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Integration of Research into Education at Colby

Colby College has long recognized the importance of the integration of teaching and research on the part of faculty, and in recent years has more fully integrated research into student learning as well. This emphasis has enhanced significantly the critical thinking, collaborative, and discovery-based learning skills of our students. Our goal is to engage even more Colby students in significant research projects that lead to presentation of results at professional meetings and in refereed publications with their research collaborators.

Funded by the College, by external institutional grants, and by faculty research grants, student research assistantships have been one of the most popular and effective components of Colby's emphasis on education through research. Additionally, Colby students have traveled off campus for research opportunities at many significant sites. Funding for travel to meetings to display research findings on posters, or to make oral presentations, allows students to interact with professionals in their fields and receive critical feedback about their work. College support of such activities adds a component to the research experience that is often overlooked in undergraduate programs.

Colby is strongly committed to the principle that making connections to "real" research problems is invaluable to experiencing in depth the discipline in which students are working. We hope to use our past successes in "education through research" as a platform on which to build enhanced research opportunities for even more students across the curriculum and to infuse research-based learning even more deeply into the core of a Colby education.