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 2010 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2010
April 28 - April 30, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address
April 28, 7:30 pm Ostrove Auditorium

Research Presentations
Wednesday, April 28  
General Session
Smith Room, Roberts
Session Chair: Adam Howard
9:00 - 11:30 AM  
9:00 am Terri Bello ('10), Education and Human Development
  Enhancing Attributional Retraining with a Multiple Intelligence Approach
9:30 am Sarajane Blair ('10), Education and Human Development
  The Unmarked Intersectionality of Gender and Ethnic Prejudices: An Examination of the Difficulties of Post-Conflict Curricular Reform in the Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina
10:00 am Allyson Cheever ('11), Leah Perlmutter ('12) and Sarah Harmon ('12), Computer Science
  Comparison of Drosophila Circadian Clock Models Through Oscillator-specific Phase Sensitivity Analysis
10:30 am John Moriarty ('10), Physics and Astronomy
  The Cluster Environment of High Mass Protostars
11:00 am Daniel Reeves ('10), Physics and Astronomy
  Pressure-Driven Flow of a Confined Suspension
Tropical Forests and Sustainable Development
Lovejoy 213
Session Chair: Janette Bulkan
10:00 - 10:50 AM  
  Amanda Lindsay ('10)
  The Relationship Between the Ban on Trade in Ivory and African Elephant Populations
  Emily VanWyk ('11)
  Human/Wildlife Conflict in Agro-ecosystems in Southern Africa
Hazardous Waste and Environmental Justice
Hurd Room
Session Chair: Gail Carlson
1:00 - 2:15 PM  
1:00 pm Blair Braverman ('11)
  Environmental Justice on Saint Lawrence Island, Alaska
1:15 pm Sarah Hart ('10)
  The Abandoned HoltraChemical Plant's Toxic Effects on Orrington, Maine and the Penobscot Nation
1:30 pm Sarah Dallas ('10)
  A Case of Environmental Justice: North River Wastewater Treatment Plant
1:45 pm Katherine Orrick ('10)
  Chevron Refinery and the Environmental Injustice of Richmond, CA
General Session
Smith Room, Roberts
Session Chair: Suzi Cole
1:00 - 3:45 PM  
1:00 pm Edward Benjamin ('11), Aaron Halpine ('13), Daniel Reeves ('10), Jilian Vaughan ('12) and Joshua Kelton ('10), Philosophy
  Somali Bantu Integration in the Greater Waterville Area
1:30 pm Kristen Psaty ('10), Philosophy
  On Perfect Friendship: An Outline and a Guide to Aristotle's Philosophy of Friendship
2:30 pm Elizabeth Kugel ('10), Geology
  A Study of Flow Trends in Lower Perkins Brook, Colby College Campus, Waterville, Maine
2:45 pm Samuel Mathes ('10), Geology
  Interpretation of an Ancient Collisional Plate Tectonic Boundary, Wyoming: Part 2
3:00 pm Wyatt Fereday ('11), Geology
  Interpretation of an Ancient Collisional Plate Tectonic Boundary, Wyoming: Part 1
3:15 pm Andrew McCarthy ('10), Geology
  Using Medical Imaging Software to Assess Deformation in Quartzite
Environmental Studies
Hurd Room, Roberts
Session Chair: Russell Cole
2:30 - 4:30 PM  
2:30 pm Caroline Turnbull ('10)
  The Grameen Bank: Methodology and Perspective
2:45 pm Jordan Schoonover ('10)
  Population Genetics of the Invasive Plant Impatiens glandulifera in Maine
3:00 pm Ian McCullough ('10)
  The Impacts of Land Use and Development Patterns on Water Quality of the Belgrade Lakes
3:30 pm Stephen Erario ('10)
  Helping Maine Communities Understand the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant Program
4:00 pm John Abbett ('10)
  Achieving Carbon Neutrality at Colby College through Carbon Offsets
On With The Story: Fiction, Memoir, and Screenplay
