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COLBY COLLEGE Research SymposiumStudent Research Opportunities
 2009 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2009
April 29 - May 1, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address
April 29, 7:30 pm Ostrove Auditorium

Poster Sessions - Robins Room, Roberts

PLEASE NOTE - Posters will be set up before 12 noon on the day assigned and taken down between 5 and 6 PM on the same day. They wil l be on display for one day only. Posters will be attended by the authors from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday - No. 1 Tory Gray ('11), Dana Breakstone ('10), Grace Shanks ('10) and Nicole Raheja ('10), Psychology
Does Arousal Explain the Effects of Superior Recall After Survival Processing Compared to Other Types of Processing?
Wednesday - No. 2 Jennifer Corriveau ('10), Chelsea Stillman ('10) and Claudia Sanchez Gutierrez, Psychology
Storage of Idioms in the Mental Lexicon: A Comparison Between Native and L2 Learners
Wednesday - No. 3 Stephanie Berger ('11), Alyssa Lepore ('11) and Lauren Tracy ('11), Psychology
The Roles of Arousal and Thought Speed on Affect
Wednesday - No. 4 Jennifer Corriveau ('10), Psychology
Past Availability of Dietary Choline Modulates Subsequent Choline Intake and Adult Choline Levels Mediate the Anxiolytic Effects of Enrichment
Wednesday - No. 5 Catherine Stewart ('11), Emma Anastos-Wallen ('11), Kelley Overlander ('11) and Samantha Gillies ('11), Psychology
Is It All About You?: Investigating Essential Components of Stories to Arouse Survival Processing
Wednesday - No. 6 Elisabeth Grasser ('11), Emma Harrington ('11) and Kelsey Stratton ('11), Psychology
Cognitive Dissonance in Trust-Choice Incompatibility
Wednesday - No. 7 Julia Engelsted ('11), Amy Dunlap ('11), Gillian Conly ('11) and Sara Field ('11), Psychology
The Effects of Mortality Salience and Regulatory Focus on Survival Processing
Wednesday - No. 8 Sharonda Bradley ('10), Anna Kelemen ('10), John DeAscentis ('11) and Peter Serafini ('11), Psychology
The Effects of Thought Speed and Level of Thought on Perceptions of Power
Wednesday - No. 9 Julia Bruss ('11), Hali Castleman ('11), Jessica Newman ('11) and Logan Hunter ('11), Psychology
How Cognitive Processing Affects Recall of Socially Normative Information
Wednesday - No. 10 Veronica Romero ('09), Psychology
Horsing Around
Wednesday - No. 11 Aimee Sheppard ('10), Hannah Bisgyer ('11), Jessica Bushee ('11) and Natasha Atkinson ('11), Psychology
The Perception of Personality Based on SES Names and Facial Images
Wednesday - No. 12 Hanna Schenk ('09), Psychology
Hippocampal Cell Survival as a Function of Enrichment and Learning in Periadolescent and Adult Male Rats
Wednesday - No. 13 Megan Dean ('09) and Sara Cameron ('10), Psychology
Self, School, Sports: The Relationships Among General Personality, Role Specific Personalities, and Role-Specific Outcomes
Wednesday - No. 14 Meredith Tumilty ('10) and Brittany Tasi ('10), Psychology
Personality: Do Magazine Quizzes Correlate with the Big Five Inventory?
