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Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2013

May 1 - May 3, Colby College, Waterville, Maine Poster Sessions - Robins Room, Roberts

PLEASE NOTE - Posters will be set up before 12 noon on the day assigned and taken down between 5 and 6 PM on the same day. They will be on display for one day only. Posters will be attended by the authors from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m.

Wednesday - No. 1 Mimi Smith ('13), Theater and Dance
Texture and Illusion in Scenic Art: A Practical Exploration of Scene Painting Techniques
Wednesday - No. 2 Samantha Eddy ('13), Sociology
EqualityMaine and the Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage
Wednesday - No. 3 Lauren Fisher ('13), Government
Oy Gavult! Jewish Violent Extremism in the West Bank
Wednesday - No. 4 Patrick Martin ('13), Government
Filling the Gap of Governance: Communal Violence in India and the Naxalite Insurgency
Wednesday - No. 5 Lindsay Peterson ('13), Government
A Fight to the Death for the Homeland: The Tamil Tigers Political Violence in Sri Lanka
Wednesday - No. 6 Meagan Hennessey ('14), Economics
Maine's Rockweed Harvest: Tomorrow's Promise or a Crisis in the Making?
Wednesday - No. 7 Kellie Walsh ('15) and Sara Miller ('15), Environmental Studies
What's Fish Got To Do with It? How Methylmercury effects Children Neurological Development
Wednesday - No. 8 Virginia Keesler ('13), Environmental Studies
Conservation Easement Policies Across New England
Wednesday - No. 9 Kevin Bennett ('13) and Wesley Richardson ('13), Environmental Studies
The Spread of Dengue Fever and Climate Change
Wednesday - No. 10 Julia de Guzman ('13) and Madeline Strachota ('13), Environmental Studies
Effects of Global Climate Change on the Distribution of Incidence of Vector-Borne DIseases in Africa
Wednesday - No. 11 Omari Matthew ('14), Geology
Learning Curve: Analyzing Changes in Predatory Techniques of the Stone Crab Menippe mercenaria on whelks
Wednesday - No. 12 Dhokela Yzeiraj ('13), Geology
Not the Most Glamorous of Topics: Waste Management at Colby
Wednesday - No. 13 Eoin McCarron ('13), Science, Technology, and Society
Electromagnetic Pulses from Natural and Nuclear Sources: History and Public Policy
Wednesday - No. 14 Caroline Wade ('13), Mathematics
The Ability of a Smartphone to Detect Changes in Balance Performance
Wednesday - No. 15 Chiran Bhandari ('13) and Arjumand Masood ('13), Mathematics
New Techniques for Animating Experimental and Theoretical Motion Perception
Wednesday - No. 16 Chiran Bhandari ('13) and Arjumand Masood ('13), Mathematics
Mathematical Modelling of Disorientation due to Head-Movements during Rotation in a Centrifuge
Wednesday - No. 17 Beatrice Nakiryowa ('13), Chemistry
Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis Routes to [4]Helicenes
Wednesday - No. 18 Stephen Nodder ('13), Chemistry
A One Pot Synthesis of Acetylene-Substituted Oxacalix[4]arenes
Wednesday - No. 19 Paul Macklis ('15) and Kaitlin Curran ('14), Biology
The Impact of Acute Ethanol Exposure on the Innate Immune System of Zebrafish
Wednesday - No. 20 Laura Crowley ('13), Biology
Exploring Novel Delivery Methods for Systemic Gene Knockdown By RNA Interference In The Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus
Wednesday - No. 21 Laura Crowley ('13) and Maxwell Hogue ('13), Biology
Allelic Diversity In Appendage-Patterning Genes Among Phenotypically Divergent Populations of The Soapberry Bug Jadera haematoloma
