First off, on behalf of the student body, the CVC wants to thank all of Colby’s PPD staff for the amount of work they put in every day to make this campus a home for each and every one of us. This event would not have been possible with out the help of Pat Whitney and Don Zavadil, along with all the staff that participated this morning.

On top of having beautiful weather, we had roughly 80 Colby students show in Pulver this morning to work with their PPD staff. After enjoying some coffee and donuts the students broke out into specific groups dedicated to raking leaves, painting residence halls, washing windows and cleaning entryways, and even planting a special 2012 surprise.

Our raking groups were able to clear huge sections of campus of the recently fallen leaves and then turn their hard work into fun by building scarecrows. Check out some of their amazing handiwork. All clothes were purchased at Ken-A-Set, a local thrift store in downtown Waterville.

Some of the lucky members of the senior class were able to participate in some long-term beautification with the help of their assigned PPD staff member, Justin. He was very impressed with the turn out and hoped to see more events like Johnson Day in the future.  The seniors planted white and yellow daffodils in the shape of 2012 that will sprout in the spring, just in time for graduation. Make sure to keep your eye out next semester near the lacrosse field for this lovely surprise.

After all the physical labor students and staff members migrated over to Dana Dining hall to share a well deserved meal. This day of appreciation of our home was a great way for both students and staff to get to know one another and appreciate how much work is involved to create our beautifully groomed campus.

If you want a little more history on where the event originated check out the Echo article featuring Richard Schwartz ’11, who revived the event last year, or their article that explains the goal of the event. Also, thanks to Special Collections, specifically Pat Burdick, you can also head over to the first floor of Miller to see a display with selected photographs, clippings and information about the history of Johnson Day.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope you enjoyed your time! Also, there will be another post coming shortly with more photos.


– The CVC