Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2013

May 1 - May 3, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Research Presentations
Thursday, May 2  
Brave New Brains: Exploring the Neuroscience of Behavior
Hurd Room
Session Chair: Melissa Glenn
10:00 - 12:00  
10:00 am Shamika Murray ('14), Psychology
  Oh How Cute: How the Perception of Cuteness Changes the Nucleus Accubens
10:12 am Czarina Evangelista ('14), Psychology
  From Club Drug to Antidepressant? The Possible Therapeutic Utility of LSD
10:24 am Katherine MacNamee ('14), Psychology
  Are You Talkin' to Me?
10:36 am Mariah Smith ('13), Psychology
  Brain Porn: How It Affects Our Scientific Literacy
11:00 am Arvia Sutandi ('13), Psychology
  Tracing the Fingerprints of Bipolar Disorder
11:12 am Julie Levine ('13), Psychology
  Smart Food
11:36 am Eileen McGuire ('13), Psychology
  Got Stress? The Pros and Cons of Stress on the Teenage Brain
History Research Projects
Session Chair: Elizabeth Leonard
9:30 - 10:45  
9:30 am Thomas Chippendale ('13), History
  The American Media and Misconceptions About the Nazi Economic Miracle
10:00 am Jasmine Phillips ('14), History
  Reconnecting the Past with the Present: The Search for (My) Black Ancestors
American Studies Presentations
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Benjamin Lisle
9:40 - 3:00  
9:40 am David Bendit ('13), American Studies
  The House Always Wins: How Casinos Legally Stack the Deck
10:00 am Benjamin Brauer ('13), American Studies
  Seaverns Field at Harold Alfond Stadium: The Liberal Arts Experience through a Universal Space
10:20 am Miles de Klerk ('13), American Studies
  Local Gaming Stores: Alternative Culture, Masculinity and Magic
10:40 am Elizabeth Malone ('13), American Studies
  A Cultural Reading of L.L.Bean
11:00 am Patrick Harper ('13), American Studies
  Civic Improvement: South Union Station’s Economic and Societal Impact
11:20 am Emily Karr ('13), American Studies
  Black Masculinity in Television's Friday Night Lights
11:40 am Jemarley McFarlane ('13), American Studies
  Black Masculinity Varied Through The Wire
1:00 pm Evangeline Condakes ('13), American Studies
  Gender, Racial and Socioeconomic Politics in the Contemporary American Nail Salon
1:40 pm James Kim ('14), American Studies
  Sa-Rang Community Church: Fostering Ethnic Solidarity and Forging a Hybrid American Identity
2:00 pm Laura Duff ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  The Embodiment of Endurance Running: Female Athletes and Disordered Eating
2:20 pm Brittany Thomas ('13), American Studies
  True Blood and the Vampire in Contempary American Culture
2:40 pm Berol Dewdney ('13), Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  Breaking the Silence: Body Image and Disordered Eating at Colby
French Studies Honors Theses
Session Chair: Artie Greenspan and Valerie Dionne
11:00 - 12:00  
11:00 am Deborah Amato ('13), French and Italian
  Forgotten Fairy Tales: Vision of a More Equal World
11:30 am Brita Midness ('13), French and Italian
  Montaigne and the Other: Toward a Tolerant Vision of our Perceptions
ON WITH THE STORY: Readings from EN 478 Advanced Projects in Prose
Session Chair: Jennifer Boylan
1:00 - 2:30  
1:00 pm Andrew Bekenstein ('14), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
1:12 pm Lauren Fisher ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
1:24 pm Kayla Gross ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
1:36 pm Michael Langley ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
1:48 pm Katherine McCarrick ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
2:00 pm Dana Merk-Wynne ('14), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
2:12 pm Alexandra Murry ('13), English
  On with the story: Readings from EN478
