkner <>
  • Needs 5 students, hopefully including head of SHOC, CER, and perhaps a CA/ARD
  • About student health on campus and policies regarding it. SGA is still trying to figure out if this is a student lead committee or run by the administration. Let us know?

Finance Committee

  • Contact: Molly Wu <>
  • Run by the Executive Board Treasurer
  • Oversees the approval of funds for student requests.

Housing and Facilities Advisory Committee (HFAC)

  • Contact: Kyle Wong <>
  • Needs 2+ students
  • Deals with housing situation, apartments placements, and will likely have a key role in talking about downtown dorm housing policies.

Intercollegiate Affairs Committee

  • Contact: Zach O’Connor
  • Needs 2+ students
  • Works to build a network between NESCAC schools to talk about common issues and solutions to them. Recent issues include conversations on free speech, gender-neutral bathroom policy, feminine hygiene products in bathrooms, alcohol policy, and more.

Oversight of Clubs on Campus (OCOC)

  • Contact: Maddie Partridge <>
  • Run by the Executive Board Parliamentarian
  • Oversees the approvals of new clubs on campus, consolidates old clubs

Publicity Committee

  • Contact: Chandler Smith <>
  • Run by the Executive Board Publicity Chair
  • Publicizes the activities and events of the Student Government. This year, the committee will have a particular emphasis on creating a better platform to distribute knowledge of student events.

Traditions Committee

  • Contact: Holly Lallis <>
  • Traditions Committee works on Colby traditions; plans for Doghead, spontaneous fun day, and all that other good stuff. The committee also discusses the creation of new traditions and the reinstatement of old traditions.