Alice Ridky

Administrative Secretary

Office: Mudd 209
Phone: 207-859-5800
Fax: 207-859-5868
Email: amridky@colby.edu

STS Advisory Committee

Jim Fleming, STS

Judy Stone, Biology

Chandra Bhimull, Anthropology and African American Studies

Lauren Lessing, Museum of Art

Keith Peterson, Philosophy

Laura Saltz, American Studies

Russel Johnson, Biology

Melissa Glen, Psychology

Tanya Sheehan, Art

Gianluca Rizzo, French and Italian

Dale Skrien, Computer Science

Jon Hallstrom, Music

Keith Peterson, Philosophy

Paul Josephson, History

Dan Cohen, Philosophy

Elizabeth Sagaser, English

Neil Gross, Sociology

Elizabeth LaCouture, History and East Asian Studies

Aaron Hanlon, English

Dasan Thamattoor, Chemistry

Fernando Gouvea, Mathematics and Statistics

Andrea Tilden, Biology

Beth Finch, Museum of Art

Emeritus Faculty:

Charles Bassett
Henry A. Gemery
Homer T. (Pete) Hayslett
Thomas Longstaff
Robert McArthur
Leonard Reich