Renewing an Analysis of America: W. E.B. Du Bois and His Work
Smith Room
Session Chair: Cheryl Townsend Gilkes
1:00 - 3:20  
tb:a Isadora Alteon ('14), Sociology
  The Sociology of W.E.B. Du Bois and Black Feminist/Womanist Thought
tb:a Deborah Amato ('13), Sociology
  Du Bois's Reflections on Education
tb:a Sloan Cargill ('15), Sociology
  Blacks, W.E.B. Du Bois, and the Religion That Enslaved and Freed
tb:a Andrew Dagres ('14), Sociology
  The Niagara Movement
tb:a Berol Dewdney ('13), Sociology
  Du Bois on Education
tb:a Sean Hatton ('14), Sociology
  W. E. B. Du Bois and the Liberal Arts Education
tb:a Luke Henneberger ('14), Sociology
  Black on the Silver Screen: The Image of African Americans in Contemporary Cinema
tb:a Iris Kim ('14), Sociology
  A Sociology for Asian Americans? Reading Du Bois with Universal Purposes
tb:a Lauren Lacy ('14), Sociology
  Re-imagining Du Bois: Gender and Sexuality in African Critical Studies
tb:a Brian Levinson ('15), Sociology
  Du Bois's Effects on Economics
tb:a Stefan Merriam ('13), Sociology
  New Deal Programs and W. E. B. Du Bois
tb:a Olisadumbi Okoh ('13), Sociology
  Du Bois, Hip-Hop, and Poetic Justice
tb:a Cameron Poole ('14), Sociology
  W. E. B. Du Bois and the Liberal Arts College
tb:a Randall Person ('15), Sociology
  Following the Trend: W. E. B. Du bois and His Ethnographic Studies
tb:a Oliver Ponce ('15), Sociology
  Crime as a Social Phenomenon: Criminal Activity Through a Du Boisian Lense
tb:a Sean Ripoll ('13), Sociology
  W.E.B. Du Bois's Perceptions of the Harlem Renaissance
tb:a Angela Sepulveda ('14), Sociology
  Du Bois's Artistic Side
tb:a Louw Scheepers ('15), Sociology
  The American Political System Through the Eyes of Du Bois
tb:a Kayla Turner ('15), Sociology
  W.E.B. Du Bois: Examining Class, Race, and Education, Past and Present
General Session III
Session Chair: Suzi Cole
2:40 - 3:55  
2:40 pm Kevin Bennett ('13), Biology
  Analysis of Bird Migration Arrival Dates to Determine Effects of Global Warming
2:55 pm Kody Spencer ('14), Geology
  Variation in Snowpack Instabilities at Different Aspects on Burnt Mountain
3:10 pm Justin Sperry ('14), Geology
  Investigation of Constriction In Shear Zones with Complex Boundary Conditions Using Numerical Modeling
3:25 pm Ethan Crockett ('13), Physics and Astronomy
  Studies of Ultra-cold Neutral Plasmas
French News and Media
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Aurore Mroz
3:30 - 5:00  
3:30 pm Pamela Alakai ('14), Allison Hess ('13), Madison Louis ('13), Sarah Fensore ('13), Shannon Kooser ('14) and Solon Arguello ('15), French/Italian
  Francophone Europe in 2013: A Pictorial and Critical Exploration of What Made the News on the Other Side of the Ocean
3:30 pm Colin McLaughlin ('14), Brita Midness ('13) and Mary Rogers ('13), French/Italian
  Francophone Europe in 2013: a pictorial and critical exploration of what made the news on the other side of the ocean
Shakespeare Session
Session Chair: Laurie Osborne
4:00 - 5:15  
4:00 pm Camilla Ostrow ('13), English
  From the Slums of Shaolin to the Bard of Avon: The Homosocial Bond in Shakespeare and Hip-Hop Music
4:25 pm Claire Cannon ('13), English
  'Violent Delights' in Cinematic Shakespeare: Adapting Shakespearean Violence for the Contemporary Audience
History Honors Research I
Session Chair: Elizabeth Leonard
3:35 - 5:05  
3:35 pm Alexandre Caillot ('13), History
  The Rifled Musket: Tactical Revolution or Technological Redundancy?
4:05 pm Lindsay Peterson ('13), History
  “Kill the Indian, Save the Man” Americanization through Education: Richard Henry Pratt’s Legacy
4:35 pm Audrey Lomax ('13), History
  The Success of Airborne Battalions in World War Two: Why Did the Army Excel and the Marines Fail?
