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 2010 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2010
April 28 - April 30, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address
April 28, 7:30 pm Ostrove Auditorium

Research Presentations
Thursday, April 29  
Symposium on Cancer
Olin 234
Session Chair: Paul Greenwood
1:00 PM  
  Katie Littleton ('11)
  Ovarian Cancer: Classification, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Ovarian Epithelial Carcinomas
  Molly McKenna ('10)
  Hodgkins vs. non-Hodgkins Lymphoma: A Threat to the Younger Generation
  Hillary Rockey ('11)
  Diagnosis and Management of Colorectal Cancer
  CeeJay Frederick ('10)
  Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Using CD38 to Determine Susceptibility and Course of Disease in Patients with CLL
  Anne Chang ('10)
  Osteosarcoma: Sticks and Stones May Break your Bones, but Cancer will Really Break Them
  Jack Brainard ('10)
  The Transition to Malignancy: the Case of Melanoma
Modernities, Mobilities, Citizenships
Diamond 323
Session Chair: Mary Beth Mills
1:00 - 3:30 PM  
  Jen Shriber ('10)
  Desert Meets Digital: Negotiating Global Identities through Raļ Music
  Hanna Noel ('10)
  Volunteerism in the United States: Identities and Citizenship in the Making
  Emily Pavelle ('10)
  The Refugees of Hurricane Katrina: Secondary Citizenship, Displacement and the Restructuring of New Orleans
  Elizabeth Millikin ('10)
  Wolves in Virtual Clothing: Exploring Identity through Online Role-playing Communities
  Nicole Mitchell ('10)
  Discourses of Modernity and Nostalgia in Maine Coastal Towns
  Delia Langan ('10)
  Tourism and Native American Citizenship
  Carly Rapaport ('10)
  Tabloid Mania: America's Obsession with Celebrity Lives and Gossip
General Session
Smith Room, Roberts
Session Chair: Michael Donihue
12:15 - 4:00 PM  
12:15 pm Jacob Roundtree ('10), Philosophy
  A Nietzschean Case for Tax Evasion
12:45 pm Jacob Roundtree ('10), Philosophy
  'The General Will's Cold Fury: Hegel's Critique of Rousseau and the French Revolution'
1:00 pm James Bowe ('11), East-Asian Studies
  Women in Japanese Literature: How Women Escaped their Marginal Roles in Ooba Minako's Short Stories
1:15 pm Laure-Helene Caseau ('10), East-Asian Studies
  The Myth of Tsugumi: Death and Absurdism in Yoshimoto's Goodbye Tsugumi
1:30 pm Rinchen Olthang ('10), Economics
  A Market for Magritte : Investing in the Surreal
2:00 pm Amy Weston ('10), Sociology
  The Western Abenaki Experience and the Racial-Ethnic Closet
2:15 pm Leigh Bullion ('10), English
  Shakespeare and Homoeroticism
2:45 pm Kelly Sullivan ('10), Mathematics
  Perceived Motion and Modeling of Eye Movements during Human Centrifugation
3:00 pm Justin De Santis ('13), Mathematics
  Visual Taylor Series and a Generalized Alternating Series Test
3:30 pm Saralin Davis ('10), Mathematics
  Mismatch Between Human Perception and Eye Reflexes During Off-Vertical Axis Rotation
American Paintings in the Colby Museum
Hurd Room, Roberts
Session Chair: Julie Levin Caro
1:00 - 2:15 PM  
1:00 pm Sandra Johnson ('12)
  The Denial of Convention in the Sophisticated Portrayal of a Young Girl: John Singleton Copley's Little Girl with Grapes, 1765-70
1:20 pm Samantha Richens ('11)
  Milton William Hopkins’s Martha Ellen Connell: The Significance of Non-Academic Portrait Painting in Jacksonian America
1:40 pm Gordon Lessersohn ('12)
  John Frederick Kensett's Seacoast View: In Harmony with Emerson's Nature
History Senior Thesis Presentations
Whitney Room, Roberts
Session Chair: Paul Josephson
1:00 - 4:00 PM  
1:00 pm Aimee Kidder ('10)
  A Disappearing Boundary?: The Changing Distinction between Combatants and Civilians from the First World War to the Present Day.
1:30 pm Courtney Cronin ('10)
  Domestic Drama, International Crises: Tsarina Alexandra, Nicholas II and the End of the Romanov Dynasty
2:00 pm Alison Berryman ('10)
  Soviet Education: Communism in the Classroom
2:30 pm Steven Tatko ('10)
  The Budworm and the Mill: The Spruce Budworm Epidemic and the Evolving Forest Products Industry in Maine from 1975-1985
3:00 pm Daniel Franklin ('10)
  The Legacy of the American Civil War in the Lives of Women: A Comparative Study of the Northern and Southern Experiences through Reconstruction
3:30 pm Catherine Vieth ('10)
  'Bad Copyists': Photography in the Early Soviet Union
Schenkerian Analysis
Bixler 226
Session Chair: Steve Saunders
2:30 - 4:00 PM  
2:30 pm Qainat Khan ('11), Music
  Uniting Neo-Riemannian Theory and Schenkerian Analysis in Liszt's 'Sonetto 104 del Petrarca'
3:00 pm Kathleen Fallon ('10), Music
  Auxiliary Cadences and Voice-Leading Structure in Robert Schumann's 'Aufschwung'
3:30 pm Emily Wolf ('10), Music
  Chopin: Idiot or Genius?
