Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2013

May 1 - May 3, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Research Presentations
Friday, May 3  
General Session IV
Session Chair: Paul Greenwood
11:00 - 12:00  
11:00 am Rose Solomon ('13) and Carly Hallowell ('13), Mathematics
  Estimating the Prevalence and Incidence of Suspected Concussions Among the Colby College Football and Rugby Players
11:30 am Gareth Cleveland ('13), Mathematics and Statistics
  A Monte Carlo Simulation Study of the Performance of Hypothesis Tests Under Assumption Violations
Spanish Session
Hurd Room
Session Chair: Dean Allbritton
11:00 - 12:15  
11:00 am Melissa Anderson ('14), Spanish
  La Comedia: una Herramienta para Subvertir la Censura
11:20 am Riley Wagner ('13), Spanish
  El trasvestismo, la fluidez del género y el amor homosexual en obras de María de Zayas y Ana Caro
11:40 am Alexander Morris ('14), Spanish
  'Desvistiendo la censura:' an analysis of the use of clothing to subvert censorship in Spanish cinema
Psychology Honors Research
Session Chair: Jen Coane
12:00 - 3:00  
12:00 pm Hillary Keach ('13), Psychology
  The Sunk-Time Effect and Personal Responsibility in Romantic Relationships and Education
12:25 pm Kayleigh Monahan ('13) and Miia-Liisa Termonen ('14), Psychology
  Hunts, Heinz, and Fries Priming “Ketchup:” The Effects of Lexicality On Brand Name Memory and Product Associations
12:50 pm Constance Jangro ('13), Psychology
  The Effect of the Learning Styles Hypothesis on Students' Academic Performance
1:25 pm Adam Thompson ('13), Psychology
  Exploring the Neuroprotective Potential of Dietary Choline in a Rat Model of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
2:00 pm Adam LaViolet ('13), Psychology
  Political priming: The Effect of External Factors on Word Recognition and Recall
2:00 pm Adam LaViolet ('13), Psychology
  Political Priming: The Effect of External Factors on Word Recognition and Recall
2:20 pm Sean Padungtin ('13), Psychology
  The Hippocampus & Stress: A Possible Functional Divergence
2:40 pm Meghan Tedoldi ('13), Psychology
  Mood and Memory as a Function of Reproductive Status
**CANCELLED ON WITH THE STORY: Readings from EN 478 Advanced Projects in Prose
Session Chair: Jennifer Boylan
1:00 - 2:30  
1:00 pm John Nivison ('14), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
1:12 pm Nicholas Nowak ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
1:24 pm Tyler Parrott ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
1:36 pm Michaela Pembroke ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
1:48 pm Lindsay Roberts ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
2:00 pm Diana Sunder ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
2:12 pm Julia de Guzman ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
General Session VIII
Session Chair: James Sloat
1:00 - 3:00  
1:00 pm Brian Russo ('13), Religious Studies
  Scripture and Fiction: An Aesthetic Approach to the Little Pilgrim
1:20 pm Israelle Kidson ('13), Religious Studies
  The Historical Role of Women in Tantric Yoga and Sexual Ritual
1:35 pm Emma Mayville ('13), Religious Studies
  Sectarian Violence through the Lens of the Coptic Question in Egypt
1:50 pm John Holman ('13), Religious Studies
  The Wanderer's Journey
2:15 pm Carter Stevens ('13), Government
  'A Shrimp Behind the Stone:' Understanding Political Violence in Indonesia
2:40 pm Delaney McDonough ('13), Theater and Dance
  The Aesthetic of Failure: Authenticity, Effort, and Imperfection in American Contemporary Dance
The Other French Empire: Exploring the Colonial Legacy
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Adrianna M. Paliyenko
2:30 - 4:15  
2:30 pm Emma Levin ('13), French/Italian
  The Abolitions of French Slavery: Discourses of Emancipation
2:50 pm Madison Louis ('13), French/Italian
  The 'Hottentot Venus,' Then and Now
3:10 pm Sarah Braselton ('13), French/Italian
  Paul Gauguin: Colonial Discourse in Late 19th-Century French Primitive Art
3:30 pm Mary Rogers ('13), French/Italian
  A French Woman's Encounter with Africans (1892-1893)
3:50 pm Brita Midness ('13), French/Italian
  Modern Slavery: The Restaveks in Haiti
Minority Issues and Social Change in Quebec and North America
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Benedicte Mauguiere
4:20 - 5:20  
4:20 pm Pamela Alakai ('14), French/Italian
  A comparative study of Oral literature in francophone North America and West Africa
4:35 pm Sarah Fensore ('13), French/Italian
  First Contact: A Study of the First Encounters Between Jacques Cartier and the Native Americans
4:50 pm Madeleine Bruce ('14), French/Italian
  Emily Carr and the construction of the Indian Imaginary?
