COLBY COLLEGE Research SymposiumStudent Research Opportunities
 2010 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2010
April 28 - April 30, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address
April 28, 7:30 pm Ostrove Auditorium

Poster Sessions - Robins Room, Roberts

PLEASE NOTE - Posters will be set up before 12 noon on the day assigned and taken down between 5 and 6 PM on the same day. They wil l be on display for one day only. Posters will be attended by the authors from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday - No. 1 Frances Still ('10), Biology
Potential Regulatory Effects of D-Pax2 on Eye and Bristle Development
Wednesday - No. 2 Emma Anastos-Wallen ('11) and Aimee Sheppard ('10), Psychology
Accuracy of Preschoolers’ Memory: The Effect of Incentives and Response Type on Short Term Memory
Wednesday - No. 3 Martha-Gail Biddiscombe ('10) and Laura Schaefer ('10), Psychology
The Effect of Western and Eastern Cultures on Memory Retrieval Perspective
Wednesday - No. 4 Loretta Biss ('10) and Terri Bello ('10), Psychology
Evaluating Racial Attitudes: Dialogue, Understanding, and Social Activism
Wednesday - No. 5 Loretta Biss ('10), Psychology
Dynamic Touch: Examining the Role of Wielding in Perceiving Static Moment of Unseen Objects
Wednesday - No. 6 Jessica Blais ('12), Devin O'Brien ('12), Kira Novak ('12) and Taylor Horan ('12), Psychology
The Effects of Narcissism and Attractiveness on Partner Selection through Facebook Profiles
Wednesday - No. 7 Sharonda Bradley ('10), Psychology
Melatonin MT2 Receptor Activity in the Fiddler Crab Eyestalk and Rat Hippocampus
Wednesday - No. 8 Andrew Bragg ('11), Annalyse Tamashiro ('12), Arielle Saporta ('12) and Morganne Kraines ('11), Psychology
Modulating Effects of Arousal and Thought Speed on Cognitive Performance
Wednesday - No. 9 Dana Breakstone ('10), Psychology
Exploring the role of dynamic touch in the control of movement
Wednesday - No. 10 Julia Bruss and Nicole Raheja ('10), Psychology
The Effects of Visual Aid and Realistic Versus Unrealistic Imagining Contexts on Preschoolers’ Memory Recall
Wednesday - No. 11 Sara Cameron ('10), Duy Lyford ('10) and Jennifer Corriveau ('10), Psychology
The Expression of the Protein Marker for New Neurons, Doublecortin, as a Function of Adolescent Choline Availability and Chronic Adult Stress in Female Rats
Wednesday - No. 12 Gillian Conly, Amy Dunlap and Michael Schwartz ('10), Psychology
Effects of Social Influencer’s Status on Suggestibility in Preschoolers
Wednesday - No. 13 Jennifer Corriveau ('10), Psychology
Preventing Severe Psychosis: Anti-Schizophrenic Properties of Supplemental Choline
Wednesday - No. 14 Sarah Falkof ('12), Claire Grady ('12), Elizabeth Davis ('12) and Elizabeth Raney ('12), Psychology
Perception of Personality Based on the Use of Faces and Voices
Wednesday - No. 15 Brendan Gallagher ('12), Hao Yang ('12), Nicole Pickering ('12) and T. Randall ('12), Psychology
Bidirectional Judgements of Weight and Importance
Wednesday - No. 16 Jenifer Goldman ('12), Katherine Gorman ('12), Kristen Erickson ('12) and Megan Compaine ('12), Psychology
The Bidirectionality of the Association between Weight and Importance
Wednesday - No. 17 Elisabeth Grasser ('11), Hilana Bernheimer ('10) and Jessica Newman ('11), Psychology
Narcissism in Declared Majors and Intended Career Goals
Wednesday - No. 18 Lisa Ha ('12), Kim Klatzkin ('12), Michelle Mathai ('12) and Reesa Kashuk ('12), Psychology
Does Size Matter?: The Effects of Font and Paper Size on Perceived Importance
Wednesday - No. 19 James Hubbard ('12), John Gardner ('12), Nicholas Iodice ('12) and Yuki Yoshida ('12), Psychology
The Effects of Priming on Embodied Cognition
Wednesday - No. 20 Brittany Hughes ('12), Derek Wise ('12), Meryl Poulin ('11) and Stephanie Scarpato ('11), Psychology
The Effects of Regulatory Focus on Weight Estimates
Wednesday - No. 21 Amanda Ivey ('10) and Sara Field ('11), Psychology
The Influence of Skilled Knowledge and Need for Cognition on False Memory
Wednesday - No. 22 Stephanie-Ann LaRose ('12) and Ryan Trafton ('12), Psychology
Effects of Importance on Weight Judgments
Wednesday - No. 23 Christiana Lumbert ('10), Benjamin Gross ('10) and Stephanie Scarpato ('11), Psychology
Self Efficacy, the Big Five, and Performance
Wednesday - No. 24 Devon McIntyre ('10), Psychology
Congruency and Survival: The Mnemonic Advantage After Priming Survival Processing Depends on What Was Studied
Wednesday - No. 25 Thomas Meehan ('12), Meghan Kelly ('12), Melissa Krause ('12) and Robyn St. Laurent ('12), Psychology
Effects of Obesity and Cognitive Load on Personality and Attractiveness
Wednesday - No. 26 E. Merrell ('10), Psychology
The Effects of Changing Stimulus Format and Time Presssure on False Recognition
Wednesday - No. 27 Arielle Saporta ('12), Psychology
Exploring the Efficacy of Prenatal Choline Supplementation as an Antidepressant in Adult Female Rats.
