Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2013

May 1 - May 3, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Research Presentations
Wednesday, May 1  
General Session VII
Session Chair: James Sloat
11:00 - 12:00  
11:00 am Eliza Larson ('13), English
  The Value of Truth: The Elijah Parish Lovejoy Story and an Examination of the Idea of 'Truth' in Journalism
11:15 am Mary Rogers ('13), English
  Gender, Nature, and the Fairytale Structure in the Works of Robin McKinley
11:30 am Julia de Guzman ('13), English
  The Tessa Trevesani Project
Redefine Old Age and Eldercare in Contemporary Urban China
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Hong Zhang
11:00 - 12:00  
11:00 am Petya Andreeva ('13), East-Asian Studies
  Community-Based Services for the Elderly in Urban China
11:20 am Jennifer Tsang ('13), East-Asian Studies
  Aging and Eldercare in Elder Homes in China
11:40 am Eliza Laamoon ('13), East-Asian Studies
  Active and Peer Aging in Urban Parks of China
Environmental Studies Honors and Independent Studies
Session Chair: Russ Cole
1:00 - 4:10  
1:00 pm Lisa Hoopes ('13), Kimberly Cunningham ('13) and Theresa Petesch ('13), Environmental Studies
  Sustainability Report: LEAP Organics
1:25 pm Virginia Keesler ('13), Environmental Studies
  Conservation Easement Policies Across New England
1:50 pm Larissa Lee ('13), Environmental Studies
  Factors Influencing National Park Establishment: Case Studies to Inform the Maine Woods
2:15 pm Sarah Holmes ('13), Environmental Studies
  Managing the Global Marine Aquarium Trade
2:40 pm Jillian Blouin ('13), Environmental Studies
  How Do We Find the Next BPA? - An Overview of Emerging Science and the Developing Policy
3:05 pm Kaitlyn Bernard ('13), Environmental Studies
  Metallic Mineral Mining in Maine
3:30 pm Michael Stephens ('13), Environmental Studies
  Climate Change and Epizootic Shell Disease in American Lobsters: Is Maine's Most Valuable Fishery Doomed?
3:55 pm Matthew LaPine ('13), Environmental Studies
  Golden on Great Pond: Changing the Way We Monitor Lakes
WGSS Senior Seminar
Session Chair: Lisa Arellano
1:00 - 5:00  
1:00 pm Laura Duff ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  A Curriculum to Promote the Health and Success of Our Female High School Athletes
1:15 pm Camilla Ostrow ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Rihanna and Chris Brown: Rethinking the Way We Look at Domestic Violence
1:30 pm Thomas Letourneau ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  'Stop Calling': Gender, Violence, and the Validity of Pop Music
1:45 pm Lindsay Roberts ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  “There’s no money in virginity”: Body Politics and Feminism in AMC’s Mad Men
2:00 pm Courtney Laird ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Some Think That We Can’t Flow: The Intersections of Black Womanhood, Feminism and Hip-Hop as seen through Beyoncé and Queen Latifah
2:15 pm Rosalie Wennberg ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Sexual Education Re-Imagined: Using Foucault's The History of Sexuality to Inform the Future
2:30 pm Jayde Bennett ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Where Do We Stand: A 21st Century Examination of Family Policy in the U.S. and it's Affect On LGBT Families
3:00 pm Jessica Villella ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Women Who Kill: Female Violence and The State
3:15 pm Claudia Camerino ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Gendered Politics: Woman of Hamas in the Gaza Strip
3:30 pm Kara Constine ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  The Growth and Development of Misogyny and Homophobia in the Hip Hop Community
3:45 pm Olivia Crowley Gottlieb ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  The Erotic Potential Of The Queer Disabled Body Through The Photographic Work Of Ashley Savage
4:00 pm Kathryn Laxson ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Revealing the Complexities of Postfeminist Chick-Lit Television Through a Reparative Reading of Girls
4:15 pm Ismael Perez ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  From Disco to Beyoncé: Gay Male Consumption of African American Divas
4:30 pm Shireen Smalley ('13), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Conforming to (Western) Desire: Homonationalism and Refugee Law in Iranian Gay and Lesbian Asylum Cases
German Studies Panel
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Cyrus Shahan
1:15 - 3:30  
1:15 pm Thomas Chippendale ('13), German/Russian
  The Frankfurter School and the Theory of Alienation: Finding Karl Marx in the Works of Theodor Adorno and Alexander Kluge
1:37 pm Carter Stevens ('13), German/Russian
  War: The Dehumanization of the Human Race
1:59 pm Benjamin Hill ('13), German/Russian
  The Subject under Fire: 20th Century Responses to the Enlightenment and the Establishment of a New Ontology
2:21 pm Emma Brown ('16), German/Russian
  Material Immateriality: Dust and Disorder in W.G. Sebald
2:43 pm Christine Wamsley ('15), German/Russian
  Lessing's Conservative Ideas about Public Freedom during the Enlightenment in Minna von Barnhelm
3:05 pm Katherine MacNamee ('14), German/Russian
  Hidden Truths and Questioning Authority: An investigation into the use of comedy as a social critique in Heinrich von Kleist's 'Der Zerbrochne Krug'
General Session II
Session Chair: Suzi Cole
4:20 - 5:15  
4:15 pm Noah Teachey ('13), Music
  Beethoven's Anthropocentrism
4:40 pm Patrick Blinkhorn ('13), Music
  Mixing Things up with the DJ: The Ontology of DJing
General Session I
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Lydia Moland & Paul Greenwood
3:40 - 4:30  
3:40 pm Sara LoTemplio ('16), Philosophy
  From Scumbag Steve to LL Bean Boyfriend: Memes, Humor, and the Internet.