Wednesday - No. 22 Katherine Bell ('15), Melissa Preziosi ('15), Molly Hodgkins ('15) and Victoria Falcon ('15), Psychology
The Effect of type of Crime and Context on Blame Attribution and Memory
Wednesday - No. 23 Katherine Kimball ('15), Kyle Rogacion ('15), Matthew Willett-Jeffries ('14) and Molly Robertson ('15), Psychology
Self-Affirmation as a Buffer against Threats to External Control
Wednesday - No. 24 Erin Caputo ('15), Anna Doyle ('15) and Kaitlyn O'Connell ('15), Psychology
The Effect of Relationship Stage and Knowledge of Monetary Value on Receiver�s Appreciation of Gifts
Wednesday - No. 25 Jillian Riendeau ('15), Madeleine Tight ('15), Megan MacKenzie ('15) and Nkosingiphile Shongwe ('15), Psychology
The Effects of Viewing Nature Pictures and Music on Short and Long Term Memory
Wednesday - No. 26 Anne Epstein ('15), Alice Anamosa ('14), Anna Rabasco ('15) and Anna Thin ('15), Psychology
Are You Judging Me? The Effects of Moral Credentials on Prejudice toward Asian Americans
Wednesday - No. 27 Anna Caron ('13) and Miia-Liisa Termonen ('14), Psychology
Utilizing Physical and Mental Activity to Decrease the Rate of Cognitive Decline
Wednesday - No. 28 Cassie Clemmer ('15), Janie O'Halloran ('16), Julia Mitchell ('15) and Kyle McBrierty ('15), Psychology
Weight, Don't Judge Me! -- The Effect of Weight-Coded Words and Social Behavior on Judgment
Wednesday - No. 29 Abigail Fontaine ('15), Carly Taylor ('15), Margaret Hefferon ('15) and Molly Wylie ('15), Psychology
Why Did Frank Cross the Road?: Exploring the Effect of Emotional Context on Recall
Wednesday - No. 30 Monica Li ('15), Karlyn Donovan ('15), Madeline Hunsicker ('15) and Waylin Yu ('15), Psychology
The Effect of Self Awareness on Moral Credentials
Wednesday - No. 31 Kelsey Park ('14), Alexandra Brown ('14), Dylan Nisky ('14) and Zachary Rodriguez ('14), Psychology
The Effect of Randomness Threat on Attribution to Internal, External, or Mixed Sources of Control
Wednesday - No. 32 Courtney Klein ('15), Jared Scharf ('15), Meredith Zakon ('15) and Samuel Poulin ('14), Psychology
How Public Commitment Influences Blame and The Ripple Effect in Memory
Wednesday - No. 33 Katherine MacNamee ('14), Julia Blumenstyk ('14) and Rebecca Levenson ('13), Psychology
Does 'Call' Prime 'Maybe'?
Wednesday - No. 34 Ariel Batallan Burrowes ('15), Jonathan Eichholz ('15) and Rebecca Stoutamyer ('15), Psychology
The Affect of Conflicting Color Information on the Picture Superiority Effect
Wednesday - No. 35 Samantha Slotnick ('14), Elizabeth DiMarco ('13) and Miia-Liisa Termonen ('14), Psychology
Playing It Cool While Watching Worm Eating: Influence of Expression Strength and Congruency on Emotion Elicitation in a Pair Setting
Wednesday - No. 36 Lori Ayanian ('14), Adam Thompson ('13), Margaret Sargent ('14) and Rhiannon Archer ('14), Psychology
Exploring the Interaction Between Emotional Priming and Framing on Political Decision Making
Wednesday - No. 37 Czarina Evangelista ('14), Psychology
Does Adolescent Choline Supplementation Affect the Rewarding Properties of Morphine?
Wednesday - No. 38 Alexis Jackson ('16), Psychology
Stranded in the Grasslands: Survival Processing and Categorization of Animals
Wednesday - No. 39 Rebecca Levenson ('13), Brianne Wheeler ('14) and Shameeka Murphy ('13), Psychology
How Many Times Would You Press The Space Bar? The Influence of Emotion on Predictions in a Future Moral Dilemma
Wednesday - No. 40 Ethan Meigs ('13), Kayleigh Monahan ('13) and Nicholas Rimsa ('13), Psychology
“You’re fine. Wait, no you’re not!” Source thoughtfulness and the persuasiveness of contradictory messages.