Wednesday - No. 28 Robyn St. Laurent ('12), Psychology
Effect of Auditory Stimulation on Step Frequency in Distance Runners
Wednesday - No. 29 Catherine Stewart ('11), Hali Castleman ('11) and Nicholas Lehman-White ('10), Psychology
The Effects of Incentive and Motivation on Recall in Preschool Age Children
Wednesday - No. 30 C. Thomas ('10) and Alexander Fenstermacher ('10), Psychology
The Relationship Between Adult Attachment Style and the Future Plans of College Seniors
Wednesday - No. 31 Kelsey Tyler ('12) and Evan O'Neill ('12), Psychology
Does Time Fly When You're Having Fun?
Wednesday - No. 32 Kaitlyn Billington ('11) and Jeoffrey Jarnot ('10), Psychology
The Effect of Muscle Fatigue On The Perception Of The Holdability of Unseen Objects
Wednesday - No. 33 Stephanie Berger ('11), Psychology
The Capacity of the Human Perceptual System to Isolate Inertia
Wednesday - No. 34 Duy Lyford ('10) and Jennifer Corriveau ('10), Psychology
Exploring the Impact of Chronic Mild and Unpredictable Stress on Behavior and Neuron Morphology in Neophobic and Neophilic Rats
Thursday - No. 1 David Brazel ('12), Daniel Echt ('11) and Steven Armbrust ('10), Biology
The Maintenance and Cycling of Plasmid-Mediated Multi-Drug Resistance in a Simulated Aquaculture Environment
Thursday - No. 2 G. Danner, Anna Zieba ('11), Chelsea Stillman ('10), Joseph Seggio, Katherine Muto ('11) and Syed Ahmad, Biology
Characterization and Development of a Carvone-based Fish Anesthetic: Comparing the Effect of Fish-eezzz and Tricaine-S on Induction, Recovery, and ECG pattern in Juvenile Landlocked Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar.
Thursday - No. 3 Andrew Hardigan ('10) and Elaura Patton ('11), Biology
Conjugative Transfer of Multidrug Resistance Mediating Megaplasmid from Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida to Vibrio cholerae
Thursday - No. 4 Lauren Harris ('10), Benjamin Keyser ('10), Jennifer Sim ('11) and Sarah Martinez ('11), Biology
Characterization of the Transcription Factor TaABF1 in Abscisic Acid and Gibberellin Signaling
Thursday - No. 5 Julianne Kowalski ('11) and John Brainard ('10), Biology
Attachment Mechanisms of Vibrio cholerae and Related Species
Thursday - No. 6 Chelsea Nahill ('10), Adam SanMiguel ('10) and Elizabeth Disney ('10), Biology
Characterization of the Aeromonas salmonicida Inc A/C Conjugative Plasmid: Commensals from the GI Tract of Salmonids Serving as a Reservoir for Antibiotic Resistance
Thursday - No. 7 Joseph Bellairs ('11), Chemistry
Gene Regulation in Response to Laromustine as Determined by Real-Time qRT-PCR
Thursday - No. 8 Kwadwo Opoku-Nsiah ('11), Chemistry
Determining the Synthesis and Functionality of N-Isobutyl-3,6-Dihydroxycarbazole Derived Calixarenes
Thursday - No. 9 Adam Paine ('10), Bridget Reichelderfer ('10), Jared Tepper ('10) and Lindsay Dale ('12), Chemistry
Cell Death Mechanisms Associated with the Carbamoylating Activity of the Anticancer Prodrug Laromustine
Thursday - No. 10 Sarah Harmon ('12), Allyson Cheever ('11) and Leah Perlmutter ('12), Computer Science
Comparison of Drosophila Circadian Clock Models Through Oscillator-specific Phase Sensitivity Analysis
Thursday - No. 11 Brian Leighton ('10) and John Clauson ('10), Computer Science
Colby Bazaar: Classifieds for Colby College
