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2012 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2012
April 25 - April 27, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address
April 25, 7:30 pm Ostrove Auditorium

Poster Sessions - Robins Room, Roberts

PLEASE NOTE - Posters will be set up before 12 noon on the day assigned and taken down between 5 and 6 PM on the same day. They will be on display for one day only. Posters will be attended by the authors from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday - No. 1 Julie Levine ('13), Josephine Liang ('14), Lori Ayanian ('14) and Madeline Wadington ('14), Psychology
Effects of Physical Attractiveness on Moral Blame and Memory
Wednesday - No. 2 Mariah Smith ('13), Benjamin Darr ('14), Samantha Slotnick ('14) and Shameeka Murphy ('13), Psychology
The Key to Accelerated Learning?: Exploring the Effect of Thought Speed on Cognitive Performance and Mood
Wednesday - No. 3 Shamika Murray ('14), Ariel Martin ('14), Frances Onyilagha ('14) and Margaret Sargent ('14), Psychology
Effects of Moral Credentials on Ingroup/Outgroup Biases
Wednesday - No. 4 Iris Kim ('14), Kimberly Johnson ('14), Lily Tilton ('14) and Shaquan Huntt ('13), Psychology
Facial Expressions on Morality and Memory: The Differences in the Perception of Gender and Emotion
Wednesday - No. 5 Brianne Wheeler ('14), Aimee Polimeno ('14), Ginger Brooker ('14) and Natalie Tortorella ('14), Psychology
Self-Affirmation and Moral Credentials on the Expression of Racial Prejudice
Wednesday - No. 6 Ines Castro ('14), Benjamin Brassord ('14) and Natasha Ziv ('14), Psychology
Nature and Cognition
Wednesday - No. 7 Devin O'Brien ('12) and Valerie Vesnaver ('13), Psychology
The Effect of Emotion on Curiosity
Wednesday - No. 8 Samuel Helm ('12) and Robyn St. Laurent ('12), Psychology
BDNF Knockout Compromises Addiction Related Reward Pathway Functioning
Wednesday - No. 9 Jenifer Goldman ('12), Cecil Papafio ('14), Katherine MacNamee ('14), Madeline Caplan ('12) and Victoria Falcon ('15), Psychology
Attitudes of College Students on Race/Racism
Wednesday - No. 10 Amanda Carbonneau ('14), Czarina Evangelista ('14), Kara Constine ('13) and Katherine MacNamee ('14), Psychology
Engagement with the Elements: Restorative Effects of Imagery and Various Sensory Aspects of Nature
Wednesday - No. 11 John Gardner ('12) and Sean Padungtin ('13), Psychology
Modulation of Behavioral Outcomes by Choline in Male Rats with Extensive Hippocampal Damage
Wednesday - No. 12 Lisa Hoopes ('13) and Lindsay Hylek ('12), Psychology
The Effect of Emotional States on Social Behavior
Wednesday - No. 13 Adam Drago ('14) and Appalonia Tankersley ('14), Psychology
Moral Credentials and the Licensing of Racist and/or Homophobic Behavior
Wednesday - No. 14 Caroline Southwick ('14), Alexander Baier ('14), Kristina Haney ('13) and Natalie Roher ('14), Psychology
Elucidating the Effects of a Natural Environment and Exercise on Executive Functioning
Wednesday - No. 15 David Kaufman ('14), Ethan Meigs ('13), Ian Leitch ('14) and Rhiannon Archer ('14), Psychology
Face Familiarity Phenomenon
Wednesday - No. 16 Adam LaViolet ('13) and Shadiyat Ajao ('15), Psychology
Go with the Flow: Shared Literal and Figurative Meanings Influence Memory for Idioms
Wednesday - No. 17 Shannon Kooser ('14), Psychology
Testing Through the Ages: A Comparison of Testing and Encoding Strategies on Immediate and Delayed Retention Between Different Age Groups
Wednesday - No. 18 Hillary Keach ('13) and Adam LaViolet ('13), Psychology
The Effect of Feedback Type on the Hypercorrection Phenomenon