Computer Science I
Roberts 221
Session Chair: Bruce Maxwell
9:00 - 10:45  
9:00 am Zachary Cecere ('13), Computer Science
  Locking In: How Coupled Oscillators Modulate Input Signals to Improve Synchrony
9:30 am Mary Fletcher ('13), Roxana Gheorghe ('15) and Olivia Lang ('15), Computer Science
  The Importance of Activator-Repressor Balance in Various Models of Repression in Circadian Clocks
10:00 am Zhanar Seitmagzimova ('13), Computer Science
  Predicting Stock Market Movement Based on Textual Analysis Of News Articles
10:20 am Mary Fletcher ('13), Computer Science
  Using Eye-Tracking To Inform Automated Object Recognition
Senior Seminar in Education and Human Development
Session Chair: Mark Tappan
1:00 - 2:15  
Latin American Studies Session
Diamond 146
Session Chair: Louis Millones
3:30 - 5:00  
3:30 pm Abbott Matthews ('13), Latin American Studies
  When the Walls Talk: Political Graffiti at la Universidad Nacional in Bogotá, Colombia
4:00 pm Marguerite Paterson ('13), Latin American Studies
  Teacher Hiring Practices in Schools in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Chile: Survey and Recommendations
Computer Science II
Roberts 221
Session Chair: Bruce Maxwell
5:00 - 6:30  
5:00 pm Zachary Simon ('13), Computer Science
5:30 pm Nicholas Balsbaugh ('13), Computer Science
  Objektvizr: GTD for the Gaming Generation
6:00 pm Joseph Harwood ('14), Computer Science
  Elemental Tower Defense
Empirical and Case Studies of Auctions
Diamond 343
Session Chair: Timothy Hubbard
4:00 - 8:00  
4:00 pm Makayla Brown ('13), Economics
  Wine Auctions
4:15 pm Benjamin Browne ('13), Economics
  Secondary Ticket Resale Market
4:30 pm David Cain ('13), Economics
  Reputation Effects in the Online Marketplace: Contrasting bidder behavior in 'Buy it Now' and standard ascending auctions
4:45 pm Kai Chen ('13), Economics
  Analysis on U.S. Oil and Gas Lease Auction (1954-1979)
5:00 pm Aaron Halpine ('14), Economics
  The Effect of Market Structure on New England Energy Auctions
5:30 pm Weiming Huang ('13), Economics
  The Effect of Economics Scale on OCS Auction
5:45 pm Peter Jones ('13), Economics
  Gender Effects in First Price Sealed Bid Auctions: Experimental Evidence
6:00 pm Kareem Kalil ('13), Economics
  Unrestricted vs Restricted: Analyzing Variation in NBA Free Agency Bidding
6:15 pm Michael Linskey ('13), Economics
  Evaluating the Buyer's Option: Testing the Effect of the Buyer's Option on Seller's Revenue in Wine Auctions
6:30 pm Charlotte Peck ('13), Economics
  Thoroughbred Racehorse Auctions
7:00 pm Zachary Simon ('13), Economics
  Dutch Auction IPO's
7:15 pm Paul Spada ('13), Economics
  Discriminatory vs. Uniform Pricing in Multi-Unit Online Auctions
7:30 pm Richard Wiederhold ('13), Economics
  The FCC Spectrum Auctions: An Examination of Collusion
Sociology Honors Presentations
Diamond 221
Session Chair: Cheryl Townsend Gilkes
4:00 - 6:00  
4:00 pm Jayeon Kim ('13), Sociology
  We came! We stripped! We conquered? Sextremist feminists of FEMEN
5:00 pm Samantha Eddy ('13), Sociology
  Activism, Identity and Equality Maine
Tropical Forests and Rural Livelihoods Presentations
Diamond 223
Session Chair: Travis Reynolds
9:30-10:45 am  
  Angela Cross ('15)
  Cocoa Value Chains in Belize
  Nicolette Kim ('13)
  Forests and Environmental Justice: the Penan People of Borneo
  Lydia Ball ('13)
  Costs and Benefits of Sacred Forest Clearing for Agriculture in Debresena, Ethiopia
  Nick Papanastassiou ('13)
  From the Forest to the Shelf: Natural Latex Value Chains in Asia
Economics of Education Research Presentations
Diamond 341
Session Chair: Finley Edwards
9:30 - 10:45 am  
  Rebecca Berren ('13)
  Best Prevention Methods of Bullying
  John Jennings ('13)
  Charter Schools and their Effect on Student Achievement 
  Michael Kellar ('13)
  The Effect of Charter Schools Based on Students, Teachers, and Parents Perspectives
  Colleen O'Donnell ('13)
  Parental Involvement in Education: How does parental participation in a student's education impact long term educational achievement?
Global Food Policy Presentations
Diamond 141
Session Chair: Travis Reynolds
11:00 am - 12:15 pm  
  Beck, Garrison ('13)
  Agro-ecology and Intercropping as Coping Mechanisms for Climate Change in Africa
  Chizinski, Tara ('14)
  Livestock Production Systems in Ethiopia
  Cummings, Colin ('14)
  Improving Soil Quality in the Peanut Basin of Western Senegal
  Hegde, Siya ('13)
  Lentil Production Systems in India and Canada
  Kim, Nicolette ('13)
  Supporting Mango Self-Sufficiency in Mainland Tanzania
  Love, Keith ('13)
  Oil Palm's Impacts on Biodiversity in Indonesia
  Powley, Leah ('15)
  Land Grabs in East Africa
  Rana, Devki ('15)
  Social Impacts of the Globalization of Rice
  Riessen, Dylan ('13)
  Egypt’s Food Security

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