Friday, March 15: The Business of Acting:  How to Have a Career on Stage and/or Screen with Peter Zazzali

2 to 4 p.m. in Smith Acting and Directing Studio

The workshop will address some fundamentals of “show business,” such as joining actor unions, showcasing one’s work, seeking representation from agents and managers, and learning how to network/market oneself.  Professional acting in the US is a business.  While it is true that talent, training, and yes, luck are important components of the success and longevity of an actress’s career, the fact remains that she must treat her profession as a privately owned business, in which she markets her work to access and execute auditions, and ultimately, to become gainfully employed.  The primary learning outcome of this workshop is to demystify the student actor’s understanding of what it takes to have a professional acting career while providing him/her with a few basic strategies for getting started.