Chace Community Forum

The Chace Community Forum, on the first floor of the Bill & Joan Alfond Main Street Commons, is a communal events space for creating and cultivating dialogue and relationship building among community members.

This 3,800-square-foot space provides a central space for community organizations that advocate for, and provide resources to, our Waterville-area community. Events and meetings held at the Chace Community Forum should positively contribute to the health and well-being of our community members and organizations.

The Chace Community Forum also hosts public meetings—including those of Waterville’s city council—and supports local nonprofits and businesses by providing a public gathering space in the heart of downtown.


Kristin Bishop, Program and Outreach Coordinator for Civic Engagement. or 207-859-4155

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Chace Community Forum FAQ

What is the cost of using the Chace Community Forum?
The forum is a free meeting and event space provided by Colby College. The cost of promotion and event supplies are the responsibility of the hosting organization. Any events that require excessive clean up or maintenance will be subject to an additional fee.

What is the capacity of the Chace Community Forum?
Depending on the configuration needs of the meeting or event, the forum can accommodate 50-75 people. Events that are lecture style can accommodate approximately 75 people while seated meals can accommodate approximately 50 people.

How can the Chace Community Forum be configured? The forum can be configured to meet the needs of almost any event. Please look through our gallery of options before making your reservations.

When is the Chace Community Forum available for use?
To find out, please submit a reservation request. Events may be scheduled up to six months in advance. Please note that the Chace Community Forum is closed when Colby College is closed.

How far in advance do I need to submit a reservation request form?
All reservation requests must be submitted 15 business days in advance of a scheduled event or meeting. Events and meetings are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. Events may be scheduled up to six months in advance.

How quickly will I know if my event has been accepted to be held at the Chace Community Forum?
You will receive notice via email no later than 72 hours after your application has been submitted. If your event has been approved, there will be additional steps and information provided.

Are there any requirements for using the Chace Forum?
Yes, all organizations wishing to host an event at the Chace Community Forum must sign a general usage contract and provide proof of general liability insurance that carries a minimum of $1,000,000. Any questions about contracts or insurance can be directed to Kristin Bishop (

Can I bring food to an event at the Chace Community Forum?
Yes, food can be brought to the forum and there is a catering-style kitchen available for use with refrigerators and warming ovens. The hosting organization is responsible for their event catering. Colby does not provide catering services to Chace Community Forum. If you need a local caterer in Waterville, here are some options:

Who can I contact with additional questions?
Please contact Kristin Bishop, the program and outreach coordinator for civic engagement at or 207-859-4155.