Food and Religious Identity (II)
Hurd Room, Roberts
Session Chair: David Freidenreich
2:30 - 4:30 PM  
2:30 pm Emma Gildesgame ('10), Religious Studies
  Kosher Ethics: American Jewish Responses to the AgriProcessors Scandal
2:50 pm Silas Rioux ('10), Religious Studies
  Religious Responses to Genetically Modified Organisms
3:10 pm Spencer Kasko ('12), Religious Studies
  'The Real Meat and Potatoes': Food and Morality in Woody Allen's Serious Films
3:30 pm Jena Hershkowitz ('12), Religious Studies
  Novelty and Neglect: Italian Americans, Food and Catholicism
3:50 pm Amanda Forrester ('11), Religious Studies
  Public Portrayal Versus Internal Practice: the Seventh-day Adventist Food Movement
On With The Story: Fiction, Memoir, and Screenplay - II
Smith Room, Roberts
Session Chair: Jennifer Boylan
4:00 - 6:00 PM  
4:00 pm Julia Essenburg ('11), English
  Historical Novel
4:15 pm Christine Friar ('10), English
  Missed Connections: A Craigslist Fiction Project
4:30 pm Dana Himmelstein ('10), English
  Right on Poole
4:45 pm Caitlin Murphy ('10), English
5:00 pm Zacharia Hussain ('10), English
  Garbage Man
5:15 pm Brittany Soderholm ('10), English
  The God of You and Me
5:30 pm Samuel Brakeley ('10), English
  Paddling the Northern Forest Canoe Trail
Exploring American Cultures: Our Journeys of Discovery
Diamond 145
Session Chair: Cheryl Townsend Gilkes
4:00-6:00 PM  
4:00 pm Shylock Baloyi ('10), Emiliano Hergenreder ('11), M. Masood ('13), Mesay Melese ('10), Nirakar Poudel ('12) and Thando Dlamini ('13), African-American Studies
  A Pakistani's Investigation on Cultural Preservation - Case Study: Gullah Culture in South Carolina
4:30 pm Carl Richards ('11), African-American Studies
  Color Lines, Shading Hughes of Class
Goldfarb Center Studies
Whitney Room, Roberts
Session Chair: Sandy Maisel
4:15 - 5:15 PM  
4:15 pm Isaac Opper ('10), Economics
  FOMC Committee Members on Monetary Policy
4:30 pm C. Lee ('11), Economics
  Cyclicality of Taxation: International Evidence
5:00 pm Foster Huntington ('10) and Daniel Opalacz ('10), Science, Technology, and Society
  UAV Aerial GIS Data Acquisition
Religious Studies Senior Projects
Lovejoy 213
Session Chair: Carleen Mandolfo
4:00 - 7:30 PM  
4:00 pm Alexander Bassett ('10)
  One Wife Too Many: An Examination of the Theological Differences Between Mainstream and Fundamentalist Mormonism
4:30 pm Alexander Teixeira ('10)
  Inerrancy in the Bible: W. A. Criswell on the book of Daniel
5:00 pm Karthik Sonty ('10)
  Emerson's American Hinduism
5:30 pm Dana Yerigan ('10)
  The Clash of Christianity and Traditional Spirituality in Africa: Irreconcilable differences?
6:00 pm Amanda Burgess ('10)
  American Catholic in the Age of Obama: Identity, Politics, Dialogue
6:30 pm Rebecca Muller ('10)
  Jewish Wives in Small Town America: Examining the Experiences of Waterville's Jewish Women in the Post War Years 1945-1960
7:00 pm Naamah Azoulay ('10)
  'The Judenrat: The Ethical and Moral Implications of Their Actions During the Holocaust'
NSF EPSCoR Belgrade Regional History Posters
Parker Reed, SSW
Session Chair: Jim Fleming
4:00 - 4:30 PM  
  Erin Schnettler ('11)
  Geology, Geography, and Change Over Time
  Danielle Sheppard ('11)
  A Case Study of Two Historic Camps on Great Pond
  James Westhafer ('10)
  A History of Artistic Expression in the Belgrades
UAV Demonstration Flight
Colby Green
Session Chair: Jim Fleming
4:30 - 5:00 PM  
  Foster Huntington ('10) and Dan Opalacz ('10)
STS Senior Poster Presentations
Parker Reed, SSW
Session Chair: Jim Fleming
5:00 - 6:00 PM  
  Zach Rich ('10)
  The Cost of Breathing: Air Pollution in Modern China
  James Westhafer ('10)
  The Maturation of the Armed Sky: A Comparison of the Progression and Development of American and German Aerial Warfare Technologies, 1914-1945
  Nick Bromley ('10)
  A Politically Charged Science Fiction Story
  Alice Evans ('10)
  Examining Alternative Medicines and Therapies: The NIH and China
  Dan Opalacz ('10) and Foster Huntington ('10)
  UAV Aerial GIS Data Acquisition and Colby Systems Integration

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