Thursday - No. 12 Adrienne Bowles ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Land Use in the Belgrade Lakes Region
Thursday - No. 13 Blair Braverman ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Habitats of Interest in the Belgrade Lakes Region
Thursday - No. 14 Megan Browning ('10), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: School Enrollment and School Districts in the Belgrade Lakes Region
Thursday - No. 15 Matthew Cheever ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Public Services for the Belgrade Lakes Area
Thursday - No. 16 Wyatt Fereday ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Belgrade Lakes Bedrock Geology
Thursday - No. 17 Sarah Hart ('10), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Conservation Land in the Belgrade Lakes Region
Thursday - No. 18 Daniel Homeier ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Lake Surface Elevation and Impoundments
Thursday - No. 19 Alexander Hsiao ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Transportation in the Belgrade Lakes Region
Thursday - No. 20 Cassandra Knight ('10), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Belgrade Lakes Trails and Recreation
Thursday - No. 21 Anders Nordblom ('10), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Housing Units Distribution Between Vegetated and Developed Areas
Thursday - No. 22 Rachael Panning ('10), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Total Number of Housing Units and Rented Units in the Belgrade Lakes Region
Thursday - No. 23 Yiyuan Qin ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Belgrade Lakes Region Land Use
Thursday - No. 24 Michelle Russell ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Biotic Land Cover in the Belgrade Lake Region
Thursday - No. 25 Taylor Tully ('10), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine:Wetland Areas of Belgrade Lake Region
Thursday - No. 26 Angela Warner ('11), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Water Resources in the Belgrade Lakes Region of Maine
Thursday - No. 27 Hong-Phuc Le ('11), International Studies
Bridging the Cultural Gap When Doing Business in Vietnam
Thursday - No. 28 Alexandra Merriweather ('12) and Hadrien Vasdeboncoeur ('12), Mathematics
Trends in Alcohol Consumption at Colby
Thursday - No. 29 Gopal Subedi ('10), Physics and Astronomy
Oscillating Chemical Reactions and Waves
Thursday - No. 30 Amy Weston ('10), Physics and Astronomy
False Color Imaging of Nearby Spiral Galaxies with Colby's Collins Observatory
Friday - No. 1 Amy Beich ('10), Biology
Analysis of Song Patterns for a Red-eyed Vireo (Vireo olivaceus)
Friday - No. 2 Kristina Blazanovic ('12), Biology
The Effect of the Presence of Inc A/C Plasmid on the Rate of Growth of V. cholerae and Citrobacter Transconjugants
Friday - No. 3 Anne Chang ('11), Biology
Exploring Diversity and Function of Epibiotic Bacteria in Three Species of Frogs in Maine
Friday - No. 4 Yanica Faustin ('10), Biology
Ethical Issues in Genetic Counseling
Friday - No. 5 Hana Haver ('11), Biology
Allergic Response to Aspergillus fumigatus Evaluated in RAG-deficient Mice With Transferred ΔF508-/- Cystic Fibrosis Splenocytes
Friday - No. 6 Olena Marchenko ('10), Biology
Comparative Genomics of Mer Operons and I Class Integrons in Multi Drug and Metal Resistance Low-Copy IncA/C, IncA/C2, IncL/M and IncU Plasmids.