4:05 pm Cassie Clemmer ('15), Women, Gender, Sexuality
  Reporting Identity-Based Violence at Colby College
RE 333 Death and Spirituality
Lovejoy 344
Session Chair: Debra Campbell
9:30 - 10:45  
Multinational Corporation Presentations
Diamond 341
Session Chair: Andreas Waldkirch
12:30 - 2:00  
12:30 pm Allison Mond ('13), Economics
  FDI and EU Membership: Analysis of Former Soviet Bloc Countries
12:45 pm Shany Tropper ('13), Economics
  Foreign Direct Investment and Health
1:00 pm Tendai M'ndange-Pfupfu ('13), Economics
  FDI and Violent Conflict
1:15 pm Maid Strasevic ('13), Economics
1:45 pm Matthew Mantikas ('13), Economics
  Modern Automotive Manufacturing and the Effect of FDI on an Increasingly Globalized Industry
2:15 pm My Le ('13), Economics
2:30 pm Kimberly Cunningham ('13), Economics
  Foreign Direct Investment Case Study: Nestlé
2:45 pm Theresa Petesch ('13), Economics
  An examination of the pollution haven hypothesis: How does environmental regulatory stringency effect foreign direct investment into the mining industry?
3:15 pm Mariel Lambrukos ('13), Economics
  Business Climate and Country-Level Effects of Pharmaceutical FDI Growth in Emerging Economies
3:30 pm Charles Davis ('13), Economics
  Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Location Choice: An Analysis of the Private Equity Industry
3:45 pm Freddy Cabrera ('13), Economics
  The Effects of Complexity of Communication & Skill labor Endowment on FDI
4:00 pm Philip Amato ('13), Economics
  The OLI Paradigm: It's Application Through a Case Study of IMAX Corporation
Cinema Studies Panel
Diamond 145
Session Chair: Steve Wurtzler
4:00 - 6:30  
4:00 pm Luke Bowe ('13), English
  Not Safe: The Horrors of Domesticity through Sight and Sound
4:30 pm Chelsea Tyler ('13), English
  Cinematic Psychology in Modern American Poetry
5:00 pm Jacob Marx ('13), English
  Why the Boondock Saints is a Western, and Why it Matters
5:30 pm Michael Perreault ('13), Independent Studies
  Affect and Authorship: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the [Sign]
6:00 pm Daniel Kissinger ('14), English
  On the Road to Nowhere: David Lynch and the Failure of Desire
Global Studies Honors Presentations
Diamond 343
Session Chair: Jennifer Yoder
4:00 - 6:00  
4:00 pm Claire Dunn ('13), Global Studies
  Aiding or Abetting?: An Analysis of Medical Humanitarian Aid in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
4:30 pm Georgina Hurst ('13), Global Studies
  Economic Relations between China and Senegal: Selfish or Selfless?
5:00 pm Hillary Sapanski ('13), Global Studies
  Through the Eyes of Urban Students: Educational Inequality and Socioeconomic Disparities in Santiago, Chile
5:30 pm Grace Schlesinger ('13), Global Studies
  Overcrowding the Education System? The Argentine Example of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program
Advanced and Applied Ecology Research Presentations
Olin 234
Session Chair: Russell Cole
9:00 - 9:50 am  
  Mackenzie Nichols ('14) and Ben Timm ('14)
  What Effect Does Charisma Have on How Much Money a Species' Conservation Efforts Receive?
  What Effect Does Charisma Have on How Much Money a Species' Conservation Efforts Receive?
  Mackenzie Nichols ('14) and Ben Timm ('14)
  What Effect Does Charisma Have on How Much Money a Species' Conservation Efforts Receive?

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