Civic Engagement

Make a Difference

It’s the perfect blend of educational benefit and institutional mission: Colby students and faculty work together to share ideas and effort for the good of the world.

From one-on-one mentoring of area children to courses integrating community-based fieldwork, to civic engagement opportunities around the globe, the Colby experience provides a range of opportunities to consider critical challenges and cultivate innovative solutions.

We bring exceptionally promising people to Colby; they graduate with the knowledge, skills, and drive needed to create positive change.

Academic Civic Engagement

Learning and doing go hand in hand. Take a course that partners with a community organization to address a social issue. Tackle collaborative research with communities throughout the world. Do an internship with a local social services agency, enriching your community while preparing for your future. Context helps to deepen learning. Problems are easier to solve when experienced up close.

The takeaway: experiencing the challenges of society firsthand prepares you for meeting them. And you’ll have the skills and experience you need to act on these challenges, wherever you may encounter them in the future.

Colby Cares About Kids

We’re at our best when our hearts and minds are turned outward. Our landmark mentoring program, Colby Cares About Kids (CCAK), pairs up to 500 carefully trained Colby students with K–8 students in 15 partner schools throughout the Waterville area.

Building long-term relationships while serving as role models and friends, CCAK mentors help local kids build trust and resilency. And CCAK mentors benefit just as much (if not more) from the experience.

Colby Volunteer Center (CVC)

Colby students are contributing citizens of Waterville. The Colby Volunteer Center is a clearinghouse and support system for engagement with local nonprofits, hospitals, and social programs. From dedicated days of service to ongoing fundraising efforts to semester-long programs that foster civic engagement and purposeful reflection, the center is a pipeline for students looking to place their education squarely in the context of the real world.