Dept. of Theater and Dance Teaching Artist Bess Welden and Visiting Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance Toby Vera Bercovici are leading a three-day residency to explore Welden’s play Death Wings. Participants include Colby students Kelsey Book, Sunny Dangui, Katie Monteleone, and Kaylee Pomelow, as well as professional performers Jeannine Haas, Dana Legawiec, Myka Plunkett, Carolyn Shakti Sadeh.

About the play: Grand is the maker of death wings. Some people call her the crazy bird-lady artist. Her granddaughter Rachel is determined to fly. Some people call her the enigmatic genius scientist. Both women feel certain that the limitations of the human body that keep us grounded can be transcended, but their approaches to solving the problem of flight couldn’t be more different. With poetry, a dramatically revisionist version of the Daedalus/Icarus myth, and original folk-style songs.