Fall 2016 Schedule

A lunchtime series of casual, meaningful conversations on things that matter.  Colby faculty and staff take up the question, “what matters to you and why?” We eat, and converse.

Come learn what occupy campus leaders’ minds when they’re not in the classroom.

Sponsored by Colby Student Government Association and the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life.

All are warmly welcome.  Join us Wednesday 10/19 for Prof. Catherine Bestemen.  11/2 for Counselor, Advisor and Wellness Coordinator Katie Sawyer, and 11/16 for Dean of the College Karlene Burrell-McRae.

Want to nominate someone?


Spring 2016

Travis Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Nathan Chan, Assistant Professor of Economics

Betty Sasaki, Associate Professor of Spanish

Mark Tappan, Education, and Dan Shea, Golfarb Center,
special session on “Yik Yak, Political Correctness, and the Rise of the ‘Silent Majority'”

January 2015

Terry Landry, “The Foss Boss”

Fall 2015

Jed Wartman, Associate Dean of Students

Bruce Rueger, Visiting Assistant Professor Geology

Bruce Maxwell, Professor of Computer Science

Spring 2015

Marilyn Pukkila, Scholarly Resources and Service Librarian

Walter Hatch, Professor of Government & Director of the Oak Center for Human Rights

Cheryl Townsend Gilkes, Professor of Anthropology & African-American Studies

John Turner, History, special session, “What ISIS Really Wants (for real)”

January 2015

David Greene, College President

Fall 2015

Leo Livshits, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Peter Harris, Zacamy Professor of English

Erin Murphy, Cinema Studies