Wednesday - No. 19 Chelsea Nickerson ('13) and Kathryn Palano ('12), Psychology
Dietary Choline Supplementation During Adolescence Enhances Adult Hippocampal and Prefrontal Cortical Function in Male Rats
Wednesday - No. 20 Abigail Cooper ('15), Julia Blumenstyk ('14), Mikaela Mintz ('14) and Norah Flynn ('14), Psychology
The Interpersonal Effects of Natural Versus Urban Backgrounds on our Perception of Others
Wednesday - No. 21 Miia-Liisa Termonen ('14), Arthur Warner ('14), Jacqueline Charlton ('14) and Sarah Donegan ('14), Psychology
The Role of Success in the Relationship of Positive Affect and Accelerated Thinking
Wednesday - No. 22 Jacqueline McLaughlin ('13) and Constance Jangro ('13), Psychology
Do Learning Styles Exist? The Effect of Learning Styles versus Matching Modalities on Memory
Wednesday - No. 23 Cale Wardell ('13) and Chelsea Ammons ('13), Psychology
The Metacognition of Marginal Knowledge
Wednesday - No. 24 Shelley Kind ('13), Arvia Sutandi ('13) and Kelsey Tyler ('12), Psychology
The Effects of Emotion on False Memory
Wednesday - No. 25 Constance Jangro ('13), Psychology
Comparing Survival Processing and School Processing: An Analysis of Self-Referencing and Relevance Between Different Survival Scenarios on Recall
Wednesday - No. 26 Josef Broder ('13) and Anna Caron ('13), Psychology
Welcome to the Grasslands: Memory for Inherently Survival Relevant Information
Wednesday - No. 27 Stephanie-Ann LaRose ('12) and Adam LaViolet ('13), Psychology
What? You don't remember me? Surprise modulates the own-age bias in young, but not old adults.
Wednesday - No. 28 Ian Leitch ('14) and Martha Arterberry, Psychology
Is it a Bunting or a Warbler? Eye Movement Analysis in a Memory and Categorization Task
Wednesday - No. 29 Arvia Sutandi ('13), Psychology
Differential Effects of Warnings on Direct and Mediated False Memory in Young and Older Adults
Wednesday - No. 30 Kira Novak ('12) and Lauren Becker ('13), Psychology
BFFs or Frenemies? : The Effect of Conflict Style Self-Reports, Personality Self-Reports, and Personality Similarity on Conflict Resolution Between Friends
Wednesday - No. 31 Angelica D'Aiello ('12), Psychology
Neuroprotection by Postnatal Choline Supplementation in a Rat Model of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Wednesday - No. 32 Reesa Kashuk ('12) and Emily Stuart ('12), Psychology
Validating a Measure of Positive Acceptance in College Students
Wednesday - No. 33 Cynthia Garvin ('12) and Carolin Maney ('12), Psychology
Streamlining PSAs: Effects of Ad Framing and Regulatory Focus on Message Persuasiveness
Wednesday - No. 34 Brittany Hughes ('12), Psychology
The Effects of Racial Stereotypes on Childrens' Actor Judgments
Wednesday - No. 35 Madeline Caplan ('12), Abigail Cooper ('15), Cecil Papafio ('14), Katherine MacNamee ('14), Rebecca Stoutamyer ('15) and Victoria Falcon ('15), Psychology
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Pro-social Intervention Program for Pre-schoolers
Thursday - No. 1 Jessica Moore ('14) and Carter Stevens ('13), German/Russian
Worker_x: Suffering and Subordination
Thursday - No. 2 Jamie Curley ('12) and Kristine Walters ('12), German/Russian
The Objectification of Women in German Literature
Thursday - No. 3 Christine Wamsley ('15) and Audrey Lomax ('13), German/Russian
Woyzeck als Comic
Thursday - No. 4 Katherine MacNamee ('14) and Ben Borchard ('14), German/Russian
Woyzeck_X: Die Doppelte Natur der Gesellschaft der Aufklaerung
Thursday - No. 6 Abigael Cheruiyot ('12), Mathematics
Integration of Multisensory Signals to Create Motion Perception