Wednesday - No. 41 Miia-Liisa Termonen ('14), Psychology
Deriving 'Dog' from Wolf and Fox, or Leash and Bark? False Memory in Categorical and Associative Word Lists.
Wednesday - No. 42 Astrid Moore ('15), Psychology
Memory and Anxiety in Adult Rats as a Function of Early Life Choline Levels and Exploratory Behavior
Wednesday - No. 43 Frances Onyilagha ('14), Ariel Martin ('15) and Nicholson Warner ('14), Psychology
Just Because I’m Beautiful: The Effects of Attractiveness and Cognitive Load on Judgments of Guilt
Wednesday - No. 44 Julia Mitchell ('15), Psychology
Neuroprotection by Postnatal Choline Supplementation in a Rat Model of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Wednesday - No. 45 George Humphrey ('15), Alexander MacMillan ('15), Astrid Moore ('15) and Taysir Jama ('15), Psychology
How Conceptual and Perceptual Cues Affect Metamemory and Memory
Wednesday - No. 46 Edward Chuang ('14), Chemistry
Amplification of human DNA for probing DEB-induced damage via a quantitative polymerase chain reaction
Thursday - No. 1 Emily Post ('15), Theater and Dance
A Lighting Design of Bertolt Brecht's Galileo
Thursday - No. 2 Emily Berner ('15), Women, Gender, Sexuality
Common Understandings of Race and Gender at Colby
Thursday - No. 3 Cara Saunders ('13), Brittany Reardon ('14), Jacob Bratman ('15) and Lillian Liang ('15), Sociology
Learning by Giving: The Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers
Thursday - No. 4 Kaitlyn Bernard ('13), Amanda Lavigueur ('13) and Samantha Eddy ('13), Sociology
'Whole Healthy Kids' A Grant to Support Health Education at YMCA Camp of Maine
Thursday - No. 5 Molly Colman ('13), Claire Dunn ('13) and Kelsey Cromie ('14), Sociology
Emergency Dental Clinic
Thursday - No. 6 Wayne Kim ('14), Garrison Beck ('13), Jennifer Charette ('13) and Madison Louis ('13), Sociology
SPACE: Supplying a Place for Action, Caring, and Education -- a Grant to Support the South End Neighborhood Association and South End Teen Center of Waterville
Thursday - No. 7 Rebecca Newman ('13) and Arthur Huber ('13), Economics
The Legalization of Marijuana and Violent Crime Rates in the United States
Thursday - No. 8 Josie Bazemore ('13), Biology
fMLP Mediates in vitro Neutrophil Chemotaxis from Harvested Zebrafish Kidneys
Thursday - No. 9 Sarah Lane-Reticker ('16), Biology
The Quest for an Enzyme-Regulating Motif in Extremophilic Microbe Bacterioopsins
Thursday - No. 10 Katerina Faust ('14), Biology
The Influence of Pathogenic Fungal Infection on Antipredator Behavior of Tadpoles
Thursday - No. 11 Victoria Abel ('14), Emma Donohoe ('14), Lydia Ball ('13) and Sarah Nalven ('13), Biology
The Role of Epibiotic Bacteria in Modulating Skin Secretion Production in the Spring Peeper, Pseudacris crucifer, and Woodfrog, Lithobates sylvaticus
Thursday - No. 12 Louisa Walker ('13), Biology
The Conjugal Transfer of Antibiotic Resistance Plasmids in Lactic Acid Bacteria During the Ripening of Cheese
Thursday - No. 13 Molly Susla ('13), Biology
Maine's Rockweed Harvest and the Future of the Seaweed at Stake
Thursday - No. 14 Kelly Bourgon ('14), Biology
Expression of the Circadian Rhythm Protein CRYPTOCHROME in Eyestalks of Uca pugilator
Thursday - No. 15 Rachel Guerra ('13), Dylan Plaskon ('15), Emily Sher ('13) and Kayla Gross ('13), Chemistry
A Selection Strategy for the Design of Small Proteins that Can Recognize DNA Repair Intermediates
Thursday - No. 16 Katarina Sirka ('13), Chemistry
Structural Characterization of the Major DNA-DNA Cross-Link Formed by Epichlorohydrin
Thursday - No. 17 David Cain ('13) and James Staley ('13), Computer Science
Mapping Circadian Features to Velocity Response
