We are pleased to announce that the Colby Campaign for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter has raised nearly $16,000 for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter’s “Rebuilding Lives Campaign” over the past five weeks. The student-led Center partnered with a number of on and off campus organizations to reach the goal, including local businesses Black Dog Graphics in Clinton and Are You Ready to Party?? in Waterville. The two businesses sponsored t-shirts sold on campus as part of the fundraiser. In addition, Colby College gave a generous donation of $5,000 to support the Shelter through the student campaign.

Around 400 individuals donated to the campaign and approximately 90 percent of donations them were $25 or less. This clearly illustrates how important small donations were to the success of the campaign and that the collective action of many can make a significant impact.

Another key element of the campaign, as we have posted about throughout the month, was to educate Colby students about issues of homelessness. Betty Palmer, Director of the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, Tony Veit, Youth Outreach Program Coordinator, and Bodhi Simpson, Director of the Teen Parent Program and Clinician at the Alternative High School, spoke at panel discussion at Colby College on youth homelessness. The event was open to the public and the podcast can be accessed here: http://www.colby.edu/news_events/c/b/111811/2600454/colby-volunteer-center-panel-realities-of-youth-homelessness-in-maine/

The Colby Volunteer Center (CVC) would like to thank everyone who contributed to this campaign. For those who supported t-shirt sales, recorded stories, worked at the coat rack, donated online, came to our educational events, talked about the campaign with others and more, the CVC cannot thank you enough for your commitment to the campaign.

If you would like to volunteer at the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, please contact the CVC at cvc@colby.edu.