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COLBY COLLEGE Research SymposiumStudent Research Opportunities
 2008 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2008
April 30 - May 2, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address - Dr. Roger D. Launius
April 30, 7:30 pm Olin 1

Poster Sessions - Robins Room, Roberts

PLEASE NOTE - Posters will be set up before 12 noon on the day assigned and taken down between 5 and 6 PM on the same day. They wil l be on display for one day only. Posters will be attended by the authors from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday - No. 1 Catherine Vieth ('10), German/Russian
The Russian Worker Through Photographs: 1926-1938
Wednesday - No. 2 Raven Adams ('08) and John Swain ('08), Psychology
The Effects of Choline Supplementation throughout the Lifespan on Anxiety and Reactions to Acute Stress in the Rat
Wednesday - No. 3 Sakshi Balani ('10), David Way ('09), Martha-Gail Biddiscombe ('10) and Meghan Guay ('10), Psychology
Gender and Maturity of a Face Influence Perceptions of its Competence, Intelligence and Honesty.
Wednesday - No. 4 Kristina Boman ('08), Kelly Brooks ('09) and Zoe Ray ('09), Psychology
The Effects of Prenatal Choline Supplementation on Aggressive Behavior in Rats
Wednesday - No. 5 Kristina Boman ('08), Psychology
The Effects of Prenatal Choline Supplementation on Infant Rat Exploration
Wednesday - No. 6 Jennifer Corriveau ('10), Loretta Biss ('10), Pollee Hruby ('09) and Sara Cameron ('10), Psychology
The Effects of Stigma on Individuals’ Expression of Sexuality and Sexual Orientation
Wednesday - No. 7 Megan Dean ('09) and Zoe Ray ('09), Psychology
The Effect of Ideal and Ought Discrepancies of a Professor on Affect
Wednesday - No. 8 Pamela Dudley ('08) and Carrie Potter ('09), Psychology
The Effects of Noise Distribution on Unintentional Interpersonal Coordination
Wednesday - No. 9 Lacey Favreau ('08), Psychology
To Cut or not to Cut: Individual and Societal Perspectives on Cosmetic Surgery
Wednesday - No. 10 Rebecca Feldman ('08), Psychology
Stress, Coping and Mindfulness: Relations to Social Satisfaction and Trends among Different Populations
Wednesday - No. 11 Madison Gregor ('09), Amanda King ('08) and Colin Hutzler ('10), Psychology
Gender Differences in Facial Emotion Expression
Wednesday - No. 12 Jessie Guild ('08), Psychology
Procrastination: When Missed Opportunities Return and When They Will Be Completed
Wednesday - No. 13 Margaret Hayes ('09) and Kelly Brooks ('09), Psychology
How Much Do I Want Those Shoes? The Effects of Social Comparison on Valuation, Anticipated, and Experienced Regret in Inaction Inertia
Wednesday - No. 14 Colin Hutzler ('10), Catherine Nix ('10), Kaitlyn Conway ('10) and Rebecca Julian ('09), Psychology
Regulatory Focus and Dietary Restraint
Wednesday - No. 15 Sarah Kunkel ('08), Psychology
The Effects of Praise on Preschoolers' Friendship and Performance
Wednesday - No. 16 Stephanie Lubin-Levy ('08), Psychology
Sequential Looking to Index Categorization in 4-Month-Old Infants
Wednesday - No. 17 Duy Lyford ('10), Alexander Fenstermacher ('10) and Charles Shumaker ('10), Psychology
Attraction: Effects of the Environment From Global to Personal on Perceived Beauty and Relationships
Wednesday - No. 18 Darshini Mahadevia ('10), Savina Balasubramanian ('10) and Tara Brian ('10), Psychology
