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Bassett Teaching Award

The Bassett Teaching Award was established by the Class of 1993 to honor a distinguished member of the Colby faculty. A person can receive the award only once. The person who is chosen presents a lecture to the senior class in the spring. His or her name is added to the plaque in the foyer of Lovejoy.

Bassett Award winners are:

2013 Peter B. Harris, Zacamy Professor of English

2012 Lisa Arellano, Assistant Professor of American Studies and of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
2011 James Behuniak, Jr., Assistant Professor of Philosophy
2010 Chandra Bhimull, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and African-American Studies
2009 Andrea Tilden, Associate Professor of Biology
2008 Mark Tappan, Professor of Education
2007 Phyllis Manocchi, Professor of English
2006 Jason Opal, Assistant Professor of History
2005 David Simon, Professor of Art
2004 Jonathan White, Assistant Professor of Sociology
2003 Jeffery Kasser, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
2002 Tony Corrado, Professor of Government
   and Dasan Thamattoor, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
2001 Margaret McFadden, Assistant Professor of American Studies
2000 Jennifer Boylan, Associate Professor of English
1999 Laurie Osborne, Associate Professor of English
1998 Rob LaFleur, Assistant Professor of History
1997 Paul Greenwood, Associate Professor of Biology
1996 David Findlay, Associate Professor of Economics
1995 Robert Weisbrot, Professor of History
1994 Cedric Bryant, Associate Professor of English
1993 Charlie Bassett, Professor of Americian Studies, and of English