Thursday - No. 18 Arran Dindorf ('13) and Daniel Covert ('13), Geology
Spatial Variability in the Wasatch Range
Thursday - No. 19 Benjamin Hannon ('13), Science, Technology, and Society
Development of a Standard and Functional Tactical Emergency Medical Support Training Program
Thursday - No. 20 Nickolas Kondiles ('13), Science, Technology, and Society
License and Regulation, Please: New Standards for the Practice of In Vitro Fertilization
Thursday - No. 21 Charles Spatz ('13), Science, Technology, and Society
Building with Waste: Fly Ash in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Thursday - No. 22 Georgina Hurst ('13), Global Studies
A Trojan Horse in Senegal: Exploring the Economic Implications of Chinese Merchants in Dakar, Senegal
Thursday - No. 23 Eliza Phillips ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Ambulance Headquarters
Thursday - No. 24 Caleb Harris ('15), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: County Annual Crime Rate per 1000 Residents and Correctional Facilities
Thursday - No. 25 Savannah Judge ('15), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Cellular Towers and Population
Thursday - No. 26 Elizabeth Schell ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Inland Waterfowl and Wader Habitat
Thursday - No. 27 Sarah Madronal ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Surface Water Features
Thursday - No. 28 Lucy O'Keeffe ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Distribution of Food Deserts in Maine
Thursday - No. 29 Victoria Abel ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Deer Wintering Areas and Forest Fragmentation
Thursday - No. 30 Ryan Newell ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Population and Population Change from 1950 to 2010
Thursday - No. 31 Meagan Hennessey ('14), Environmental Studies
Shipbuilding and Health: What's the Connection?
Thursday - No. 32 Kaitlin Zdechlik ('13) and Caroline Chessare ('13), Environmental Studies
How Might Food Quality Affect the Incidence of Mycotoxicoses?
Thursday - No. 33 Catherine Powell ('15), Environmental Studies
Analysis of Potential Correlation Between POP and PBT Emissions From U.S.-Mexican Border Maquila Factories and Negative Human Health Effects
Thursday - No. 34 Monica Davis ('13) and Max Pollinger ('14), Environmental Studies
The Impact of Neonatal Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Exposure on Neurocognitive Development
Thursday - No. 35 Monica Davis ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Wildlife Management Districts and Conservation Areas
Thursday - No. 36 Ethan Farina-Henry ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Glacial Moraines and Eskers in Maine
Thursday - No. 37 Ethan Farina-Henry ('13), Environmental Studies
Households Located Within Flood Zones in the Willamette Valley
Thursday - No. 38 Conor Richardson ('13) and Samuel Kaplan ('13), Environmental Studies
Fat Chance: The Link between Prescription Antidepressants and Obesity
Thursday - No. 39 Eli Dupree ('13), Environmental Studies
Altas of Maine: Population Density and Flood Zones in Oxford and Kennebec Counties
Thursday - No. 40 Laramie Maxwell ('13) and Elizabeth Anderson ('14), Environmental Studies
The Effects of Aspartame on Human Health
Thursday - No. 41 Peter Willauer ('15), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine; Atlantic Salmon Habitat And Conserved Land
Thursday - No. 42 Virginia Keesler ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Median Year Structure Built Across Census Tracts
Thursday - No. 43 Kathleen Hamre ('13), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Animal Shelters and Humane Societies