Mood over Mind: How Mood Affects Decision Making
Wednesday - No. 19 Lauren McClurg ('09), Daniel Dewey-Mattia ('08) and Lacey Favreau ('08), Psychology
Modulation of Spatial Learning and Cell Morphology in the Basal Forebrain Cholinergic System by Dietary Choline Intake in Adult Female Rats
Wednesday - No. 20 Devon McIntyre ('10), Jeoffrey Jarnot ('10) and Matthew Clunan ('10), Psychology
The Effects of Seating Arrangement and Auditory Stimulation on Test Performance
Wednesday - No. 21 Sarah Romeo ('08), Psychology
Men's Fears of Intimacy: Dismissive Attachment, Masculine Ideology, and Alexithymia
Wednesday - No. 22 Sarah Romeo ('08), Psychology
One Bite at a Time: An Analysis of Eating Disorder Interventions
Wednesday - No. 23 Jennifer Rutherford ('08), Psychology
Effects of Variability on Entrainment with an Environmental Stimulus
Wednesday - No. 24 Kaila Saxe ('08), Psychology
The Hypersensitivity to and Moral Panic of Female Relational Aggression
Wednesday - No. 25 Kaila Saxe ('08), Casey Lynch ('09) and Guy Sack ('09), Psychology
Maladaptive Attention to Emotion and the Personalization of Objective, Negative Stimuli
Wednesday - No. 26 Emily Schofield ('09), Madison Gregor ('09) and Mary Snediker ('09), Psychology
Group Intentional and Unintentional Interpersonal Coordination
Wednesday - No. 27 Megan Smith ('09), Psychology
Defining the Neuroanatomical Correlates of Tourette Syndrome: A Comprehensive Review
Wednesday - No. 28 Chelsea Stillman ('10), Alexandra Wesnousky ('10), Brittany Tasi ('10) and Meredith Tumilty ('10), Psychology
The Influence of Exercise- and Body Image- Related Cognitions on Eating Behavior
Wednesday - No. 29 Cheryl Hahn ('08), Psychology
Gender Differences in the Effects of Social Context on Emotional Responding
Wednesday - No. 30 Ashley Beaulieu ('09), Carolyn Thomas ('10), Emily Wenzel ('10) and Michael Schwartz ('10), Psychology
The Effects Of Priming College Students With Parenthood And Career Cues
Wednesday - No. 31 Logan Berg ('08), Psychology
Anticipating Regret or Devaluation?: An Investigation of the Causes of Inaction Inertia
Wednesday - No. 32 Michele Chu ('09) and Veronica Romero ('09), Psychology
Horsing Around: Quadrupedal Gaits and Interpersonal Coordination
Wednesday - No. 33 Michele Chu ('09), Christiana Lumbert ('10) and Nicholas Lehman-White ('10), Psychology
Which Events Do We Remember Best? The Salience of Achievement and Interpersonal Memories
Wednesday - No. 34 Lana Ciociolo-Hinkell ('09) and Guy Sack ('09), Psychology
The Lonely Chameleon: Do Needs for Individuation and Assimilation Affect Mimicry?
Wednesday - No. 35 Jessica Frick ('10), Annie Tak ('10), Benjamin Mickle ('10) and Laura Schaefer ('10), Psychology
Misattribution of Arousal and Stereotype Threat
Wednesday - No. 36 Benjamin Gross ('10), Amanda Ivey ('10) and Timothy Brettingen ('10), Psychology
Measuring Outcome Expectancy in Intellectual and Physical Tasks
Wednesday - No. 37 Anuj Kapur ('10), Emily Merrell ('10), Hannah Holbrook ('10) and Jennifer Gelda ('10), Psychology
The Effects of Mood Awareness on Liking and Categorization of Faces.
Wednesday - No. 38 Katherine Klepinski ('08), Psychology
Relationship Between Mimicry And Synchrony
Wednesday - No. 39 Katherine Klepinski ('08), Jessica Emerson ('08) and Kirstin Miller ('09), Psychology
Gender Differences in Anxiety Resulting from Thought Suppression.