Thursday - No. 7 Brian Morgan ('13), Geology
Virtual Geologic Field Guide to the Kennebec Highlands, Central Maine
Thursday - No. 8 Karyn King ('12), Biology
Behavioral and Morphological Effects of Phytosterol, Progesterone, and Androstenedione Contaminated Water on Mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis
Thursday - No. 9 Susan Gagliardi, Biology
Interspecific Trends of Increasing North American Bird Populations
Thursday - No. 10 Mark Chaffin ('12), Biology
Small Rodent Population Dynamics and Movement in a Fragmented Landscape
Thursday - No. 11 Madelyn Renzetti ('14), Biology
Making the Mini Mutant: Constructing a Mutation in a Gene Encoding a Selenate Reductase
Thursday - No. 12 Robyn St. Laurent ('12), Biology
Reduction of Histone Deacetylase Activity by Sodium Butyrate Improves Motor Impairment in a Rotenone-Induced Drosophila Model of Parkinsons Disease
Thursday - No. 13 Alex Hymanson ('12), Chemistry
Synthesis of Ortho and Para Bridged Tetraaza[1,4]cyclophanes
Thursday - No. 14 My Tong ('14), Chemistry
Synthesis Optimization and Purification of 'Dicalixarene'
Thursday - No. 15 Emily Kaye ('12), Catherine Gallagher ('12), Emily Sher ('13), Kayla Gross ('13) and Lindsay Dale ('12), Chemistry
Changes in Apoptotic Gene Expression in Human Leukemia Cells Treated with the Anticancer Drug Laromustine
Thursday - No. 16 Lloyd Liang ('13), Chemistry
One-pot Syntheses of Structurally Rigid Ring Compounds
Thursday - No. 17 Michael Verschoor-Kirss ('12), Chemistry
Kinetics of Phosphine Substitution in Cyclopentadienyl Ruthenium (II) Bis-triarylphosphine Chlorides: a Tale of Two Mechanisms?
Thursday - No. 18 Samantha Lessard ('13), Chemistry
Spiropentanes as Sources of Cyclic Allenes
Thursday - No. 19 Katherine Murray ('12) and Josephine Thiele ('12), Chemistry
Dynamic Interactions Between Thermocline Depth and Internal Nutrient Loading in Central Maine Lakes
Thursday - No. 20 Beatrice Nakiryowa ('13), Chemistry
Toward a Stable and Crystalline 1,2-Cyclooctadiene
Thursday - No. 21 Andrea Schweitzer ('14) and Allana Sanborn ('13), Environmental Studies
The Associated Health Effects of Vietnam War Veterans from Exposure to Agent Orange
Thursday - No. 22 Michael Verschoor-Kirss ('12), Environmental Studies
They Can't Dodge a Bullet: Anthropogenic Causes of Lead Toxicosis in Wildlife
Thursday - No. 23 William Benjamin ('14) and Ellen Evangelides ('14), Environmental Studies
Are the Wrinkles in Your Clothes Leading to Wrinkles in Your Health? Risks of Using and Living Near Dry Cleaners
Thursday - No. 24 Caroline Maguire ('12), Kelly Roth ('12) and Michael Wismer ('12), Environmental Studies
Does Paraquat Exposure Lead to Parkinson's Disease?
Thursday - No. 25 Lucy O'Keeffe ('14) and Kathryn Coe ('14), Environmental Studies
Links between Food Colorings and Increased Hyperactivity in Children
Thursday - No. 26 Jared Supple ('13) and William Supple ('12), Environmental Studies
Chemical Contaminates in Dairy Products
Thursday - No. 27 Elizabeth Schell ('14) and Sophie Weaver ('14), Environmental Studies
A Quick Downward Slope: The Potential Health Impacts of Fluorinated Ski Wax
Thursday - No. 28 Rachael Mack ('12) and Kristen Merrill ('12), Environmental Studies
Aspartame: Good for the Body, Bad for the Brain?
Thursday - No. 29 Charles Davis ('13) and John Mauel ('13), Environmental Studies
Impact of Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Energy on Human Health
Thursday - No. 30 Megan Flaherty ('13) and Kassandra Sullivan ('13), Environmental Studies
Does Prenatal Polychlorinated Biphenyls Expsure Affect Intelligence?
