David Greene, dgreene@colby.edu

President of Colby College.

Lori Kletzer, lkletzer@colby.edu

Dean of Academic Affairs. Dean Kletzer is in charge of academic policy and affairs.

Andrew McGadney, andy.mcgadney@colby.edu

Vice President and Secretary to the College.

Paul Johnston, Barbara Moore, Sue McDougal, Joe Atkins, pejohnst@colby.edu, bemoore@colby.edu, smmcdoug@colby.edu, jeatkins@colby.edu

Dean of Students. Each student is assigned one of them as a dean. They are in charge of discipline, academic leave, and all other personal/academic issues a student may have at Colby. (Dean Johnston specifically deals with discipline; Dean McDougal specifically deals with International Student issues)

Matthew Proto, mtproto@colby.edu

Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid. Dean Proto oversees all aspects of admissions and financial aid, including counselor travel, application reading, alumni participation in admissions efforts, and student-athlete and international student recruiting.

Paul Greenwood, paul.greenwood@colby.edu

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Dean of Faculty. Dean Greenwood is responsible for curricular oversight, Jan Plan curriculum, department and program assessments, faculty course evaluations, summer student research, and hiring visiting faculty.

James Sloat, jim.sloat@colby.edu

Assistant Dean of Faculty for Academic Development. Dean Sloat spearheads faculty orientation, continuous faculty development, and Colby Liberal Arts Symposium. He also serves as the liaison to Colby Athletics, the Career Center, and Admissions. Additionally, Dean Sloat works alongside SGA in The Colby Affirmation.

Dr. Tashia Bradley, tbradley@colby.edu

Dean of Students and Director of the Pugh Center. Dr. Bradley is the go-to person for Pugh Center as well as multicultural and diversity issues.

Jim Terhune, jterhune@colby.edu

Vice-President of Student Affairs. Jim is the go-to person on campus with regards to student affairs and the ultimate decision maker for most issues relating to student life on campus.

Jed Wartman, jwartman@colby.edu

Director of Campus Life. Jed is the immediate go-to person for all issues pertaining to campus life (ranging from housing to student programming).

Kim Kenniston, kakennis@colby.edu

Part of the Campus Life team. Kim is in charge of the housing lottery, dorm room changes, and all other housing issues. 

Sam Helm, srhelm@colby.edu

Part of the Campus Life team. Sam is in charge of working with SPB, student clubs and student leadership development.

Ryan Linehan, rlinehan@colby.edu

Part of the Campus Life team. Ryan runs the Outdoor Education component of Colby education, COOT, and other outdoor related issues.

Joe Klaus, jjklaus@colby.edu

Associate Director of Dining Services. Joe is in charge of dining services and is the go-to person for class dinners and tailgates (contact Heather Vigue for catering services)

Kelly Doran, kedoran@colby.edu

Interim Director of the Physical Plant Department. Kelly is in charge of all things infrastructure at Colby, ranging from keeping the lawn green to running the Rescue sale. She is the person to go to regarding physical issues about the dorm.

Alisa Johnson, ajohnson@colby.edu

Director of the Career Center. Alisa works with students to polish resumes, find and fund internships, and other career related stuff.

Dr. Paul Berkner, pberkner@colby.edu

Director of Health Services. Dr. Berkner is in charge of the Health Center and works with SHOC and on alcohol policy and treatment.

Beth Schiller, registrar@colby.edu

Registrar. Beth is in charge of transcripts, grades, and course credit.

Pete Chenevert, security@colby.edu

Director of Security. Pete is in charge of security related issues, including protocols and student-security relations.