Info Desk

The Info Desk in Cotter Union provides a number of services for Colby.  These services include:
  • Reserving tables for clubs and departments in Pulver
  • Lost and Found
  • iBike

The Info Desk also provides campus maps, cooking supply bags, discount movie tickets, game room supplies, and media resource assistance for Cotter Union programs.  Click here for more information on Info Desk policies.

Advertising Policies

Registered student clubs may utilize a few different avenues for publicizing events and other club happenings, beyond email and Facebook.  Click here for more information on printing posters and other options for publicizing in Pulver.

Planning an Event

Planning a good event takes time, so the first step is to begin your planning early.  Click here for contact information, Colby specific event tips, and to download Colby’s Event Registration Form.