2017-2018 Year

Emma Ayres and Old Flame – Guest Lecturer / Music for The Annotated Taming: Or, Out of the Saddle, into the Dirt
Kelly Bartnik – Guest Lecturer
Caroline Bicks – Guest Lecturer
Daniel Bilodeau – Scenic Designer for The Annotated Taming: Or, Out of the Saddle, into the Dirt
Melissa Blackall – Professional Photogrpahy
Zach Brewster-Geisz – Sound Designer for Scenes from an Execution
Kathryn Butler – Assistant Choreographer/Stage Manager for The Dog
Matt Cost – Light Design for Scenes from an Execution
Michaela Denoncourt (Wirth) – Light Design for The Passion Project
Jeff Earickson – Professional Photogrpahy
Katherine Ferrier – Guest Lecturer
Colleen Fitzgerald – Guest Lecturer, performer of Ndemeh
Jim Forbes – Master Carpenter
Marjorie Gallant – Stage Management Mentoring and Graphic Design
Sara Gibbons – Choreographer for The Dog
Jeannine Haas – Guest Lecturer, Death Wings residency
Derek Jackson – Stage manager, g e e l
René Johnson – Guest Lecturer / performer of g e e l / Stage manager for The Passion Project
Shakia Johnson – Guest Lecturer, Hip Hop Workshop
Dana Legawiec – Guest Lecturer, Death Wings residency
Thomas Lue ’16 – Graphic Design for How to Start Over
Catherine McCurry – Sound Design for The Annotated Taming: Or, Out of the Saddle, into the Dirt
Delaney McDonough ’13 – Choreographer
Donna McNeil – Guest Lecturer
Justin Moriarty – Light Design for Break, Burn, Build and Quicksand
Chris Ogden – Videography for the Portland Ballet Project and Quicksand
Aimee Petrin – Guest Lecturer
Myka Plunkett – Guest Lecturer, Death Wings residency
Sarah Pope – Dancer for The Dog
Jenna Reigel – Choreographer for Quicksand
Edward Rice – Guest Lecturer
Carolyn Sadeh – Guest Lecturer, Death Wings residency
Nell Shipman – Guest Lecturer / Choreographer for the Portland Ballet Project
Ezekial Steward – Dancer for The Dog
Kari Wagner-Peck – Guest Lecturer /  performer of Not Always Happy

2016-2017 Year

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2015-2016 Year

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2014-2015 Year

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2013-2014 Year

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2012-2013 Year

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2011-2012 Year

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2010-2011 Year

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Previous Years

Jack Axelrod – Actor, Director

Dennis Barnett – Director

Augusto Boal – Director, Writer

Andrei Bossov – Dancer, Choreographer

Laura Chakravarty Box – Historian

Lisa Brancaccio – Actress

Torben Brooks – Actor

Kathleen P. Brown – Costume Designer

Jen Caprio – Costume Designer

Julia Carey – Vocal Coach

Steve Carignan – Stage Manager

M. George Carlson – Stage Manager

Greg Carville – Lighting Designer

Kathleen Breen Combes – Dancer

Mike Daisey – Actor

Claire DeCoster – Director, Choreographer

Peter de Klerk – Sound Designer, Composer

Melanie Dreyer – Director

Karen R. Dunton – Stage Manager

Avner Eisenberg – Actor

Caroline England – Director

Henri Ewaskio – Costume Designer, Puppet Artist

Mike Floyd – Costume Designer

Sharon Fogarty – Director

Serenity Smith Forchion – Aerial Acrobat

Deena Markcum Frank – Aerial Acrobat

Elizabeth Frankel – Literary Associate

Steven Gale – Director

Marjorie Gallant – Stage Manager

Julie Gerry – Stage Manager

Charles Gran – Composer

Jean-Michele Gregory – Director

Julie Goell – Actor, Director

Robert Gordon – Actor

Richard Hedderman – Fight Choreographer

Elizabeth Hess – Actress

Robert Hitt – Actor

Cristina Iovita – Director

Jessica Jahn – Costume Designer

Anne Kenney – Costume Designer

Randall E. Klein – Costume Designer

Ellie Klopp – Dancer, Choreographer

Holly Labbe – Dancer, Choreographer

Tavia LaFollette – Director, Scenic & Costume Designer

Doug Lodge – Dancer, Choreographer

Ruth Maleczech – Actress

Jonathan Mastro – Director, Musical Director

Daphne McCoy – Choreographer

Margaret McKea – Costume Designer

Joan Meggitt – Dancer, Choreographer

Christine Nilles – Costume Designer

Michael Peterson – Music Director

Jennifer Plante – Actress

Karen Rabinowitz – Movement Specialist

Benny Reehl – Actor, Director

Ann Ross – Dancer, Choreographer

Mark Rylance – Actor

Pamela Scofield – Costume Designer

Jane Snider – Costume Designer

Richard Sewell – Actor, Director, Playwright

Norm Skaggs – Actor

Elsie Smith – Aerial Acrobat

Anna Sullivan – Acting Coach

Kathryn Syssoyeva – Director

Kei Takei – Choreographer

Kathleen Toole – Playwright

Kim Vetter – Dancer, Choreographer

Jean Wagner – Director

Carl Weber – Dramaturg

Wendy Weckwerth – Director, Dramaturg

Bess Welden – Voice Specialist

David C. Wells – Actor

James A. Williams – Actor

Yury Yanowsky – Dancer

Charlotte Yettman – Costume Designer