History Honors Research II
Session Chair: Elizabeth Leonard
3:30 - 5:00  
3:30 pm Eoin McCarron ('13), History
  'You have been in Afghanistan I Perceive': A portrait of the Second Afghan War and the Irish who were there
4:00 pm Carter Stevens ('13), History
  When the Confederates Terrorized Maine: The Battle of Portland Harbor
4:30 pm Charlotte Wiesenberg ('13), History
  The New Promised Land: Maine's Summer Camps for Jewish Youth in the Mid-Twentieth Century
General Session V
Session Chair: Marilyn Pukkila
3:15 - 4:00  
3:15 pm Shireen Smalley ('13), Independent Studies
  Gendered Geographies and Coded Spaces in Tehran
3:30 pm Rachel Haines ('13), Anthropology
  The Farnham Writers' Center as a Cultural Space
3:45 pm Andrew Pepper-Anderson ('13), Government
  An Analysis of Super PAC Behavior in the 2012 Election
Biology Honors Presentations
Olin 1
Session Chair: Catherine Bevier
1:00 - 2:30  
1:00 pm Adam Spierer ('13), Biology
  Relationship of Cross-Linking Potential to Mechanism of Cell Death
1:20 pm Chelsea Nickerson ('13), Biology
  Prenatal Choline Supplementation and MK-801 Toxicity: Protecting Memory and Preventing Neurodegeneration
1:40 pm Elise Begin ('13), Biology
  The Effects of Island Size and Geographic Distance on the Genetic Diversity of Blue Flag Irises (Iris versicolor in the Bay of Fundy
2:00 pm Sarah Nalven ('13), Biology
  Characterizing the Epibiotic Community of Green Frogs and Their Role in Host Immunity
Education Program Student Research Symposium
Diamond 122
Session Chair: Mark Tappan
1:00 - 4:00  
1:00 pm Priscilla McCelvey ('13), Margaret Meyer ('13) and Ethan Meigs ('13), Education and Human Development
  The Impact of CCAK on Current Mentees
1:15 pm Anna Caron ('13), Holly Mawn ('13) and Andrew Hedberg ('13), Education and Human Development
  The Long Term Effects of the CCAK Program: A Narrative Evaluation
1:30 pm Lucy Gerrity ('13), Courtney Erskine ('13), Kate O'Callaghan ('13) and John Williams ('13), Education and Human Development
  The Affect of Mentoring on Mentors, Past and Present
1:45 pm Cordelia Roberts ('13), Hillary Sapanski ('13) and Emme Arnzen ('13), Education and Human Development
  An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the CCAK Mentor-Mentee Relationship
2:00 pm Madeleine Cohen ('13), Constance Jangro ('13) and Katherine Pistel ('13), Education and Human Development
  The Effects of CCAK on the Greater Waterville Community
2:15 pm Molly Nash ('15) and Jasmine Bazinet-Phillips ('15), Education and Human Development
  The Belonging Project: A Colby Campus Climate Assessment
2:30 pm Jasmine Phillips ('14) and Justin Deckert ('15), Education and Human Development
  Peer Mentoring Program: The Transition from High School to College
3:00 pm Daria Jones ('13), Education and Human Development
  The Disconnected and Dissatisfied Generation: Solving the Mysteries of Loneliness, Human Connection and Identity within the Lives of Colby’s Class of 2013
3:15 pm Abigail Fontaine ('15), Education and Human Development
  Technology and Special Education: How iPads Continue to Change the World
3:30 pm Marguerite Paterson ('13), Anna Leschen-Lindell ('13), Emme Arnzen ('13) and John Williams ('13), Education and Human Development
  Searching for Key Elements for Learning in 21st Century Higher Education: Colby College as a Case Study
Anthropology Honors Presentations
Diamond 145
Session Chair: Mary Beth Mills
1:00 - 3:00  
1:00 pm Jessica Pires ('13), Anthropology
  Uphams Corner and 'Other' Spaces: Explorations of Youth Identities in Boston's Cape Verdean Community