Thursday - No. 31 Michael Stephens ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Department of Defense Installations and National Guard Armories
Thursday - No. 32 Matthew Silverman ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Forest Type and Maple Production
Thursday - No. 33 Katherine Murray ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Surficial Materials
Thursday - No. 34 Lydia Ball ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Marine Worm and Molluscan Habitat
Thursday - No. 35 Helaine Linden ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Deer Wintering Areas and Fragmented Forests in Maine
Thursday - No. 36 Sylvia Doyle ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Predicted Lynx Habitat and Conserved Lands
Thursday - No. 37 Matthew LaPine ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Critical Habitat of the Atlantic Salmon
Thursday - No. 38 Avery Beck ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Concentration of Arsenic Contamination in Township Water Resources
Thursday - No. 39 Rebecca Forgrave ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Maine Water Features and Drinking Water Sources
Thursday - No. 40 Dominique Kone ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: State of Maine Abundance of Hospitals in Populated Areas
Thursday - No. 41 Kathryn Lee ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Moose Management in Conserved Areas
Thursday - No. 42 Elizabeth Schneider ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Deer Wintering and Conservation Areas in Maine
Thursday - No. 43 Colin Cummings ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Location of Dams Along Atlantic Salmon Habitats in Maine
Thursday - No. 44 Meagan Hennessey ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Police Stations in Relation to Population
Thursday - No. 45 Michael Whalen ('12), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Essential Seabird Habitats of the Gulf of Maine
Thursday - No. 46 Anna Hess ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Income Per Capita in Maine
Friday - No. 1 Lucy Wilhelms ('12), English
The Love Poetry of the Troubadours: Socio-Economic Comparaisons
Friday - No. 2 Nicole Hewes ('12), Education and Human Development
More Than Just Nonsense Verse?: The Language of Dr. Seuss and Children's Literacy
Friday - No. 3 Joshua Balk ('14), Margaret Hunziker ('12), Rebecca Aliber ('13) and Samantha Bassman ('12), Sociology
Learning By Giving: Maine Children's Home Summer Camp Scholarship Program
Friday - No. 4 Kelsey Werner ('12), Cecelia Conroy ('14), Jayde Bennett ('13) and Molly Parsons ('13), Sociology
Learning by Giving: Strengthening Families Program for The Family Violence Project
Friday - No. 5 Isadora Alteon ('14), Sociology
(Tentative Title) 'Panama, Where the World Meets: An Exploratory Study of Healthcare systems in Panama City, Panama'
Friday - No. 6 Ian Bettencourt ('12), Biology
Maine State Crime Laboratory and CODIS
Friday - No. 7 Sylvia Doyle ('12) and Matthew Silverman ('12), Biology
A Guide to Trees on Campus: Digital Media and Walking Tours
Friday - No. 8 Alexander Storer ('12), Biology
Characterizing the Phagocytic Activity of Zebrafish Kidney Neutrophils
Friday - No. 9 Jennie Buskin ('13) and Philip Prosapio ('13), Mathematics
Combinatorial Vector Calculus: A New Proof of Green's Theorem
Friday - No. 10 Arjumand Maso and Shikhar Nayak ('15), Mathematics
Perception of Motion during Dix-Hallpike Maneuver
Friday - No. 11 Emily Niemi ('12) and Jordan Cadorette ('12), Mathematics
Mental Health Screening in Rural Maine Primary Care
Friday - No. 12 Ai_Phuong Tong ('15), Physics and Astronomy
Stabilizing the Frequency of a Diode Laser Using a Lock-In Amplifier
Friday - No. 13 Jamie Suzuki ('14) and Abebu Kassie ('14), Chemistry
The Reaction of Dihalocarbenes with Anthracenes
Friday - No. 14 Stefan Davatz ('13), Chemistry
Determining Where Para-Calixarenes Gain an Additional Degree of Freedom
Friday - No. 15 James Shaum ('13), Chemistry
Generation of Formyl- and Vinylcarbenes from Nonnitrogenous Precusors
Friday - No. 16 Jared Supple ('13), Chemistry
Tracing Performance Endurance Genes Through Families
Friday - No. 17 Brianna Lind ('12) and Laura Gigliotti ('12), Environmental Studies
A Survey of Termite Genera Along a Catenal Gradient in Southern Kruger National Park
Friday - No. 18 Yiyuan Qin ('12), Adrienne Bowles ('12) and Olivia Kefauver ('12), Environmental Studies
Parks as a Biodiversity Conservation Strategy in Urban Environments
Friday - No. 19 Susan Gagliardi, John Mauel ('13) and Lucas Haralson ('14), Environmental Studies
Criteria for a Successful Large Mammal Reintroduction
Friday - No. 21 Laura Gigliotti ('12), Colleen Kenny ('12) and Sara Mason ('12), Environmental Studies
Elephant Management in Africa
Friday - No. 21 Trevor Poole ('12), Guillermo Sapaj ('14) and Monica Davis ('13), Environmental Studies
Ecological Considerations in National Park Design
Friday - No. 22 Lydia Ball ('13), Dominique Kone ('13) and Michael Steele ('14), Environmental Studies
Effect of Wild Pig, Sus scrofa, Populations in the United States
Friday - No. 23 Erin Love ('14) and Victoria Abel ('14), Environmental Studies
The Impact of War on Biodiversity
Friday - No. 24 Katherine Houser ('13) and Melissa Krause ('12), Environmental Studies
BPA and Behavioral Disorders
Friday - No. 25 Jessica Blais ('12) and Sarah Nalven ('13), Environmental Studies
Do Aluminum-based Antiperspirants Increase Risk of Breast Cancer?
