Artists Don’t Actually Have to Starve – Do you want to be an artist? Do you have questions about how to make a living as an artist? Come to The Life of the Artist workshop led by Amy Smith of Headlong Dance Theater of Philadelphia. The LIfe of the Artist workshop is for student artists of any genre who feel overwhelmed by the thought of entering the professional world. We will talk about the artist’s role in our culture, and share some tips and thoughts about to build a balanced and sustainable career in the arts. We also talk more specifically about balancing day jobs and artistic work, how to put a dollar value on your own time, budgeting, when to say “no” to opportunities, goal setting, and even “to MFA, or not to MFA”. There is no single model for an artist’s career, but we at Headlong care about helping you create your own model, and giving you some tips and tools to do so.

Please sign-up on the bulletin board in Runnals. Space is limited. Contact Todd Coulter ( with any questions.

Friday February 17th 12:30pm in the Fairchild Room in Dana. Grab your food and join us!