Careers in Sociology
A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Colby provides the opportunity for a wide range of careers. The American Sociological Association lists some of these opportunities on their website.  The American Sociological Association also recently conducted a survey on career paths of Sociology majors which is available here.

Colby Career Services also provides a career guide in Sociology here.

Internship opportunities are available on occasion at the Goldfarb Center website.

For information on internships, recruiting, fellowships, and other career information, visit the Career Services Center in Eustis.  The Career Services Center also maintains a website at, which contains a wealth of information about career services at Colby.

Career Networking
Looking for job shadowing/ career networking opportunities? There may be a Colby Alumni in your career field of interest. You can now search the alumni database to find alumni who are willing to mentor.

Note- you must register beforehand with Career Services to use this service.
Click here to search the network.

Are you a Colby graduate?
The Department of Sociology is actively seeking those who majored in sociology and those currently working in sociology that would like to be a student mentor.  If you are a Colby graduate and would like to be a mentor for current students with questions about your major or your current career, please contact the Alumni Office for more information.   Any assistance that you can provide is greatly appreciated.