Wednesday - No. 15 Olivia Bordiuk ('09), Psychology
Gestational Stress Induces Persistent Increases in Anxiety and Alterations in Maternal Care Behaviors in Female Rat Dams
Wednesday - No. 16 Pollee Hruby ('09) and Devon McIntyre ('10), Psychology
Implicit Effects in Survival Processing
Wednesday - No. 17 Alessandra Welker ('11), Hilana Bernheimer ('10) and Kaitlyn Billington ('11), Psychology
The Effects of Survival and Self-Processing on Reading Comprehension
Wednesday - No. 18 Tara Brian ('10), Nina Gold ('09) and Rebecca Julian ('09), Psychology
Relationship Between Preschool Children's Numerical Capabilities and Understanding of Age
Wednesday - No. 19 Ashley Beaulieu ('09) and Amanda Ivey ('10), Psychology
Understanding Self-Efficacy in Others: Children's Knowledge Regarding the Effects of Verbal Persuasion and Vicarious Experiences on Perception of Ability
Wednesday - No. 20 Jessica Frick ('10), Duy Lyford ('10) and Hannah Holbrook ('10), Psychology
The Relationship Between Joint Attention and Syntax Development in Preschoolers
Wednesday - No. 21 Benjamin Gross ('10) and Annie Tak ('10), Psychology
A Dynamic System's Approach to Motor Interference
Wednesday - No. 22 Amanda Ivey ('10), David Way ('09) and Matthew Clunan ('10), Psychology
The Effects of Stimulus Variability on Spontaneous Rhythmic Coordination
Wednesday - No. 23 Madison Gregor ('09), Psychology
Social Effects on the Dynamics of Group Synchrony
Wednesday - No. 24 Kelly Brooks ('09), Psychology
Postnatal Choline Availability Modulates the Behavioral Consequences of Chronic Mild Stress in Male Rats
Wednesday - No. 25 Alexandra Wesnousky ('10) and Christiana Lumbert ('10), Psychology
The Effects of Outcome Dependency on Stereotype Processes in an Extrinsic Motivational Context
Wednesday - No. 26 Alexander Fenstermacher ('10) and Emily Merrell ('10), Psychology
Effects of Changing Stimulus Format and Time Pressure on False Recognition
Wednesday - No. 27 Claudia Sanchez Gutierrez, Psychology
Confusions of Suffixes in Bilingual Contexts
Wednesday - No. 28 Lauren McClurg ('09), Psychology
Chronic Unpredictable Stress Increases Anxious and Depressive-like Behavior, but Only a Temporary Hedonic Deficit in Middle-aged Female Rats
Wednesday - No. 29 Sara Field ('11) and Claudia Sanchez Gutierrez, Psychology
Do Gossip Girls Like Cats and Dogs?
Wednesday - No. 30 Veronica Romero ('09), Catherine Nix ('10) and Jeoffrey Jarnot ('10), Psychology
Power Fitness
Wednesday - No. 31 Katie-Elyse Turner ('09), Anthropology
2008 Election Archive: Diaspora, Encounter and Place as the Production of Political Identities in the United States.
Poster Sessions - Robbins Room, Roberts
Thursday - No. 1 Katie-Elyse Turner ('09), Anthropology
2008 Election Archive: Diaspora, Encounter and Place as the Production of Political Identities in the United States.
Thursday - No. 2 Danielle Sheppard ('11), Anthropology
Racial Identity, Double Consciousness and the African Diaspora in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election
Thursday - No. 3 Amanda Palffy ('11), Judith Merzbach ('11), Kristen-Marie Ortiz ('09), Laura Berzins ('11), Thomas Tessier ('10) and Timothy McCarthy ('11), Education and Human Development
Perceptions of Social Class at Colby College
Thursday - No. 4 Brian Wadugu ('09), Jordanne Dunn ('09) and Rebecca Kamins ('09), Chemistry
DNA Cross-linking and Apoptotic Potential of (1-chloroethenyl)oxirane
Thursday - No. 5 Kristen Hitchcox ('09), Chemistry
The Effects of Exogenous Insulin and Exercise on Glucose and Lactate Metabolism in the Brown Anole, Anolis sagrei.