Thursday - No. 44 Jeremy Torrisi ('13) and Sean Donahue ('13), Environmental Studies
Does BPA Cause Neurotoxicity? An Examination into BPA's Effect on the Developing Brain
Thursday - No. 45 Andrew Mealor ('14), Environmental Studies
Atlas of Maine: Forest Stand Age
Friday - No. 1 Emily Doyle ('16), Danielle Anderson ('16) and Gabriela Cortez ('16), Women, Gender, Sexuality
Exploring Details Behind Gender Judgements
Friday - No. 2 Kimberly Bourne ('16), Women, Gender, Sexuality
Who is Allowed to Compete: Gender, Intersexed Individuals, and College Sports
Friday - No. 3 Alexander Rasmussen ('13), Mathematics and Statistics
Studying Unknotting Number for Connected Sums of Knots Using Sutured Manifold Theory
Friday - No. 4 Sara George ('15) and Clara Bicher ('14), Geology
From the Depths of Great Pond (Maine): Anthropogenic and Natural Influences on Bottom Sediments and their Impact on Local Sustainability
Friday - No. 5 Tyler Parrott ('13), Laura Crowley ('13) and Matthew Wilson ('15), Biology
The Functions Of Appendage-Patterning Genes During Development Of The Soapberry Bug, Jadera haematoloma
Friday - No. 6 Caitlin Curcuruto ('13) and Emily Arsenault ('14), Biology
The Effects of Modern Agricultural Methods on Colony Collapse Disorder
Friday - No. 7 Clea Harrelson ('16), History
Native Americans in the Revolutionary War: Massachusetts Patriots
Friday - No. 8 Kaitlin Curran ('14) and Paul Macklis ('15), Biology
Responses of Zebrafish Phagocytic Cells to Opsonized Bacteria
Friday - No. 9 Christine Wamsley ('15), Biology
Identifying the Regulatory Site of the Lycopene Elongase Enzyme in the Extremophilic Microbe Halobacterium salinarum
Friday - No. 10 Adam Spierer ('13), Biology
Relationship of Cross-Linking Potential to Mechanism of Cell Death
Friday - No. 11 Jie Liu ('14), Biology
Genome-wide Translational Profiling of Central and Peripheral Clock Cells in Drosophila melanogaster
Friday - No. 12 Cassie Huang ('13) and Jessie Rottersman ('14), Biology
Effects of Nicotine and Indole-3-carbinol Exposure in a Drosophila Model of Parkinson's Disease
Friday - No. 13 Conor Richardson ('13) and Emily Karr ('13), Biology
Investigation of the Role of ADAMTS-5 and Cdh3 Effector Genes in TGF-β-induced Mammary Epithelial Cell Invasion.
Friday - No. 14 Ai_Phuong Tong ('15), Chemistry
Development of a Mass Spectrometry Assay to Measure Ribonucleotide Reductase Activity in Human Cancer Cells
Friday - No. 15 Marianne Ferguson ('14) and Taylor Witkin ('14), Environmental Studies
Why Are Invasive Species Successful in Tropical Marine Ecosystems?
Friday - No. 16 Meagan Hennessey ('14) and Colin Cummings ('14), Environmental Studies
What Characteristics Lead to a Successful Corridor Project?
Friday - No. 17 Elizabeth Schell ('14) and Eliza Phillips ('14), Environmental Studies
How Smart is Lake Smart?: An Analysis
Friday - No. 18 Stefanie Lai ('15) and Alexa Williams ('15), Environmental Studies
The Effects of Chlorinated Pools on Respiratory Health
Friday - No. 19 Sarah Madronal ('14) and Felicia Aronson ('14), Environmental Studies
Current Status of Panama Reefs
Friday - No. 20 Ryan Newell ('14), Environmental Studies
Emissions Estimate for College Related Travel
Friday - No. 21 Lucy O'Keeffe ('14) and Victoria Abel ('14), Environmental Studies
Potential Impact of the Portland-Montreal Pipeline on Water and Land Resources in Maine
Friday - No. 22 Laurel Edington ('15) and Erin Bewley ('15), Environmental Studies
Prenatal Exposure To Air Pollution and Neurological Disorders
Friday - No. 23 Tierney Dodge ('14) and Eliza Phillips ('14), Environmental Studies
Which Coral Reef Destinations Have the Most Effective and Sustainable Ecotourism Programs?
