How do social forces shape people’s lives? What are the dynamics of social and cultural change?  What are the sources and consequences of social inequality? Study sociology at Colby and engage in intense classroom discussions, learn from your professors and peers, and conduct extensive research on persistent social problems.

Students in the Sociology Department study social life in all its fascinating complexity. With guidance from professors, students closely analyze institutions, social change, and inequality and develop expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods. Majors select from courses in many areas including sociological inquiry, social inequality, social change, social psychology, social control, deviance, conflict, intergroup and ethnic relations, social problems, public policy, war, family, and the formation of identity. Classes in the department are small, and students learn from one another through group discussions in which participation is expected and encouraged. Sociology provides preparation for active participation in the private and public sectors of a dynamic society, an increasingly diverse democracy, and an even more diverse global community.