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COLBY COLLEGE Research SymposiumStudent Research Opportunities
 2008 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2008
April 30 - May 2, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address - Dr. Roger D. Launius
April 30, 7:30 pm Olin 1

Research Presentations
Friday, May 2  
Behavior and Physiological Ecology Presentations
Olin 335
Session Chair: Cathy Bevier
11:00 AM  
  Lauren Bizzari ('09)
  The effects of melatonin on thermoregulation in the nocturnal gecko, Hemidactylus turcicus
Senior Chemistry Presentations
Arey 5
Session Chair: Rebecca Conry and Das Thamattoor
11:00 AM  
  Tyler Schleicher ('08)
  The Inhibition of Thioredoxin Reductase by the Anticancer Drug Cloretazine
  Katie Harris ('08)
  Hydrogen Peroxide Production in Deep, Suboxic Lake Waters
  Doug Rooke ('08)
  The Synthesis Of Oxacalixarenes Using Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution Catalyzed By Cesium Fluoride
Economics Honors Presentations
Smith Room
Session Chair: David Findlay
12:30-3:00 PM  
12:30 pm Andrei Roman ('08)
  Developing Reliable Estimates of Poverty and Inequality for Chile’s Ethnic Groups
1:00 pm Joerose Tharakan ('08)
  Demographic Differences in Household Expenditure for Low Income Families: Evidence from the United States
1:30 pm Ishan Singh ('08)
  Stock Markets and Household Wealth: Can a Stock Market Crash Cause a Recession in The US Economy?
2:00 pm Yauheniya Sidarchuk ('08)
  How Widely Watched Stock Market Indexes Predict Future Economic Activity: Two Centuries of Evidence Since 1800 Until Present
2:30 pm Kyle Smith ('08)
  An Incumbent's Guide to Reelection: Economic Voting by State in U.S. Presidential Elections
Biology Honors Presentations
Olin 1
Session Chair: Frank Fekete
1:00-4:15 PM  
1:00 pm Leslie Wardwell ('08)
  Pervasiveness of Heavy Metal and Antibiotic Resistance Due to Co-selection in Sphagnum Core Samples Dating Back 2000 Years
1:15 pm Sarah Clark ('08)
  The Identification of a Chloramphenicol Inducible Multidrug Efflux Pump in Flavobacterium johnsoniae-like Isolates
1:30 pm Victoria Work ('08)
  The Effects of the Antibiotic Chloramphenicol on Bacterial Slime and Biofilm Formation in Pseudomonas putida
1:45 pm Megan Watts ('08)
  Cytotoxicity of Diepoxybutane and Epichlorohydrin in Relation to Stages of the Cell Cycle
2:00 pm MaryClaire McGovern ('08)
  The Effects of Alcohol and Training on Exercise Recovery Metabolism and Sprint Performance in the Brown Anole (Anolis sagrei)
2:15 pm
  Fifteen Minute Break
2:30 pm Timothy Miller ('08)
  The Pollination Biology of a Peripheral Population of Witheringia solanacea (Solanaceae)
2:45 pm Emily Lyczkowski ('08)
  Microhabitat Selection by the Tortoiseshell Limpet, Tectura testudinalis, in Tide Pools on the Mid-Maine Coast.