Friday - No. 7 Matthew Strickland ('10) and Corey Martin ('10), Biology
Zebrafish Leukocyte Respiratory Burst Responses to Live Bacteria
Friday - No. 8 Vanesa Silvestri ('12), Bethany Bartley ('10), Christopher Ng and David Hirsch ('10), Chemistry
Mechanisms of Cytotoxicity of Diepoxybutane, Epichlorohydrin, and (1-chloroethenyl) Oxirane
Friday - No. 9 Brittany Tschaen ('11), Chemistry
One-Pot Synthesis of Azacalixarenes and Mixed Heterobridged Calixarenes by Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution Reactions
Friday - No. 10 Mengfei Zhang ('11), Chemistry
The Effects of A 2-Position Nitrile Group on Oxacalix[4,6]arene Formation in [3+3] Fragment Coupling
Friday - No. 11 David Brazel ('12), Computer Science
Rhythmicity and Sensitivity of the Mammalian Circadian Clock
Friday - No. 12 Andrew Cox ('11) and Hannah Coulson ('10), Computer Science
A Parameter-based Investigation of Oscillatory Behavior in a Model for the Mammalian Circadian Clock
Friday - No. 13 Christopher Murdock ('10), Daniel Nolan ('10) and David Quigley ('12), Computer Science
Bread Mold Can Tell Time: A Computational Analysis of Mold Circadian Clocks
Friday - No. 14 Qianwen Xu ('12), Economics
Behavioral Responses to New Dam Construction in Rural China
Friday - No. 15 Cynia Barnwell ('11), Sylvia Doyle ('12) and William Bloomhardt ('12), Environmental Studies
The Dark Side of Ecotourism: Negative Impacts of Ecotourism on Central America
Friday - No. 16 Blair Braverman ('11) and Michelle Russell ('11), Environmental Studies
Distribution of Toxic Sites in Alaska in Relation to Human Populations
Friday - No. 17 Matthew Cheever ('12) and Alexander Hsiao ('11), Environmental Studies
Population Growth in the Belgrade Lakes Region
Friday - No. 18 Wyatt Fereday ('11) and Cassandra Knight ('10), Environmental Studies
HIking Trails in Kennebec County, Maine
Friday - No. 19 Emma Gildesgame ('10), Amy Holmen ('10) and Katherine Orrick ('10), Environmental Studies
Impacts of Land Use Changes on Water Quality in Salmon Lake and McGrath Pond
Friday - No. 20 Sarah Hart ('10), Environmental Studies
Face the MakeUp: A Website on Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics
Friday - No. 21 Daniel Homeier ('12), David Jensen ('12) and Katherine Murray ('12), Environmental Studies
Genetically Modified Organisms and Conservation
Friday - No. 22 Daniel Homeier ('12), Environmental Studies
Kennebec County Road Bicycle Commuting Compatibility
Friday - No. 23 Sara Mason ('12), Alexander Hsiao ('11) and Katherine Todd ('10), Environmental Studies
What Role Does Captive Breeding Play in Maintaining or Reestablishing Wildlife Populations?
Friday - No. 24 Ian McCullough ('10), Jessica Balukas ('10), Jordan Schoonover ('10) and Michael Bienkowski ('10), Environmental Studies
Nutrient Loads and the Presence of an Invasive Species Threaten Salmon Lake and McGrath Pond, Kennebec County, Maine
Friday - No. 25 Anders Nordblom ('10), Environmental Studies
Projected Whitewater Classifications on Maine’s Rivers
Friday - No. 26 Rachael Panning ('10) and Sarah Hart ('10), Environmental Studies
Commuter Travel Times from Belgrade Lakes Region to Waterville and Augusta
Friday - No. 27 Yiyuan Qin ('12), Environmental Studies
Prey Habitat Suitability Assessment Using a Geographical Information System
Friday - No. 28 Michelle Russell ('11) and Elizabeth Schneider ('12), Environmental Studies
The Effect of Free-Range Grazing on Grassland Biodiversity
Friday - No. 29 Autumn Smith ('12) and Brianna Lind ('12), Environmental Studies
Can the Re-introduction of Species be a Successful Conservation Strategy?
Friday - No. 30 Peter Smithy ('12) and Katharine O'Reilly ('12), Environmental Studies
Crumbling the Cornerstone: Habitat Fragmentation and Keystone Species
Friday - No. 31 Taylor Tully ('10) and Megan Browning ('10), Environmental Studies
Suitability of Land for Agriculture in Tanzania
Friday - No. 32 Angela Warner ('11) and Adrienne Bowles ('12), Environmental Studies
Impact of Dam Removal on the Belgrade Lakes Watershed in Maine
Friday - No. 33 Daniel Opalacz ('10), Geology
Erosional Study of the Morse Tidal Inlet at Popham Beach, Maine
Friday - No. 34 Kelsey Jones ('10), Music
Schenkerian Analysis of Clara Schumann's 'Er ist gekommen in Sturm und Regen'
Friday - No. 35 James Rockafellow ('10), Music
Mozart's Non Piu Andrai - Defying Form
Friday - No. 36 Devon Rook ('10), Music
Schenkerian Analysis of Brahms's Waltz Op. 39 No. 11
Friday - No. 37 Zachary Rich ('10), Science, Technology, and Society
The Asthma Puzzle: A Comparison of Factors Contributing to Asthma in the US and China

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