Wednesday - No. 40 Charlotte Morse-Fortier ('08), Psychology
Ecological Perception of Spaces
Wednesday - No. 41 Cassie Sancartier ('08), Psychology
The Effects of Parental Alcoholism on Attachment
Wednesday - No. 42 Duy Lyford ('10), Alexander Fenstermacher ('10) and Charles Shumaker ('10), Psychology
Attraction: The Effects of Environmental and Personal Security on Perceived Attractiveness and Relationship Length
Wednesday - No. 43 Jennifer Corriveau ('10), Psychology
Memory for Objects and Place Recognition in Adult Male Rats Treated with Dietary Choline Supplementation
Wednesday - No. 44 Angela Barrett ('08), Psychology
Coping With Race and Weight Stigma
Thursday - No. 1 Adrienne Angel ('08) and Tyler Schleicher ('08), Biology
The Replication Cycle of Herpes Simplex 1
Thursday - No. 2 Emily Beckwitt ('10), Biology
Rabies Virus
Thursday - No. 3 William Cantley ('08) and Derek Leaderer ('08), Biology
Ashkenazi Jews and HIV
Thursday - No. 4 Ryan Chrenek ('08), Biology
Patterns of Phagocytic Activity in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Kidney Leukocytes
Thursday - No. 5 Sarah Clark ('08) and Matthew Stein ('08), Biology
Examining the Viral Properties of Herpes Simplex Virus
Thursday - No. 6 Kirsten Duda ('09), Biology
The Transmission and Treatment of Lassa Fever in West Africa
Thursday - No. 7 Jamie Fierce ('08) and Darcy Taylor ('08), Biology
HIV, SIV, and their Evolutionary Relationship
Thursday - No. 8 Katharine Harmon ('09), Biology
The Seven Year Virus: Recurring Pogosta in Finland
Thursday - No. 9 Aung Kaung ('08) and Prisna Dixit ('09), Biology
Overexpression and Purification of the Protein Kinase PKABA1 and the AFN1 Protein in the Abscisic Acid Signalling Pathway in Cereal Grains
Thursday - No. 10 Julianne Kowalski ('11) and Andrew Hardigan ('10), Biology
Vibrio Binding Protein: GpbA and Human Infection
Thursday - No. 11 Kristina Langenborg ('09) and Rebecca Thorburn ('09), Biology
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus
Thursday - No. 12 Jonathan Lefcheck ('09), Biology
Anatomical Review and Standard Operating Procedure for the Atlantic Hagfish (Myxine glutinosa)
Thursday - No. 13 Joshua Lord ('08), Biology
The Effect of the Phillips State Fish Hatchery on Water Quality and Aquatic Life in Meadow Brook
Thursday - No. 14 Timothy Maguire ('08), Biology
Antimicrobial Properties of Two Purified Skin Peptides from the Mink Frog (Rana septentrionalis) Against A.hydrophila and Chytrid Fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis).
Thursday - No. 15 Talia Savic ('09), Biology
The Purification of the Abscisic Acid Response Element-Binding Factor, TaABF1
Thursday - No. 16 Justine Scott ('08) and Sarah Bartels ('08), Biology
Conjugative Transfer of Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Isolated from the Pre-Antibiotic Era in Maine Sphagnum Bog Core Samples
Thursday - No. 17 Brittany Thomas ('10), Biology
Identification of Surface Attachment Factors in Vibrio Related Bacteria
Thursday - No. 18 Kirby Walker ('09) and Kenneth Flynn ('09), Biology
Kuru: You Can Not Kill What Is Not Alive
Thursday - No. 19 Zachary Zalinger ('09), Alexandra Sadanowicz ('08), Lauren Baard ('08) and none DCE account, Biology
Plasmid-Mediated Transferable Mercury and Multiple Antibiotic Resistance in the Fish Pathogen Aeromonas salmonicida subspecies salmonicida
Thursday - No. 20 Zachary Zalinger ('09) and Jonathan Lefcheck ('09), Biology
Tulip Break Virus
Thursday - No. 21 Chantal Balesdent ('08), Chemistry
Synthesis of Copper(I) Complexes with NS2-Cyclodecane Ligands Bearing Phenyl and 2-Naphthyl Pendant Aryl Groups in Quest of Copper(I)-Arene Complexes
Thursday - No. 22 Jennifer Bushee ('08), Chemistry
Effects of Cloretazine, an Anticancer Agent, on Human Apurinic Endonuclease-1 Activity
Thursday - No. 23 Kimberly Graves ('08), Chemistry
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of 2-alkoxyethylidenes
Thursday - No. 24 Kathlyn Harris ('08), Alison Brandeis ('10) and Brian DiMento ('10), Chemistry
Hydrogen Peroxide Production in Deep, Suboxic Lake Waters
Thursday - No. 25 Daniel Herrick ('08), Chemistry
Reactions of Atomic Carbon
Thursday - No. 26 Cassandra Newell ('08), Chemistry
Pressure Perturbation Calorimetry and Guest-Host Binding
Thursday - No. 27 Kristen Hitchcox ('09), Chemistry
Stability of Biochemical Analytes in Blood Specimens Subjected to Delayed Processing
Thursday - No. 28 Kristina Langenborg ('09), Chemistry
DNA Repair Events Triggered by Cloretazine in Cultured Leukemia Cells
Thursday - No. 29 Anna Barnwell ('08), Environmental Studies
The Global Nature of the Origins and Disposal of Electronic Waste
Thursday - No. 30 Sarah Dallas ('10), Emily Kissner ('08) and Sarah Hart ('10), Environmental Studies