3:15 pm Joshua Lord ('08)
  Movement Patterns and Feeding Behavior in the Limpet Tectura testudinalis Along the Mid-Maine Coast
3:45 pm Jennifer Mizen ('08)
  Spring Arrival Dates of Maine Migratory Breeding Birds: 1896-1911 vs. 1994-2006
Between Tradition and Modernity: Reconfiguration of Public Spaces in Urban China
Hurd Room
Session Chair: Hong Zhang
1:00-2:30 PM  
1:00 pm Jessie Tang ('08), Keane Ng ('08), Thomas Huff ('08), Robert Ferriter ('08) and Hye Kim ('08), East-Asian Studies
  'Between Tradition and Modernity: Reconfiguration of Public Spaces in Urban China'
Research in Psychology
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Thane Pittman
1:30-3:15 PM  
1:30 pm Walter Campbell ('08)
  Movement Coordination in Joint Action
1:45 pm Stacey Dubois ('08)
  Stereotype Threat Affects False Memory Susceptibility in Older Adults
2:00 pm Cheryl Hahn ('08)
  The Effects of Reproductive Experience and Maternal Behaviors on Mother Rats’ Cognitive Abilities and Anxiety Reponses
2:15 pm Linsey Walker ('08)
  The Effects of Contextual Backgrounds of Natural and Artifactual Images on ERPs
2:45 pm Madeline Ragan ('08)
  Group Decision Making in the Dictator Game: The Effect of Gender and Offer Method
3:00 pm Raven Adams ('08)
  The Effects of Prenatal Choline Availability on Behavioral and Neural Reactions to Social Isolation Rearing in the Rat
Research and Practice in Education and Human Development
Diamond 122
Session Chair: Mark Tappen
2:00-4:00 PM  
2:00 pm Justin Dunn ('08), Education and Human Development
  Prospects for Reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act
2:20 pm Terri Bello ('10), Education and Human Development
  Learning Differences and Higher Education
2:40 pm Jake Obstfeld ('09), Education and Human Development
  Teach for Who? Teach for America's Effects on Inner City Schools
3:00 pm Heidi Donahue ('08), none DCE account and Sophia Newbury ('08), Education and Human Development
  Panel on Student Teaching and Portfolio Presentation
History Honors
Smith Room
Session Chair: Raffael Scheck
3:00-5:00 PM  
3:00 pm Evan Kaplan ('08)
  Revolutionary Hijackers in Russia and Iran: How Lenin and Khomeini Seized Control of their Respective Revolutions
3:20 pm Brian Sweeney ('08)
  'A System of Silence': Philadelphia Orphanages and the Limits of Benevolence, 1780s-1830s
3:45 pm Adam Boss ('08)
  A City at War: Daily life and society in Orléans during the 1428-1429 English Siege
4:10 pm Hannah Coleman ('08)
  Jeane Kirkpatrick, the Committee of Santa Fe, and the Origins of the Reagan Administration's Complicity in the Nicaraguan Counterrevolution
4:30 pm Lucia Giordano ('08)
  Lessons on Labor and Loss: Organization, Education, and the Women's Trade Union League of America, 1900-1930
Senior Chemistry Presentations
Keyes 105
Session Chair: Rebecca Conry and Das Thamattoor
3:00 PM  
  Danny Herrick ('08)
  New Frontiers in Reactions of Atomic Carbon
  Jenn Bushee ('08)
  The Effects of Cloretazine, an Anticancer Agent, on Human Apurinic/Pyrimidic Endonuclease-1
  Matt Stein ('08)
  Determination of the Cytotoxic Mechanism of Epihalohydrins and Diepoxybutane
  Leanne Powers ('08)
  Reactivity of Superoxide in Natural Waters
  Michael Finnerty ('08)
  Molecular Dynamics Conformational Study of p-Sulfonatocalix[6]arene with Various Guest Molecules
International Studies Presentations
Hurd Room
Session Chair: Jennifer Yoder
3:00-5:30 PM  
3:00 pm Christina Feng ('08)
  Microfinance through a Governance Lens
3:30 pm Nicole Terrillion ('08)
  Cultivating Urban Ecological Citizenship: NGOs and Environmental Perception in Quito, Ecuador
4:00 pm Leonardo Costa ('08)
  Hasta Luego Sucre and Peseta: An analysis of Ecuador’s and Spain’s decision to abandon their national currencies
5:00 pm Gautam Nair ('08)
  The Crisis of Liberalism in Egypt: Workers and the Wafd Party (Goldfarb Center Student Research)
Government Studies
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Joe Reisert
3:30-5:00 PM  
3:30 pm Randi Arsenault ('09)
  Predicting Presidential Performance: What Must a Voter Know?
3:45 pm Jacqueline Grady ('08)
  Decisions to Abrogate Personal Liberty: The Ethics of Conscription in the United States
4:00 pm Andrei Roman ('08)
  Banco Palmas: Towards a Concept of “Solidarity Economics” - Research Report on a Goldfarb Student Research Grant
4:30 pm Andrei Roman ('08)
  Bom Conselho? - A Case Study of Community Involvement Mechanisms in the FUMAC Design of the World Bank Rural Poverty Alleviation Project (RPAP) in Pernambuco, Northeasten Brazil
Sociology Honors Presentations
Diamond 122
Session Chair: Terry Arendell
4:00-5:00 PM  
4:00 pm Sara Benjamin ('08)
  A Macro-Sociological Perspective on the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001: Why Reauthorization is Not the Issue
4:30 pm Carolyn Curtis ('08)
  Self-Destructive Behaviors of Adolescent Boys and Girls

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