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2012 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2012
April 25 - April 27, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address
April 25, 7:30 pm Ostrove Auditorium

Research Presentations
Wednesday, April 25  
Behavioral and Physiological Ecology Research Presentations
Olin 335
Session Chair: Cathy Bevier
10:00 - 10:50 am  
  Charlotte Veazie ('12)
  The Effects of Copper and EDTA on Growth and Mortality in a Freshwater Amphipod (Gammarus)
Environmental Studies Honors and Independent Study Presentations
Session Chair: Russ Cole
1:00 - 3:30 pm  
1:00 pm Daniel Homeier ('12), Environmental Studies
  Cameras, Satellites, and Surveys: A Multi-Platform Approach to Monitoring Lake Conservation Behavior
1:30 pm Anna Leavitt ('12), Environmental Studies
  From Pond to Pump: Microalgae as a Feedstock for Biodiesel
2:00 pm Yiyuan Qin ('12), Environmental Studies
  South China Tiger Reintroduction: Lessons, Assessments, and Implications
2:40 pm Jillian Howell ('12), Environmental Studies
  Church Forests in Ethiopia
Women Gender and Sexuality Studies Seminar I
Session Chair: Lisa Arellano
1:00 - 3:30 pm  
1:00 pm Ashley Oliver ('12), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Of Men and Monsters: Masculinity and Vampires in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1:15 pm Morgan Lingar ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  'Against Nature? - Women who Murder Family Members'
1:30 pm Lindsay Putnam ('12), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Capitalism as Antifeminism in Sex and the City
1:45 pm Berol Dewdney ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Intersections of Female Embodiment and Feminism through the Decades
2:00 pm Veronica Foster ('12), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  A Modern Faith: Religion and Feminism in the Public Sphere
2:15 pm Bailey Girvan ('12), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Breaking Barriers?: The Illusion of Progress for Women in Primetime Comedies
2:30 pm Caitlin Burchill ('12), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Opening the Gridiron to Girls: Women and Pro Football
2:45 pm Hannah DeAngelis ('12), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Queering the Colby Archive: Combating Queer Erasure with Narratives of Queer Survival
General Session I
Session Chair: Joseph Reisert
1:00 - 2:00 pm  
1:00 pm Fiona Masland ('12), East Asian Studies
  Qing-Era Manchu Male Identity Through Material Culture
1:20 pm Lucy Wilhelms ('12), English
  Mediums Change, Fears Stay the Same
1:40 pm Gordon Fischer ('13), African Studies
  Students Protest for Social Justice
Multinational Corporations
Diamond 343
Session Chair: Andreas Waldkirch
1:00 - 4:00 pm  
1:00 pm Xinyi Chen ('12), Economics
  Does Bilateral Economic Interdependence Promote Post-War Reconciliation
1:15 pm John O'Brien ('12), Economics
  The Link between Exchange Rates and Foreign Direct Investment: A BRIICKSS Panel Analysis
1:30 pm Matthew Boyes-Watson ('12), Economics
  Illegal Activity and the Composition of Foreign Ownership: Study of Firm-Level Data from the World Bank Enterprise Surveys
1:45 pm Kathy Wan ('12), Economics
  Foreign Direct Investment Into Industries in Taiwan
2:00 pm Kathleen Davis ('12), Economics
  Exploring Horizontal vs. Vertical Determinants of FDI: Evidence from US Multinationals
2:30 pm Brady Lenahan ('12), Economics
  Huge at Home, Big Abroad: A Case Study of Walmart
2:45 pm David Oxnard ('12), Economics
3:00 pm Kento Momma ('12), Economics
  FDI, Inequality, and Growth: An Empirical Study
3:15 pm Patrick Dolan ('12), Economics
  Does Tax Progressivity Affect FDI
3:30 pm Gemma Yie ('12), Economics
  Foreign Direct Investment and Human Development: An Examination of FDI as a Predictor of HDI in Developing Countries
Session Chair: Joseph Reisert
2:00 - 3:00 pm  
2:00 pm Andrew Estrada ('12), Government
  Single-Issue Elections and Public Perception: How Unemployment, Presidential Approval Rating, and Military Casualties Determine Whether an Election will Focus on One Defining Issue
2:20 pm Alexander Orleans ('12), Government
  In Extremis: Operational Lessons from the War on Terror
2:40 pm Charles Diamond ('12), Government
  The Electoral Success of Erhnic Minority Candidiates in Local London Politics
General Session VIII: Science
Session Chair: Robert Bluhm
3:05 - 4:05  
3:05 pm Nirakar Poudel ('12), Physics and Astronomy
  Electronic Detection of Ultra Cold Neutral Plasmas
3:30 pm Austin Hoag ('12), Physics and Astronomy
  Spontaneous Lorentz Symmetry Breaking and Cosmology in Five Dimensions
3:45 pm Greg Merritt ('12), Physics and Astronomy
  Isometries and Spontaneous Lorentz Violation in General Relativity
On With the Story: Advanced Projects in Prose I
Session Chair: Jennifer Boylan
3:45 - 5:15 pm  
  Lindsay Roberts ('13), Katherine McCarrick ('13), Grant Patch ('12), Jenna Gundersen ('12), Emily Stuart ('12), Courtney Yeager ('12) and Michael Southard ('12), On With the Story: Advanced Projects in Prose I
Computer Science Honors and Capstone Presentations
Session Chair: Bruce Maxwell
4:00 - 6:00 pm  
4:00 pm William O'Brien ('12), Computer Science
  The Intended Architecture of Web Applications - An Implementation of REST
4:25 pm George Carpenter ('12), Computer Science
  Lazy Genius: Improving Fact Recall Using Social Flashcards
4:50 pm Leah Perlmutter ('12) and Martha Witick ('12), Computer Science
  Humanoid Robot Soccer
5:15 pm Alex Swanson ('12), Computer Science
  Bitcoin: The Evolution of Money Into The Virtual Space
5:35 pm Bogumil Giertler ('12), Computer Science
  Augmenting Your Daily Reality
Senior Poetry Reading
Robinson Room, Miller Library
Session Chair: Adrian Blevins
4:00 - 5:00 pm  
4:00 pm Brynn Bernheimer ('12), English
  Reading from her poetry
4:20 pm Jenny Chen ('13), English
  Reading from her poetry
4:20 pm Elise DeSimone ('12), English
  Reading from her poetry
4:30 pm Lucy Dotson ('13), English
  Reading from her poetry
4:40 pm Rachel Goff ('12), English
  Reading from her poetry
4:50 pm Sarah Hirsch ('12), English
  Reading from her poetry
5:00 pm Winsor Wesson ('12), English
  Reading from his poetry
5:10 pm Lindsay Putnam ('12), English
  Reading from her poetry
Psychology Honors Thesis Presentations
Session Chair: Melissa Glenn
4:15 - 5:45 pm  
4:15 pm Jenifer Goldman ('12), Psychology
  The Self-Esteem Conundrum: Mediating Mechanisms between Parenting Style and Children's Aggression
4:35 pm Kristen Erickson ('12), Psychology
  Prenatal Choline Availability Influences Stress-vulnerability and Emotional Responses Differently in Adult Male and Female Rats
4:55 pm Sarah Falkof ('12), Psychology
  The Influence of Regret and Framing Effects on Health Decision Making
5:15 pm Stephanie-Ann LaRose ('12), Psychology
  Facial Recognition of Negative Emotion in Various Mood and Processing States

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