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Introduction to Design


Unit #1: Fences - Text, Performance, Research, and Design

(1) Thursday, February 4: Introduction. Scenography as a Unique Art
An overview of what students will explore in TD 135 this semester. The ultimate goal of this course is to allow the student to further understand their own creative potential while learning about design for the stage, or scenography.

Assignment Due: Read "What is a Scenographer? What is Scenography?" by Stephanie A. Schoelzel, USAA
Assignment Due: Read "The Inextricable Network of Interralationships" by Serge von Arx at Ostfold University College

(2) Tuesday, February 9: Text and Performance--Understanding Text
Initial discussion of Fences. This discussion includes a review of dramatic structure, theater terminology, and theater organization (including personnel) relevant to the text.

Assignment Due: Read Fences by August Wilson
Assignment Due: Research on August Wilson and Fences
Highlighted Resource: McCarter Theater Resource Guide for Fences
Highlighted Resource: NPR All Things Considered, "Troy Maxson: Heart, Heartbreak as Big as the World"

(3) Thursday, February 11: Table Work--Visualizing Theme
The class starts with students working in design teams to discuss the Character Analysis. This discussion naturally leads to an emerging vision of how to design elements used in staging the play. After members of the design teams have presented their ideas, the entire class will engage in a discussion of the play.

Assignment Due: Project #1-Character Analysis
Assignment Due: Read "The Costumer's Manifesto: (A Statement of Purpose and Ethics for Costumers)" by Tara Maginnis, Ph.D.
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(4) Tuesday, February 16: Production Style--A Matter of Approach
Early discussions about the style of performance raise many questions about how design elements will work with the text, action, or choreographic intent. This style needs to be defined by the Production Team. Image presentation: SL#1-Production Style.

Assignment Due: Work on Project #2-Character Study
Assignment Due: Read Chapter 6 "Performers: The Scenographic Actor" in What is Scenography? by Pamela Howard (on e-reserve at Colby Libraries)
Highlighted Resource: Theatrical Design and Production by J. Michael Gillette (Design Studio and Miller Library)
Highlighted Resource: Kachman Design Portfolio
Highlighted Resource: Kenney Design Portfolio

(5) Thursday, February 18: Character and Costume--Visual Theme
The elements of Project #2 serve as an important connection between research and textual understanding and the final design solution. The focus of this class is how to refine the sketch and incorporate additional ideas to achieve the final costume rendering. Image presentation: SL#2-Costume Rendering.

Assignment Due: Project #2-Character Study
Highlighted Resource: Life Drawing: How to Portray the Figure with Accurcy and Expression by Robert Barrett (Design Studio)
Highlighted Resource: Drawing the Male Nude by Giovanno Civardi (Design Studio)
Highlighted Resource: Drawing the Female Nude by Giovanno Civardi (Design Studio)

(6) Tuesday, February 23: Rendering Conceptual Ideas--Costume
Specific media and materials used in realizing costume design ideas will be presented in this class. Student examples from past classes as well as examples of professional design will serve to illustrate possibilities.

Assignment Due: Work on Project #3-Costume Rendering
Highlighted Resource: Costume Renderings on Pinterest
Highlighted Resource: Costume Design/Fellowship of the Ring/Lord of the Rings

(7) Thursday, February 25: Design Team Collaboration--Design Lab
Design Team members present evolving ideas to fellow collaborators and discuss final choices and detail. This class serves as an opportunity to structure the presentation and define what content is needed.

Assignment Due: Work on Project #3-Costume Rendering
Highlighted Resource: Teenie Harris Exhibition Images
Highlighted Resource: The Society of British Theatre Designers Gallery
Highlighted Resource: Drawing & Rendering for the Theatre by Clare P. Rowe (Design Studio and Miller Library)

(8) Tuesday, March 1: Fences Presentations
Design Teams will have 16 minutes each to present their group costume design to the class. It is important to state approach, justify choices, and reflect on future refinements.

Assignment Due: Project #3-Costume Rendering (Includes Course Binder)