A Civic Engagement Project to Advance Environmental Health in Maine: Human Toxicity of Bisphenol-A and Its Presence in Household Products
Thursday - No. 31 Bethany Darling ('08), Anna Kelman ('08) and Caroline Allison ('08), Environmental Studies
A Civic Engagement Project to Advance Environmental Health in Maine: Alternatives to the U.S. Approach to Chemicals Regulation
Thursday - No. 32 Emily Fogg ('08), Alexander Farmer ('09) and Kimberly Bittler ('11), Environmental Studies
A Civic Engagement Project to Advance Environmental Health in Maine: Human Toxicity of Lead and Its Presence in Children’s Toys
Thursday - No. 33 Eric Hansen ('08), Jessica Harold ('08) and Kiira Heymann ('08), Environmental Studies
A Civic Engagement Project to Advance Environmental Health in Maine: Maine’s Brand New Chemicals Law
Thursday - No. 34 Nicholas Ruocco ('10), Leah Gourlie ('09) and Naiff Bethoney ('08), Environmental Studies
A Civic Engagement Project to Advance Environmental Health in Maine: Student Efforts to Build Local Support for Safer Chemicals Policy
Thursday - No. 35 Emily Sinnott ('08), Jessica Ruthruff ('08) and Michael Veidenheimer ('10), Environmental Studies
A Civic Engagement Project to Advance Environmental Health in Maine: Human Body Burdens of Synthetic Chemicals
Thursday - No. 36 Amanda Theberge ('08), Jason Hayes ('08) and Megan Browning ('10), Environmental Studies
A Civic Engagement Project to Advance Environmental Health in Maine: U.S. Policy Gaps for Chemicals Regulation
Thursday - No. 37 Claire Thompson ('08), Daniel Heinrich ('09) and Emily Griffoul ('10), Environmental Studies
A Civic Engagement Project to Advance Environmental Health in Maine: Human Toxicity of Phthalates and Their Presence in Household Products
Thursday - No. 38 Morgan Davies ('08), Environmental Studies
Black Carbon in Taylor Pond, Maine
Thursday - No. 39 Lindsay Philips ('08), Environmental Studies
A Phosphorus Primer for Maine's Lakes
Thursday - No. 40 Michael MacNicoll ('09), Mathematics
Modeling Contradicting Perceptions of Motion During Deceleration in a Centrifuge
Thursday - No. 41 Nolan Gagne ('08), Physics and Astronomy
Hamiltonian Constraint Analysis of Vector Field Theories with Spontaneous Lorentz Symmetry Breaking
Friday - No. 1 Christine Avena ('08), Biology
Male Sexual Selection based on Immune Function in the Zebra Finch Taeniopygia guttata
Friday - No. 2 Jacqueline Beaupre ('08), Biology
Osmotic Fragility of Embryonic and Adult Erythrocytes in EKLF-Deficient Mice
Friday - No. 3 Richard Katz ('08), Biology
The Effect of Yeast Concentration on the Longevity of Drosophila Mutant, Methuselah
Friday - No. 4 Emily Wilson ('08), Biology
Embryonic Inbreeding Depression in Witheringia solanacea
Friday - No. 5 Jacqueline Beaupre ('08), Biology
The Cardioprotective Effects of Melatonin on Reperfusion Injury in Uca pugilator
Friday - No. 6 Leanne Powers ('08), Chemistry
Reactivity of Superoxide in Natural Waters
Friday - No. 7 Tyler Schleicher ('08) and Christopher Buros ('09), Chemistry
Inhibition of Cellular Thioredoxin Reductase by the Anticancer Prodrug Cloretazine
Friday - No. 8 Holly Battelle ('08), Economics
The Marketability of Huangshan Speciatly Tea
Friday - No. 9 Leah Gourlie ('09), Katharine Sirianni and Zachary Ezor ('10), Biology
Colony Collapse Disorder and the Western Honeybee
Friday - No. 10 Joshua Lord ('08), Cara Whalen ('09) and Samantha Buck ('09), Biology
Mangrove Destruction: An Overview of Mangroves and a Comparison of Their Natural and Human-Facilitated Recovery
Friday - No. 11 Michael Bienkowski ('10), Caitlin Dufraine ('09) and Jamie O'Connell ('08), Environmental Studies
Climate Change and Lobster (Homarus americanus) Conservation in Maine
Friday - No. 12 Emma Gildesgame ('10), Megan Schafer ('09) and Suzanne Merkelson ('09), Environmental Studies
Ecotourism as a Means of Conservation in Eastern Africa: Economic, Social, and Environmental Impacts
Friday - No. 13 Ian McCullough ('10), Anders Nordblom ('10) and Patrick Roche ('09), Environmental Studies
Ecological Effects of Wolf Reintroduction in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Friday - No. 14 Sarah Stevens ('09), Amy Weinfurter ('08), Caitlin Casey ('09) and Lindsay Dreiss ('09), Environmental Studies
Logging's Effects on Maine Forest Habitat: A Case Study of the American Marten
Friday - No. 15 Hannah Taska ('09), Courtney Chilcote ('09), Emily Kissner ('08) and Robert Dillon ('09), Environmental Studies
Consequences of Biofuel Production in the Amazon Rainforest
Friday - No. 16 Kristyn Loving ('08), Claire Thompson ('08) and Jamie O'Connell ('08), Biology
Phosphorus Loading in the South Basin of Long Pond, Kennebec County, Maine.
