SGA and leadership from the Bridge have partnered to support a pilot student resource officer program in which a student will be paid to serve as a source of support for gender and sexual diversity on campus.

If this position is successful next semester, we hope to offer more student positions to support multicultural groups on campus in the next academic year.  The student Gender and Sexual Diversity Resource Officer will have the following responsibilities:

– Answering student questions/concerns with regard to LGBT issues and direct concerns to appropriate campus resources.

– Hold office hours (minimum of four hours per week).

– Direct students towards sources of funding for event planning.

– Provide students with administrative assistance in scheduling, catering, and other planning functions.

– Direct students towards mental health resources on campus when appropriate.

– Work to engage faculty in student LGBT programming and events.

– Meet regularly with the current President/Leadership of the Bridge and any other student-lead Gender or Sexuality oriented initiatives to address concerns and assess needs.