Friday - No. 24 Rose Solomon ('13) and Andrew Mealor ('14), Environmental Studies
Climate Change and Forest Pathogens: What Will Be the Future of Maine's Forest?
Friday - No. 25 Caleb Harris ('15) and Savannah Judge ('15), Environmental Studies
Occupancy Status, Depreciation and Housing Condition in Waterville’s South End
Friday - No. 26 Mackenzie Nichols ('14) and Benjamin Timm ('14), Environmental Studies
Questioning Allocation of Funding in the Endangered Species Act
Friday - No. 27 Rumbidzai Gondo ('14) and Nomawethu Moyo ('15), Environmental Studies
The Impact of Global Climate Change on the Transportation, Assimilation, and Accumulation of Mercury.
Friday - No. 28 Cody Eaton ('14) and Julio Suastegui ('13), Environmental Studies
How Might Dioxin and Furan-Producing Waste Incineration Alter Cancer Rates?
Friday - No. 29 Monique Kelly ('14) and Madison Louis ('13), Environmental Studies
Frack Attack: How Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas Threatens Human Health
Friday - No. 30 Emma Klein ('13) and Laura Duff ('13), Environmental Studies
Endocrine Disrupting Effects of Phthalates on Female Health
Friday - No. 31 Monica Davis ('13) and Kathleen Hamre ('13), Environmental Studies
Prediction of Milfoil Distribution in the Belgrade Lakes
Friday - No. 32 Brittany Colford ('13) and Sydney Morison ('15), Environmental Studies
Are Offshore or Terrestrial Wind Turbines Safer for Wildlife?
Friday - No. 33 Amanda Rosa Di Sant ('14) and Elizabeth Cochrane ('13), Environmental Studies
The Impact of Pesticide Exposure on Parkinson’s Disease Onset
Friday - No. 34 Anna Rabasco ('15) and Erica Talamo ('15), Environmental Studies
The Effects of PCB on Incidence of ADHD in Children
Friday - No. 35 Peter Willauer ('15), Environmental Studies
Gulf Stream Sea Surface Temperature Shifts
Friday - No. 36 Lydia Ball ('13) and Kathleen Hamre ('13), Environmental Studies
Insect Abundance and Richness in Ethiopian Church Forests
Friday - No. 37 Theresa Petzoldt ('14), Environmental Studies
Nutrient Limitation in the Inflow and Outflow Streams of Great Pond
Friday - No. 38 Olivia Avidan ('15), Environmental Studies
Do Phytoestrogens, a Substance Found in Soy Products, Cause Negative Effects to the Endocrine System?
Friday - No. 39 Virginia Keesler ('13), Environmental Studies
Ecological and Social Implications of Conservation Easement Location Across New England
Friday - No. 40 Elizabeth Hughes ('13) and Cassie Huang ('13), Environmental Studies
Environmental Obesogens: How they Alter Cellular Adipogenesis Mechanisms and May Contribute to the Obesity Epidemic
Friday - No. 41 Sarah Holmes ('13), Environmental Studies
The Role of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Forest Preservation in the South Gondar Region of Ethiopia
Friday - No. 42 Natalie Thompson ('15), Environmental Studies
'Food Safety': The Dangers of Meat Processing
Friday - No. 43 Carol Walker ('15) and Meredith Braun ('15), Environmental Studies
The Toxic Effects of Bisphenol-S
Friday - No. 44 Andrew Mealor ('14), Environmental Studies
Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Range Expansion

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