Thursday - No. 6 Nichole Schmidt ('09), Chemistry
The Synthesis of a Biomimetic Mo Complex with a New Bidentate Sulfur Ligand
Thursday - No. 7 Thora Maltais ('09), Chemistry
Synthesis and Characterization of Organometallic Complexes
Thursday - No. 8 Matthew Strickland ('10) and Jared Tepper ('10), Chemistry
Familial Paragangliomas and Pheochromocytomas: Succinate Dehydrogenase Deficiency as a Result of SDHB Mutation
Thursday - No. 9 Jonathan Guerrette ('09), Chemistry
Intramolecular Rearrangements of Carbenes
Thursday - No. 10 Zachary Helm ('09), Chemistry
Measuring and Modeling the Kinetics of Bulk Antioxidant Activity in Natural Waters
Thursday - No. 11 Katherine Nelson ('09), Physics and Astronomy
High Mass Star Formation and Modeling High Mass Protostar IRAS 18151-1208
Thursday - No. 12 Sarah Harmon ('12), Mathematics
Human Perceptions of Self-Motion and Orientation during Acceleration and Deceleration in a Centrifuge
Thursday - No. 13 Daniel Nolan ('10) and Allyson Cheever ('11), Computer Science
Imaging for Biological Applications
Thursday - No. 14 Sinead Nyhan ('09), Biology
A Plasmid to Rescue the Bristle Phenotype of Shaven Mutants and the Eye Phenotype of Sparkling Mutants of Drosophila melanogaster
Thursday - No. 15 Charlotte Carrigan ('09), Biology
Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Environments of Carcinus maenas and its Effect on Invasiveness
Thursday - No. 16 Corey Martin ('10), Biology
Preferential Phagocytosis of Gram-negative Bacteria by Zebrafish Leukocytes
Thursday - No. 17 Soren Craig-Muller ('09), Biology
The rDNA Cluster Regions ITS-1 and ITS-2 Can Be Used to Distinguish Natural Populations of the Sea Anemone Metridium senile
Thursday - No. 18 Kirby Walker ('09) and Kenneth Flynn ('09), Biology
Sub-inhibitory Effects of Chloramphenicol on Biofilm Production in Pseudomonads with and without the Presence of an Efflux Pump Inhibitor
Thursday - No. 19 Andrew Hardigan ('10), John Brainard ('10), Julianne Kowalski ('11) and Trevor Hardigan ('09), Biology
Isolation and Characterization of Colonization Factor GbpA in Vibrio cholerae and Related Marine Species
Thursday - No. 20 Lisa Portis ('09), Biology
The Effect of Sea Star Predators on the Retractability of the Whelk Nucella lamellosa
Thursday - No. 21 Jonathan Lefcheck ('09), Biology
Behavioral Traits Maintain a Physical Boundary Between Two Morphs of the Rough Periwinkle (Littorina saxatilis L.) in the Gulf of Maine Rocky Intertidal Zone
Thursday - No. 22 Talia Savic ('09), Jennifer Sim ('11), Matthew Appleby ('11) and Sarah Martinez ('11), Biology
The PKABA1-interacting Factor TaABF1 Mediates Both Abscisic Acid-suppressed and Abscisic Acid-induced Gene Expression in Wheat Grains
Thursday - No. 23 Seth Johnson ('10) and Frances Still ('10), Biology
Regulation of D-Pax2 by Proneural Genes
Thursday - No. 24 Francis Gassert ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Atlantic Salmon Habitat and Dams in Maine
Thursday - No. 25 Meghan Cornwall ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Range of Endangered Turtle Species in Maine
Thursday - No. 26 Aurore Anastassiadis ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Farm Size and Lymphoma Cancer in Maine.