Smith Room, Roberts
Session Chair: Jennifer Boylan
4:00 - 6:00 PM  
4:00 pm Lindsey Anderson ('10), English
4:15 pm Jean Burnet ('10), English
4:30 pm Katrina Gravel ('10), English
  Fast: The Stories of a Team
4:45 pm Eric McDowell ('10), English
  Stopgap: Short Stories
5:00 pm Annelise Wiersema ('10), English
  The Eccentrics
5:15 pm Blair Braverman ('11), English
  Prose Reading
5:30 pm J. Clark ('10), English
  Shep & Saint Adelaide
Food and Religious Identity
Whitney Room, Roberts
Session Chair: David Freidenreich
4:00 - 6:00 PM  
4:00 pm Karthik Sonty ('10), Religious Studies
  Diet and Deification in Ancient Hinduism
4:20 pm George Venturella ('12), Religious Studies
  查刹茶 Ch​ Ch​ Ch​: How Buddhism Made Tea Wonderful
4:40 pm Sierra Medling ('12), Religious Studies
  Kālī and Food Ritual in Hindu Tantra
5:10 pm Amanda Burgess ('10), Religious Studies
  The Story of the Pomegranate in Jewish and Christian Literature, Thought, and Practice
5:30 pm Naamah Azoulay ('10), Religious Studies
  You Don't Have to be Jewish to Eat Bagels
Mathematics Presentations
Mudd 405
4:00-5:00 PM  
4:00 pm Aichatou Fall ('10)
  The Implicit Function Theorem
Keynote Faculty/Student Poster Session
Diamond Atrium
Session Chair: Ed Yeterian/Michael Donihue
6:30 - 7:30 PM  
  Daniel Reeves and Jonathan McCoy
  Pressure-Driven Flow of a Confined Suspension
  Eric Braunstein and Jeff Katz
  Analysis of the Electron Withdrawing Capability of Acetylene Groups for Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution; Formation of Acetylene-substituted Oxacalixarenes
  Devon McIntyre and Jen Coane
  Congruency and Survival: The Mnemonic Advantage After Priming Survival Processing Depends on What Was Studied
  Qianwen Xu
  Behavioral Responses to New Dam Construction in Southwestern China
  Jessica-Ashley Williams, Katherine Littleton and Priscilla Doel
  Rural Health Care Initiative of the Dominican Republic
  Adam Paine and Kevin Rice
  Cell Death Mechanisms Associated with the Carbamoylating Activity of the Anticancer Prodrug Laromustine
  Roberto Delhy Nolivos and Guillermo Vuletin
  Central Bank Independence and Fiscal Dominance
  Jennifer Corriveau and Melissa Glenn
  Preventing Severe Psychosis: Anti-schizophrenic Properties of Adolescent Choline Supplementation in a Rat Model of Schizoprenia
  Ian McCullough and Russell Cole
  Nutrient Loads and the Presence of an Invasive Species Threaten Salmon Lake, Kennebec County, Maine
  Katherine Orrick and David Firmage
  Impacts of Land Use Changes on Water Quality in Salmon Lake and McGrath Pond
  Brian DiMento and Whitney King
  The Chemiluminescent Detection of Superoxide and Hydrogen Peroxide
  Cassandra Knight and Robert Gastaldo
  Late Permian Paleoenvironmental Factors Expounded Through Analysis of a Forest-floor Paleosol Profile, Karoo Basin, South Africa
  Anne Chang and Cathy Bevier
  Exploring Diversity and Function of Epibiotic Bacteria in Three Species of Frogs in Maine
  Brittany Thomas and Frank Fekete
  Characterization of Surface Attachment Factors of Vibrio Related Aquatic Bacteria
  Yiyuan Qin and Philip Nyhus
  South China Tiger Prey Habitat Suitability GIS Assessment in Hupingshan-Houhe National Nature Reserve Complex, China
  Bethany L. Bartley, Christopher Ng, David C. Hirsch, Julie T. Millard and Vanesa L. Silvestri
  Mechanisms of Cytotoxicity of Diepoxybutane, Epichlorohydrin, and (1-chloroethenyl) Oxirane

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