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Research Symposium

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Colby Celebration of Scholarship: The Colby Celebration of Scholarship provides a forum for students throughout the College to be recognized for their various scholarly activities ranging from performances and artwork to scientific research. This annual all-College event allows students to share their scholarly experiences within and across disciplines, and focuses attention on Colby's broad experience in providing undergraduate research opportunities.

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium: The Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium is part of the Colby Celebration of Scholarship and fits into a larger college vision that seeks to engage as many Colby students as possible in significant scholarly projects that lead to presentation of results before their peers, at professional meetings, and in refereed publications. The intent of this symposium is not to supersede existing departmental events, but rather to strengthen them by providing a larger, more inclusive forum in which students share their research experiences. Student participation in the symposium has increased each year. Last year, over 200 students representing more than 20 departments and programs made presentations.

Travel to Professional Meetings: Many students choose to present the results of their research at regional and national meetings. Students may apply for travel support funded by the College through the Students' Special Project Fund or by external grants.