Homelessness Awareness Month has officially begun here at Colby College! This past Tuesday November 1st, the CVC hosted an art reception for their exhibit “Home” located in Pulver. The exhibit asks viewers to think about the issue of homelessness in this community. Through a variety of mediums, the display represents responses to the question: “What does home mean to you?” in the form of words, poems, art, and photographs. Furthermore, “Home” captures life stories of current and past residents of the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter reported by students from the Echo. This display will be up for the next two weeks. Also, the CVC will be selling campaign t-shirts in Pulver over the next three weeks for $10 with all proceeds going directly to the shelter.

The CVC Staff – Madison, Amanda, Dana, and Josh

Clayton Brown performing at “Home” art reception

“Home” was the first of many events the CVC planned for the month-long campaign. The entire month is dedicated to raising awareness about homelessness in the greater-Watervilee area. In addition to educating the Colby community, the CVC hopes to fundraise $10,000 to support The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter. This money will go towards their larger campaign to raise $2.8 million to fund the construction and fund the running costs of the new shelter for two years. As members of the Waterville community, we are excited to invest our energy in this cause and urge you to join us throughout the month of November.

Susan Reisert, Betty Palmer, and Dana Roberts

If you feel compelled please donate to our campaign click here