Thursday - No. 27 Li Chan ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Alpine Ski Areas of Maine
Thursday - No. 28 Gordon Padelford ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: State Senate Environmental Performance
Thursday - No. 29 Hannah Lafleur ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine:Medically Underserved Areas and Populations in Maine
Thursday - No. 30 Kimberly Bittler ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Wetlands, Conservation Lands and Population of Maine
Thursday - No. 31 Emma Balazs ('09), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Biophysical Regions of Maine
Thursday - No. 32 Katherine Orrick ('10), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Rabies in Maine: 1998-2008
Thursday - No. 33 Andrew McEvoy ('09), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine:Cell Phone Tower Location and Size in Maine
Thursday - No. 34 Brian Lynch ('09), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Hurricane Surge Inundation and Critical Resources in Maine
Thursday - No. 35 Jordan Schoonover ('10), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Sources of Drinking Water and Agricultural Chemical Use in Maine
Thursday - No. 36 Jennifer Helm ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Fire Incidences, Water Bodies, and Population in Maine
Thursday - No. 37 James Beltran ('09), Geology
Geochemical Analysis of Mill Creek Sediments, Bermuda
Thursday - No. 38 Caroline Hunt ('09), Geology
Testing the Transpression Hypothesis Using Qualitative Porphyroclast Analyses: An Example from the Southern Mylonite Zone of the Cheyenne Belt Shear-zone System, Wyoming
Thursday - No. 39 Stephanie Grocke ('09), Geology
A Textural and Mineralogical Analysis of Selected Enclaves within the Waldoboro Pluton, Friendship, Maine
Thursday - No. 40 Geoffrey Malick ('09), Geology
Contributions to the Understanding of Glacial Lake Bigelow Between Eustis and Coburn Gore, Northwestern Maine
Sociology Poster Sessions - Hurd Room, Roberts
1:00 to 2:00 pm
Thursday - No. 41 Rebecca Lipson ('09) and Carley Millian ('09), Sociology
More Shelter with Less Money: Fundraising for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter
Thursday - No. 42 Margaret Lancaster ('09), Carolyn Thomas ('10), Jessica Palffy ('09), Nicholas Rosen-Wachs ('09) and Rachel Watson ('09), Sociology
Cents and Sustainability: Building a Maine Community Market from the Ground Up
Thursday - No. 43 Caroline Hunt ('09) and Hopestill Kraft ('11), Sociology
LUMINA: Enlightened Advertising for the Maine Film Center
Thursday - No. 44 Laura Bisbee ('09) and Guy Sack ('09), Sociology
Fun For All Ages: Kicking Off the Alfond Center's New 50+ Clubhouse
Thursday - No. 45 Kirsten Duda ('09), John Campbell ('09) and Stephanie Kramer ('10), Sociology
Brushing Up on Fundraising: Maine’s Kennebec Valley Dental Coalition
Poster Sessions - Robbins Room, Roberts
Friday - No. 1 Jordana Flick ('11), Anthropology
Michelle Obama's Interaction with the African Diaspora in the 2008 Presidential Election
Friday - No. 2 Zachary Zalinger ('09), Adam SanMiguel ('10) and Elizabeth Disney ('10), Biology
The Effect of Chloramphenicol on the Conjugation Rate of Aeromonas salmonicida subspecies salmonicida
Friday - No. 3 David Brazel ('12), Biology
Transfer of a Multi-Drug Resistance Mediating Megaplasmid to Vibrio cholerae
Friday - No. 4 Catarina Ruksznis ('10), Biology
Circadian Fluctuation of Clock Gene Expression in the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Kidney
Friday - No. 5 Olena Marchenko ('10), Biology
Comparative Analysis of Broad-Host-Range Multi-Drug Resistance IncA/C Plasmids
Friday - No. 6 Brian Huntington ('09), Biology