Friday - No. 26 Jillian Howell ('12), Kristin Marks ('12) and Noah Teachey ('13), Environmental Studies
Out of the Mountains and into Your Body: Mountaintop Removal Mining and Heart and Lung Disease
Friday - No. 27 Catherine Gallagher ('12) and Sarah Fensore ('13), Environmental Studies
Does Phthalate Exposure Impair Reproductive Development?
Friday - No. 28 Zoe Sherman ('12) and Sandra Johnson ('12), Environmental Studies
Obesogens and the Maternal Programming of Obesity
Friday - No. 29 Anna Hess ('14), Morgan Monz ('14) and Sara Lezin ('14), Environmental Studies
Effects of Phthalates on Children
Friday - No. 30 Siya Hegde ('13) and Emily Niemi ('12), Environmental Studies
The Adverse Effects of Urban Air Pollutants on Child Health
Friday - No. 31 Lauren Kerr ('13) and Lisa Nehring ('14), Environmental Studies
Connections Between Environmental Exposures to Lead and Late-onset Neurodegenerative Disease
Friday - No. 32 James O'Brien ('12), Emma Suojanen ('12) and Eva Valladares Anton ('14), Environmental Studies
What's In Your Bedroom?: The Negative Health Effects of Sexual Lubricants
Friday - No. 33 Erica VandenBerg ('13) and Mackenzie Nichols ('14), Environmental Studies
Toxic Fire: The Increasing Risk Associated with an Increasingly Synthetic World
Friday - No. 34 Lindsay Jarrett ('14) and Jennifer Sher ('14), Environmental Studies
Effects of Arsenic as a Carcinogen in Drinking Water
Friday - No. 35 Rebecca Mayer ('13) and Adrianna Twombly ('13), Environmental Studies
Does BPA Exposure During Pregnancy Lead To Behavior Problems In Young Girls?
Friday - No. 36 Lydia Ball ('13) and Dominique Kone ('13), Environmental Studies
Distribution of Atlantic Forest Fragments in Relation to Probable Water Sources
Friday - No. 37 Helaine Linden ('14), Environmental Studies
Suitable Land Cover Habitats for Elephant and Cheetah Populations
Friday - No. 38 Rachael Mack ('12), Environmental Studies
Obstacles to Replacing Lawn with Buffer: Barriers to Implementation of the LakeSmart Program on Maine's Lakes
Friday - No. 39 Matthew Silverman ('12) and Katherine Murray ('12), Environmental Studies
Linking Farms and Food Banks in Massachusetts
Friday - No. 40 Avery Beck ('14) and Rebecca Forgrave ('14), Environmental Studies
Availability of Biomass for Colby's Steam Plant
Friday - No. 41 Sylvia Doyle ('12), Environmental Studies
Predicted Witheringia solanacea Habitat in Costa Rica
Friday - No. 42 Matthew LaPine ('13), Environmental Studies
Sea Level Rise Impacts and the Value of Affected Properties in Barnstable, MA.
Friday - No. 43 Kathryn Lee ('13) and Anna Hess ('14), Environmental Studies
Analysis of Proposed East-West Highway in Maine
Friday - No. 44 Elizabeth Schneider ('12) and Michael Whalen ('12), Environmental Studies
Casco Bay
Friday - No. 45 Meagan Hennessey ('14), Environmental Studies
Visitation Effects on Reid State Park
Friday - No. 46 Colin Cummings ('14) and Michael Stephens ('13), Environmental Studies
Viewshed Analysis of Proposed Wind Farms in Maine
Friday - No. 47 Patrick Adams ('13), Allison Emery ('12) and Karen Clark ('12), Sociology
Women Unlimited: Grant Proposal for Financial Literacy Courses in Maine's Correctional Facilities

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