Friday - No. 17 Kerry Whittaker ('08), Eva Gougian ('08) and Jessica Harold ('08), Environmental Studies
The impact of development and changing land-use patterns on the water quality of Long Pond South Basin
Friday - No. 18 Rosalind Becker ('08) and Alaina Clark ('08), Environmental Studies
The Carbon Emissions of the Boston Red Sox
Friday - No. 19 Charles Carroll ('08), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Carbon Sequestration and Population Centers in Maine
Friday - No. 20 Charles Carroll ('08) and Courtney Larson ('08), Environmental Studies
Modeling Potential Tiger Habitat in Hupingshan-Houhe and Mangshan-Nanling National Nature Reserves, China
Friday - No. 21 Lindsay Dreiss ('09) and Caitlin Dufraine ('09), Environmental Studies
Demographics of Natural Disaster Hotspots in Maine
Friday - No. 22 Michelle Presby ('09) and Frederick Freudenberger ('09), Environmental Studies
Proposed Public Transportation Route for Waterville, Maine
Friday - No. 23 Benjamin Many ('09), Environmental Studies
10,000 Whatts? Visualizing Energy Use
Friday - No. 24 Ian McCullough ('10) and Andrew Young ('09), Environmental Studies
Habitat Suitability Analysis of the Critically Endangered Florida Panther
Friday - No. 25 Eric Hansen ('08), Environmental Studies
Modeling Ice Cover on Trails at Grand Canyon National Park
Friday - No. 26 Patrick Roche ('09) and Caitlin Casey ('09), Environmental Studies
A Visibility Analysis of the Cape Wind Project
Friday - No. 27 Alaina Clark ('08), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Wetlands and Development in Maine
Friday - No. 28 Bethany Darling ('08) and Jamie O'Connell ('08), Environmental Studies
Using GIS Network Analyst to Identify Suppliers for a Produce Co-op in Waterville, ME
Friday - No. 29 Bethany Darling ('08), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Changing Property Values in Maine, 1999-2008
Friday - No. 30 William Tyson ('09), Environmental Studies
Corridors for Wolf Reintroduction to Maine
Friday - No. 31 Courtney Larson ('08), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Impervious Surfaces of Maine
Friday - No. 32 Lindsay Dreiss ('09), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Fragmentation and Clearing of Maine Forest Habitats
Friday - No. 33 Caitlin Dufraine ('09), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Fault Lines and Earthquakes of Maine 1568-2005
Friday - No. 34 Frederick Freudenberger ('09), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Population Density and Dams in Maine, 2000.
Friday - No. 35 Eric Hansen ('08), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Electrical Hookups and Service Providers in Maine
Friday - No. 36 Ian McCullough ('10), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine - Electric Power Service Areas, Energy Lines and Hydroelectric Dams of Maine
Friday - No. 37 Jamie O'Connell ('08), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Organic Farms and Local Food Retailers in Maine
Friday - No. 38 Caitlin Casey ('09), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Federally Recognized Indian Lands of Maine
Friday - No. 39 Michelle Presby ('09), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Suitable Habitats for Wildlife and Conservation Areas in Maine
Friday - No. 40 Andrew Young ('09), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Median Household Income in Maine
Friday - No. 41 Patrick Roche ('09), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Maine's Fast Food
Friday - No. 42 Katharine Harmon ('09), Mathematics
Perceptions in Gondola Centrifuges Predicted by a Whole-Motion Model
Friday - No. 43 C. Clark ('08), Geology
Establishing Taphonomic Trends of Coleoptera Using Three Different Carabid Species in a Laboratory Flume System

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