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An integral part of the Office of the Dean of Studies, Colby’s Office for Student Access and Disability Services works to ensure access for students across all aspects of the Colby Experience. We use an individualized collaborative approach to engage students in determining effective accommodations for the classroom, housing, and dining services. We continue this work with faculty to develop resources, skills, and supports to ensure equitable learning for all students. Finally, in collaboration with student groups and campus partners, we work to develop student-centered and responsive programming that recognizes and values disability as a vital part of the diversity of the Colby community.

COVID-19: Modified Processes for AY 20-21

Academic Accommodation Letters:

Students will not be delivering hard copies of their letters to Professors and/or Instructors. Accommodation letters will be sent via email, directly from our office. Students are asked to confirm their list of Professors and/or Instructors by 8/28.

The Colby Test Center will provide in-person proctoring only for students who receive accommodations. In following with social distancing practices, we have reduced our capacity and are only able to proctor for approximately 16 students at a time.

To learn more about modified processes please click on either of the following pdfs:

Colby Test Center Processes & Protocols


Office of Student Access and Disability Services- Modified Processes

For incoming students and  parents, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! I (Kate McLaughlin) am available at!

Student Access and Disability Services

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