SOAR was formed at Colby in 1999 to educate students about racism and racial issues.


What is SOAR?

The Society Organized Against Racism in Higher Education, Incorporated (SOAR) was founded in 1982. Dr. Darryl Smaw, then chaplain at Brown, provided the major impetus by bringing together representatives from ten institutions of higher education in New England. The founding group included Horace Seldon, Barbara Tannebaum, Oscar Harrell and Jane Pafford. The ten institutions were Amherst, Bowdoin, Brown, Dartmouth, Fitchburg State, Tufts, Smith, Trinity, Wesleyan and Wheaton.

The primary goal was to combat racism on college campuses by developing a variety of educational strategies which would encourage faculty, students, administrators and staff, to actively address the insidious nature of racism and initiate changes to reduce the effects of prejudice and bigotry. The founders realized that many of the students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Thus, the positive changes in attitudes and behavior affected through the efforts of SOAR could have a multiplier effect throughout business, industry, education, and government.

Upcoming Activities

SOAR will be showing the movie "American History X" on September 22 in the Mary Lowe Coffeehouse.

SOAR meets regularly throughout the year to hold dinner discussions on various topcis.


SOAR welcomes all comers. To join, feel free to contact any of the officers either in person or by email.