1:40 pm Ellicott Dandy ('13), Anthropology
  Remapping Nature: Motherhood, Autonomy, and Anti-mining Activism in Íntag, Ecuador
2:20 pm Rachel Rosenbaum ('13), Anthropology
  Finite to Fail, Infinite to Venture: Interactivism and Relational Ethics
Spanish Session
Lovejoy 344
Session Chair: Debra Campbell
9:30 - 10:45  
CBB Symposium: Russian Literature and Culture
Lovejoy 215
Session Chair: Elena Monastireva-Ansdell
2:00 - 5:00  
2:00 pm Jayeon Kim ('13), German/Russian
  Gendered images in Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago
2:20 pm Katarina Sirka ('13), German/Russian
  Comparison of Larissa Fyodorovna and Antonina Alexandrovna's Characters in Boris Pasternak's Novel 'Doctor Zhivago'
2:40 pm Alina Nakos ('13), German/Russian
  The Evolution of Yuri Zhivago in Pasternak's Novel, 'Doctor Zhivago'
3:00 pm Tendai M'ndange-Pfupfu ('13), German/Russian
  The Role and Imagery of Nature in Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago.
3:20 pm Quinn Ziegler ('14), German/Russian
  The Role of Art and the Artist in Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago
3:40 pm , German/Russian
  Ethnic Assimilation and Separation in Chukotka.
Economics Honors Research Presentations
Diamond 341
Session Chair: Debra Barbezat
2:00 - 4:00  
2:00 pm Justine Seraganian ('13), Economics
  First Year Collegiate Academic Achievement: Do Athletes Perform at the Same Level as Their Peers?
2:15 pm Daniel Garin ('13), Economics
  The Effects of Political Signals on the Federal Reserve
2:30 pm Peter Jones ('13), Economics
  Senior Honors Thesis: Classroom Peer Effects in Higher Education: Evidence for Colby College
2:45 pm Marcus Josefsson ('13), Economics
  The Macroeconomic Effect of Currency Union Dissolution Evidence from the Narrative
3:00 pm Rebecca Newman ('13), Economics
  The Post-Crisis Relevance of Inflation Targeting
3:15 pm Thomas Abe ('13), Economics
  Can The Stock Market Predict FDA Approvals for New Drug Applications?
3:30 pm Qi Sun ('13), Economics
  The Influence of Central Bank Independence on Inflation: Evidence Based on A Narrative Approach
3:45 pm Siyang Xu ('13), Economics
  Does Exchange Market React to Central Bank Governor Replacements: Evidence from a New Dataset using Narrative Approach
Advanced and Applied Ecology Research Presentations
Olin 234
Session Chair: Russell Cole
9:00 - 9:50 am  
  What Coral Reef Destination Have the Most Effective and Sustainable Ecotourism Programs?
  Tierney Dodge ('14) and Eliza Phillips ('14)
  What Coral Reef Destination Have the Most Effective and Sustainable Ecotourism Programs?
Chemistry Senior Presentations
Diamond 141
Session Chair: Julie Millard
11:00 - 11:50 am  
  Thomas Williams ('13)
  The Kinetics of Iron Exchange between Desferrioxamine B and Oxalic Acid
  Claire Herbig ('13)
  Design of Experiments Exploring the Effects of Process Parameters on Particle Size Due to Sonocrystallization
  Lloyd Liang ('13)
  The Synthesis and Conformational Studies of Para-linked Hetera[14]cyclophanes
Chemistry Senior Presentations
Keyes 105
Session Chair: Julie Millard
3:00 - 3:50 pm  
  Rachel Guerra ('13)
  Investigating the Interaction of Zinc-finger Peptides and Nicked DNA Using Phage Display
  Jamie Shaum ('13)
  The Feud in the Fjord
  John Gilboy ('13)
  Optimizing the Expression and Purification of DNA Ligase III
  Carly Hallowell ('13)
  Life on the Edge: Biotic and Abiotic Production of Hydrogen Production Along the Chemical Gradient

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