Toxicity of Plastic Lures
Friday - No. 7 Cara Whalen ('09), Biology
The Veterinary Care of Retired Racing Greyhounds: The Medical Aspects of the Transition between the Racetrack and the Adoption Home
Friday - No. 8 Jennifer Dahnke ('10), Joseph Meyer ('09), Katherine Nelson ('09), Nathan Hill ('09), Roja Nunna ('11), Shehan Don Talagala ('09) and Tatenda Mahlokozera ('09), Physics and Astronomy
Doppler-Free Diode Laser Spectroscopy of the Balmer-Alpha Transition in Atomic Hydrogen
Friday - No. 9 Christopher Buros ('09), Christopher Lapointe ('09) and V. Praggastis ('10), Chemistry
Disruption of the Thioredoxin System by the Anticancer Prodrug Laromustine
Friday - No. 10 Abbie Frederick ('09) and Kristina Langenborg ('09), Chemistry
The Consequences of Carbamoylating Activity from Anticancer Sulfonylhydrazines on the Enzymes of DNA Base Excision Repair
Friday - No. 11 Brian DiMento ('10), Chemistry
Method for the Photochemical Production of Superoxide Radicals in Water-Ethanol Solutions
Friday - No. 12 Michael Ambrogi ('09), Lauren Bizzari ('09) and Samuel Brakeley ('10), Environmental Studies
The Effect of Climate Change on Arctic Landscapes
Friday - No. 13 Rachel Baron ('11), Brooke Wanlass ('11) and Bryan Brown ('09), Environmental Studies
Friday - No. 14 Emma Balazs ('09), Erin Maurer ('11), Seth Chanin ('09) and Stephen Erario ('10), Environmental Studies
Orangutans, Palm Oil, and Forest Destruction in Indonesia
Friday - No. 15 Jordan Schoonover ('10), Jessica Balukas ('10) and Margaret Schroth ('09), Environmental Studies
How Eco-Friendly are Wind Farms?
Friday - No. 16 Lauren Corke ('10), Amanda Lindsay ('10) and Sean Prockter ('09), Environmental Studies
An Assessment of Mangrove Degradation and Conservation Efforts
Friday - No. 17 Katherine Orrick ('10), Hannah Lafleur ('11) and Kersten Vasey ('10), Environmental Studies
Consumption of Endangered Animal Parts as Food and Medicine
Friday - No. 18 Ian McCullough ('10), Environmental Studies
Land Use Patterns in the Belgrade Lakes
Friday - No. 19 Sarah Stevens ('09), Environmental Studies
Greening the Colby Libraries
Friday - No. 20 Megan Saunders ('09), Environmental Studies
The Impacts of Golf Courses on Stream Water pH and Dissolved Oxygen in the Upper Piedmont, Greenville, SC
Friday - No. 21 Michael Ambrogi ('09), Environmental Studies
Maine: Cropland and Aquifers
Friday - No. 22 Kimberly Bittler ('11) and Michael Ambrogi ('09), Environmental Studies
Effectiveness of Conservation Lands in the State of Maine Protecting the Habitats of Federally and State Listed Animals
Friday - No. 23 Aurore Anastassiadis ('11) and Li Chan ('11), Environmental Studies
Human Tiger Conflict in Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia
Friday - No. 24 Emma Balazs ('09) and Jennifer Helm ('11), Environmental Studies
Wind Turbine Visibility on Colby Campus
Friday - No. 25 Andrew McEvoy ('09), Environmental Studies
Spring Migration Routes of Birds Returning to Maine
Friday - No. 26 Francis Gassert ('11) and Meghan Cornwall ('11), Environmental Studies
Outdoor Lighting on Colby College Campus
Friday - No. 27 Jordan Schoonover ('10) and Hannah Lafleur ('11), Environmental Studies
Wind Power in Maine: Balancing Conservation and Energy Production
Friday - No. 28 Katherine Orrick ('10) and Brian Lynch ('09), Environmental Studies
Spread of Variable Leaf Milfoil in Maine
Friday - No. 29 Jacob Schwarz ('09), Geology
Reconnaissance Fabric Analyses of the Northern Mylonite Zone, Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming
Friday - No. 30 Amanda Smith ('09), Geology
The Influence of Anthropogenic Factors on Trace Metal Content in Bermuda Pond Sediments

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